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This is a depiction to something I called a 'Thump' when I was little, because that was the sound it made as it roamed the ancient halls at night that it called home, seeking out your mama and papa, because unlike most nightmares, this one only sought out the parents for their skin, leaving the scrawny kids to peek out their door after something thumped down the hall and witness their new life as an orphan.

I like how its presence even sent the rats fleeing, and the wife grappled with the beside table, sending it crashing spectacularly to the floor.
On a side note, I never imagined that shattering vase would cause me so much grief... Things you have never drawn before and surprise deadlines do not pleasantly mix.
I dearly enjoyed the angle of the scene, as it offered that warped, fainting perception of "IT'S ABOVE ME."
I thought it fun to add a bit of an "easter egg" in the drawing, something relating directly to the 'MAMA' film poster. Can you find it? (Though I admit it likely isn't that apparent.)

Drawn in Photoshop.

Dedicated to Jerry, who said I should draw pretty pictures.
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