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Final Fantasy VIII style Windows 8 Logo

By critman
Decided I needed this too after uploading the Win7 version [link].

It still needs a subtle touch of Windows-ness. (Which it got here [link].)

The vector of Squall and Rinoa was by
eldi13 [link].

The image by eldi13 is here:

The fonts used were "Runic MT Condensed," a touch of "Times NR Condensed," and "MS PMincho" for the Japanese text. All other work by me in GIMP 2.

If you use it, be sure to credit eldi13 and I. No commercial use.
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I uploaded a new version because I forgot to clean up a couple of proportion issues.
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I think this is my favorite out of all of them!
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Thanks, but remember that the wow factor mostly comes from the original art that was then made into a vector by someone who is not me. I added text and a line.
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Somebody likes Final Fantasy games. :P
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And Windows. It's a sickness.