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Scorched Neon history backstory (UPDATED)Scorched Neon is an alternate 1980s post-apocalyptic world. It involves imagery such as mutated anthropomorphic animals that walk upright, blending a mixture of themes similar to cassette futurism and cyberpunk realities. In 1984, scientists started to build robo-tv heads. Throughout the years they invented cassette futuristic cars, phones, computers even hologram traffic lights. Fairfax City was constructed in 1988 in Washington state and was built into a concrete dome city. In 1991 Underground cities were constructed over the years in preparation for the nuclear war. The American scientist conducts experiments by creating anthropomorphic animals with radiation. In 2083 Mayor of Los Angeles was renamed into Neuvo Angeles. On December 12, 2084, a group of disguised semi-trucks was used by Russian spies to set five of semi trucks explosion and three of the trucks sent a group of terrorists to kill 900 innocent people (for example Trojan Horse) On the night of December 18, 2084 nuclear war broke out. Russians started to launch nuclear missiles and were impacted at 11:59 p.m. On May 14, 1985, a green glow rain storm (aka radioactive rain) started pouring out around the globe on every continent as a result of developing a mixture of anthropomorphic animals, plants, clay, bugs, etc. People lived underground city for years. On the early morning of August 12, 2098, Radiation was completely cleared up. People from the underground were creating their own individual factions. The second Civil War between Fairfax of America and New America began in 2121. Fairfax is an evil corrupt faction and wants patriotism in the wrong way by forcing children to join the army and enslaving innocent mutated animals. In 2159, one of the Underground City in Northern California was attacked by Fairfax troops, and many children to trained to be soldiers Including Xander along with his sister April. Ten Years later, Xander and his sister manage to escape to Fairfax City to lay low and meet friends to stop evil. I would like some feedback for my Scorched Neon series please.
Is this group still active in any way? Because it looks cool and could be very helpful to me but I want to make sure it's not a ghost town in disguise. ^^;
Thanks, Aimee. The group auto-accepts member requests and submissions, so the worst-case scenario is you might not get critique after submitting. You can always note me if you have any particular issues with the group. And of course, if you'd like to help make the group more active (since I'm pretty busy), I can promote you to a co-founder.
No problem! I think I'll join then, no need to make me a Co-Founder though. ^^; I don't think I'd have the time to do much help.
Oh, I think I forgot... I think I set the group to allow submission from people who aren't members. I'm not sure of that. But glad to have you! :D
Looking forward to joining the group!