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Critiques Guide

Make your critiques exactly what the artist is looking for!

View our Useful Critique Guide here!


How to critique a deviation:

So you've found a deviation that's looking for critiques?
If your a subscribed member on dA, then just click the critique box on the deviation.
However, if you or the artist arent subscribed, you can still leave critiques:

Open the Critique Creator here:
Critique Creator

Chose ratings from the stars at the right and enter your critique in the text box.
Click the Generate Critique button when finished.

Copy the generated code and paste it as a comment to the deviation that has requested critiques!

How to request critiques:

Want some useful feedback on a deviation? No problem!
If your a subscribed member on dA, then tick the "Allow Critiques" box when uploading a deviation.
However, if you or the artist arent subscribed, you can still request critiques:

At the bottom of the Artists Comments of your deviation, include our group icon to let people know that you want critiques.

You can do this by adding the following code:
: iconcritiques-requested :

Just remember to remove the spaces after and before the ":".

Once done, you can submit your deviation to our group by clicking this link:

Submit to Critique gallery

This will give your deviation more attention and more likely to get critiques.

Update from NaturallyLecherous

I have not been able to check my deviantART messages in a long time but I'm finally back and got the submissions sorted out. However, many of the submissions had already expired so I could not check them. If you did submit your deviation to our group but never got accepted, resubmit your deviations, please, and keep in mind our new rules below! :)

Thank you for your patience!


Before submitting your deviation:

Before submitting your deviation here, make sure that you have critiques allowed or add our group's icon and/or a link to the Critique Creator at the end of your deviation's description.


Click here to create a critique!

Why? Because this way people know you're looking for critiques, and since only Premium Members can request critique through deviantART's system, we have a Critique Creator that non-subscribed members can use to request similar critiques with rating. (Non-subscribed members can write critique through deviantART's system but can not request it.)

There have always been so many submissions without any critique sign and it takes so much time to ask everyone separately to add these to their descriptions so deviations will be declined without a notice if they do not follow the rules.

Before leaving a critique:

Before leaving a critique, please remember that the artist is looking for helpful, useful and well structured critiques!

Only provide critiques if:

You can provide in-depth feedback for the deviation.
You can offer advice or point out areas that can be improved.

If you can't give alot of advice and help, then simply leave a comment instead!

If you'd like to learn how to give critiques then please read our Useful Critique Guide!

Anyone can leave critiques on any deviation in our Critique Gallery using our Critique Creator, even non-subscribed members!

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Admiral337 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2022
would appreciate if i got some critique lads
jaeedward Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2021  Student Digital Artist
if anyone could give any tips on my sketches so far, i would really appreciate it

thank you in advance
The-Bronypendium Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2021  Hobbyist
I need some critique on my art how to I get them
SwedenLena Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
Hello, i need some critiques of constructive comments for my arts, you can check my gallery here:…

Q1: Which artwork of mine do you like best and why? Which piece looks the most interesting to you?
Q2: "Which artwork of mine do you dislike most and why? Which pieace looks less interesting to you?
Q3: What is your opinion on my art? What do my pieces say about me?
Q4: what are my strengths and weaknesses? Do you see any improvement or see any mistakes?
Q5: any suggestions on how I could/should improve on? What is one thing i could include in my drawings to do something different/new? Which styles/or tecknique/ or subject should i explore more?
Xero-Bunny Featured By Owner Edited Oct 24, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Is this group still active I'd love critiques on my artwork can anyone contact the founder or admin they seem to be inactive on here and this is a feature I believe should really be alive.
Maybe we could make DeviantArt add it as an actual feature.
BKASSASSIN Featured By Owner Edited Oct 9, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello I need critiques for my arts. I want to see what I must study.

Hollowligth Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2021  Hobbyist
How do I put the code in my artwork's description?
LeaopardHeart Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! I'm requesting critique for my art rendered in MMD.
I'm trying to polish up my pictures and videos through uses of various fx, so I'd very much appreciate people skilled in that area. Thank you!

If you are one of such people, you can follow the link here:
Now and Then by leaopardheart
YourAverageStudent Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2021
hahahahahahahaahhahhha not anymore ;)
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