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shmekldorf recently won our avatar contest, you can see the avatar she created on our page now. I wanted to make sure she got a big, shout-out and thank you for the awesome new avatar. A huge improvement over the old one!  As the winner, we are going to be featuring 10 pieces of her art for a while!

The Capsule Gang
The Capsule Gang by shmekldorf

The Last Unicorn
The Last Unicorn by shmekldorf

I Just Wanted to be Alright:
I just wanted to be alright by shmekldorf

Expression Meme Round 2:
Expression meme round 2 by shmekldorf

Boredom by shmekldorf

Chibi Lineart Commission:
Chibi Lineart Commission by shmekldorf

Courage by shmekldorf

Flower Dragon: Wei:
Flower Dragon: Wei by shmekldorf

Chibi Time:
Chibi Time by shmekldorf

White Faces:
White Faces by shmekldorf

I would love to see everyone give some great critiques on some of her work, as a thank you for our awesome new avatar. :) We will be having a new contest soon, so let me know if you are willing to donate a prize! :)
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The Last Unicorn by shmekldorf
I just wanted to be alright by shmekldorf
Expression meme round 2 by shmekldorf
Boredom by shmekldorf
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Harley and Sea Cat by 0Jynxthejinx0
Warrior cats referance #10 ( Briarlight ) by Sky-doggo
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Forces Chasing Memories Chapter 4Through out this story there is going to be ALOT of references to the last story. Please read the last series of chapters to get an idea to what means what. Each Friday I'll upload the next chapter.,FForcesHi, Thanks for stopping by and reading my firstForces Chasing Memories takes place after the war against Infinite. Sonic and Tails will be around more this time around but they ARE NOT THE MAIN FOCUS same goes for Sonic friends. They're around but they are not the prime focus. Chapter 4 contains 3608 words Disclaimer: This story Contains: Drama, Violence, Language and Humor. Thanks for Reading it and I hope that you enjoy it. And a major thanks for For helping me out to write and finally get it out of my head. Sonic, Tails are owned by SEGAChapter 4 Am a war hero?The flight back to the Resistance base Wally sits in the corner of the Air Craft alone while Sonic and Tails sits at the opposite side. Every time Sonic glances over to Tails he catches him staring at Wally. After that he goes back to looking at the floor. Looking at his injured leg, he had to think of something to say to cheer him up. He chuckles and says, “Some adventure this turned out to be. Huh? It couldn’t just be a normal day… right?”Tails slightly smiles and says, “When has anything ever been normal for us? That was pretty intense.” He goes back to looking at Wally then back to the floor. “I think…” He sighs. “I think he hates me.”“What makes you think that?”“You weren’t there. You didn’t hear what he said. We finally found him and what Colbort said was true. True that we were going to find someone… different.”Sonic says, “Whatever he said back-“ Someone walks up to them making them both look. It was Wally.Wally looks at Tails he says. “Hi. Look whatever I said back there… I didn’t mean it. It’s just what he said made me panic. So… um…” He sighs. “What I’m trying to say is that am sorry. I just want to start everything all over again.” He extends his hand out. “Nice to meet you Tails.”Tails looks at his hand and looks up at him. He smiles and shakes it. “Nice to meet you too Wally.”Once they were done shaking Wally turns around and sits right back down.Sonic smiles and elbows him. “You see? He doesn’t hate you.”“Yeah but it’s just going to take a while for me to get used to that.” Tails says.“Getting used to what?” Sonic asks.They both look back at Wally as Tails says. “Getting used to him calling me Tails.”Arriving at the Resistance Base, Wally exits out. Walking down the platform looking all around he sees everyone staring back at him. “Geez, so this is what stage fright feels like.”“What’s with the hold up? You’ve got someone important to meet.” Sonic walks by him. “Let’s go.”Walking pass the training field, Wally notices a huge decorative wall built long and wide lined with flowers placed around it. Reaching the H.Q Building they enter it. Wally enters the main communication room that’s huge with the center of it being empty. He slowly walks towards the center and begins to remember. Memories of him being here enter his mind as he remembers being dragged to the spot he was standing. His head starts to hurt as his hands start to shake. He faintly hears an intimidating voice threaten him in his head. “Give me one good damn reason not to smash your head in?” Suddenly he hears the doors open making him jump. Wally looks and sees Knuckles standing at the doorway. Trying not to panic he grabs his hands so that they don’t tremble as Knuckles approaches him.Knuckles stops in front of him and checks him out. He looks over to Sonic and Tails and smiles. “So you actually found him.” He looks at Wally and notices that his hands are shaking. “Are you scared?”Tails takes a step forward and whispers into his ear. “Oh’ He was right all along.” He says looking back to Wally. “Then why are you shaking?”“Because I remember being here. I remember standing right here.” Wally answers nervously.“You do?” Knuckles asks.“Yeah, I also remember you punching me. It’s why for some reason I can’t stop shaking right now.” Wally answers trying to remain calm.Knuckles sighs. “You remember that?” He rubs his head. “All I can say is that am sorry. You got blamed for something that you didn’t do and I took it out on you.” He puts his hands on his shoulder. “You don’t have to be afraid of me. Justice has been served and it’s great to see that you’re safe now.” He pats his shoulder letting him feel at ease.Wally hearing those words it feels like an emotional weight has been taken off of him. He looks at his hands and they weren’t shaking anymore. He looks at Knuckles. “Thanks. It feels really good to hear that.”Knuckles nods and then walks over to Sonic to go talk to him.Tails limps over to Wally. “Want to go check out the Memorial Wall?”“Yeah, sure. I saw it walking on the way over here.”Exiting out of the H.Q Building Tails keeps staring at Wally but as soon as he’s about to notice he quickly looks away and says, “There are two Memorial Walls that were built. This is the first one that was made right after the war against Infinite. The second one can be seen in Metropolis City.” Reaching the Memorial Wall just as Tails was about to Inform him about it, a soldier approaches him. “Hey Tails, what do we do about your plane?” He points at it.“OH Uh…yeah.” He looks at Wally. “I’ll be right back.” He limps away quick to check on his plane.The Soldier then looks at Wally. “We also brought your truck as well, Sir.”“Huh? You also brought my-“ He looks at the direction he points and sees Randy’s truck. “Oh that truck… Thanks. I appreciate it.” “It’s a shame it got damaged during the BOA attack.”“What? umm… Yeah… yeah… That’s exactly what happen to it… The BOA attacked it.”“A damn good truck. It sure can take a beating that it’s still drivable.” The Soldier says. The soldier then salutes him saying goodbye and walks away.Wally looking at the truck he goes back to looking at the wall. “At least the truck is safe here.” Looking at all the names he sees an I.D Card. Slowly walking to it looking at it. “There he is. Chris Beckers.” He backs away as other people stare at him pointing.“Woah!… You’re a war hero?” A familiar high pitched voice is heard right next to him.“That’s right Peanut. That’s what it…-“ He looks to his side and sees Peanut standing there. He puts his hands up almost about to strangle him and stops. “WHY?!... just… how are you here?”Peanut just stands there with a huge grin on his face.“Your parents are going to… NO! They’re going to kill me first then they’re going to kill you. DO THEY EVEN KNOW THAT YOU’RE HERE!!?Peanut loses his smile and gets ashamed.“So you know who he is?” A female voice is heard.<<RewindTrish arrives too late to see everyone exit out of the aircraft. “Damn. Is he really back?” Someone hands her the paper work of all the passengers onboard. She looks through it and no one named Chris was on it. The only new name she sees is Wally. She logs everything down and goes to examine the aircraft. Upon examination and seeing nothing she notices someone sneaking out. “Nice try.” Making her way to him she starts to realize that it’s a young kid. She sees him duck and hide as Resistance recruits walk by giving her a chance to close the gap reaching to him. Standing behind him without him knowing she asks. “Who are you and why are you sneaking around?”Making him jump he turns to her. “I-I uhh umm I was brought here with of my friends.”“Really, and who exactly is that?” She takes a step forward glaring at him.“It’s uhh… Wally. That’s his name. Wally. Do you know where he is?” He asks being sincere.Remembering the names on log sheet she does. “He was onboard with one of the aircrafts.” She calms down. “I’ll help you find him.” She takes out her clipboard. “What’s your name?” “My name Shawn but everyone calls me Peanut.” He says with a smile.She writes it down. “Ok Peanut. Let’s go search.”After searching for a while they pass by the Memorial Wall as Peanut says, “There he is.” He runs off and stands next to him.Trish catches up and sees who it is. “No… is it?… It is.” Step by step getting a closer look she sees him scold Peanut. She smiles and says, “So you know who he is?”He looks at her and then back to Peanut. “If I say no, what will you do to him?”“We will have to lock him up and throw away the key. Then have him witness nightmares unlike any other.” She answers smiling at Peanut.He gives Peanut a big grin. “No. I don’t know him.”Peanut eyes widen looking at him and then at Trish then back to Wally. “THAT’S NOT FUNNY WALLY!”Wally glares at him. “Your parents are worried about you. Do they know that you’re here?”“…No.” He answers looking at the ground.“Guess what you’re going to do.”“Call them?” He answers with regret.“Bingo.”Peanut sighs and looks at the wall. “Can I at least look at the wall first?”“Yeah, go ahead.”Trish slowly examines him and then notices him look back at her. She smiles at him.“Sorry you had to see that happen.” He says looking back to Peanut.“It’s ok.” Looking at the I.D card she looks at him and asks, “So you really don’t remember anything?” He shakes his head, “Not really. Only a couple of things but not really.”Being curious she questions him some more, “Can you tell me what they are?”“Some of them are with Tails and one was with Knuckles but there is one I can’t make sense of.” He looks at the wall. “It has something to do with the battle.”She also looks at the wall and then back to him, “The battle, what do you remember from it?”“I remember being in a trench or something alongside with a Sergeant. An old… brown Rabbit. He looked like my boss at Nue Heaven. I also think that there were four other soldiers with him.”She shakes her head in disbelief thinking to herself. “No… can’t be.” She looks at Barnett’s name and then back to him and asks, “Anything else?”“Yeah… something about a… Fourth Generator? They were pinned down and I risked myself to send them on their way to it. That’s all I can remember. I don’t even know if they made it safe.”Thinking to herself. “It is… Barnett. He met them.” She tries to hold her tears back. She nods and says, “His name is Barnett. He’s the Sergeant that you… in your memory.”“Really?” He smiles at her. “Thanks for letting me know.”Peanut comes back to Wally, “I’m ready to go.”He nods to Peanut and looks back to Trish, “Got to go.” Getting ready to leave he says, “You tell Barnett that I said Hi.” He walks off with Peanut heading back to the H.Q Building.Trish just stands there as a tear runs down her face as she watches him walk away. She looks at the Memorial Wall staring at Barnett’s name and whispers, “Am pretty sure he already knows.”<<RewindKnuckles approaches Sonic wanting to know what happen in Nue Heaven. “What the heck happened over there?” Sonic stretches, “Welp, It’s a long story. It started with this device that didn’t want to shut-up and-“ (FWD>> Five min later)“Once getting to Chris… I mean Wally’s house it’s when the adventure was over.”Knuckles disappointed about missing out. “That’s it?”“Pretty much for me but Tails was mostly in the thick of it than I was.”“Yeah, I saw how his leg was and how injured he looked. Follow me.” He leads him to a ,computer screen displaying information about the BOA group and some of the members on it. “They’re hidden in the forest. No matter how much we try we can’t find them. We did figure out who some of them are but…” He punches into his hand. “If we can find where they are located then we can end them right now.”“After what I saw and what they were doing at Nue Heaven, they were organized and dangerous.”Knuckles points at the screen, “That’s who you need to be careful of. He’s the leader of the group and very little is known about him. No name, nothing about him but only that he’s very dangerous. His lackeys are Miller for his smarts and also a great sniper. Curtis for his ruthless tactics and aggression.”Sonic chuckles. “Reminds me of someone.”He gets annoyed. “Funny. Next is Levi for his muscle and-” “Never mind, he reminds me of someone.” Sonic quips.Knuckles sighs. “How many months? Six months of torture was it? I can beat that record if you want?”“Okay, okay. I’ll be quiet for now.”“And last its Craig. A professional at infiltration and sabotage. Every single one of them are professionals in one thing and that’s killing… heck there whole BOA group is full of killers.”Sonic looking at the screen staring at The Leader of the BOA, “So what’s his motive?”“No idea. To be the most dominating force in the world but either way I have something you should go out and check.”“Really, Like what?”“It’s about the BOA. They might have a weapons building hidden.”“Alright. I’ll go check it out.” Sonic starts to walk away.Knuckles stops him, “Not alone. Since you’ve found… um whatever his name is. You’re going to take him with you also and-“ Sonic Interrupts him chuckling “Sounds good to me. I’ll show him how to kick butt like he used to do.” He starts punching the air.Knuckles shakes his head. “You didn’t let me finish… someone else is going with you.”Sonic being confused. “Someone else…-“ Someone stands next to Knuckles. “You’ve got to be kidding.”Colbort Stands next to Knuckles smiling at Sonic.Sonic glares at him and then stares at the scar on his cheek. Sonic Smiles and points to his own cheek. “What happen to your cheek? Got into a fight?”Colbort glares and says. “If only that last bullet went slightly to the left.”They both stand there glaring at each other until Knuckles breaks it up. “ALRIGHT! Both of you better get along on this task. Colbort is going to keep an eye on …whatever his name is and you’re going to check if the BOA really have anything hidden near Nue Heaven. Got it?”Sonic glares at Colbort and then slowly smiles. “Alright, I don’t mind him going.”Knuckles hearing Sonic sarcastic answer knowing he’s up to something. He points at Sonic. “You better keep your mouth shut around him. He cannot find out who he is. GOT IT?!”“Pfft! Alright, alright.” Sonic says walking away to a vending machine.He clenches his fist, “I MEAN IT SONIC!!” Knuckles turns to Colbort seeing him smiling. He grabs his shirt putting up a fist making his smile go away. “That goes for you too.” He lets go of him. “He cannot find out who you are cuz who knows what he’ll do to you if he does.”Wally walks into the H.Q Building with Peanut.Knuckles sees him. “There he is.” He waves at him to come over.Colbort sees him also, “It really is him.”Wally points Peanut to a phone nearby and walks up to them.Knuckles nods to Wally and looks at Colbort. “You two are going on a recon mission with Sonic. This is Colbort. He’s a scientist.”“Really?” He smiles looking at the scientist in front of him and puts out his hand. “Nice to meet you Colbort.”Colbort shakes his hand. “Nice to meet you too Rookie.”Wally stops shaking, still holding his hand loosing his smile and just stares at him.Colbort wondering why he looks down to his hand then back looks at his face. “… .. …OH SHIT!!” Realizing what he just said he tries to let go.Knuckles also sensing the same he quickly shouts to Wally. “LET HIM-“ Chris pulls Colbort towards himself making him lean forward and then punches him in the face with his other fist knocking him out making him collapse to the floor. Chris then releases his hand raises his foot to stomp on his body but Knuckles pushes him away into other guards who grab onto him. Chris struggles to get loose as they drag him to the exit, “LET ME GO! LET ME GO! HE TRIED TO F%$&ING KILL ME! LET ME-“ They drag him out of the H.Q Building.Knuckles watches as they take him away, he looks back down at Colbort unconscious body. “Wow…”Sonic stands next to him drinking a soda shaking his head. “Hmm, that’s a shame. If only there was someone who could’ve warn you that that was going to happen. Hmm…-“ He points at himself and smiles at Knuckles. “Oh right. Me.”Knuckles gets annoyed still looking at Colbort and grits his teeth. “If you knew then why didn’t you say anything?”Sonic walks away. “Pfft, heh! And ruin the fun? Why would I do that?”Knuckles gets angry. “YOU’RE STILL GOING OVER THERE! SO TAKE… WHATEVER HIS NAME IS AND TAILS WITH YOU!!”Sonic heads outside and sees Wally sitting on a bench with the two guards near him. Sonic approaches him and looks at the two guards. “I’ll watch over him. You can go.” They walk off. Sonic looks at Wally being ashamed at himself on what just happened. “You okay?”He shakes his head, “I don’t know what came over me.” He looks at his hands. “The second he called me that I was filled with anger. Thing is… It wasn’t me. I kept hearing someone in my head saying He did it over and over. Then it felt like someone took over and the only thing on my mind was revenge. I remember someone getting shot and me fighting then…” He raises his head and looks at the H.Q Building. “That’s why he punched me. That’s what I was being blamed for.”“Well whatever it is, it’s over.” Sonic smirks, “He’s not coming with us anymore, thanks to you.” Tails comes in flying glad to see them together. “Did I miss anything?”“Just who I wanted to see. All three of us are going on a mission.”“Really? Right now?” Tails asks.“Yup. Get the Tornado ready.”Tails scratches his head. “Uhh… About that, the Tornado is going to be out of commission for a while until I can repair it.”“Great. So… Hmm.” He snaps his fingers. “I know exactly who can fly us. He’s a couple of miles away.”Wally gets up. “No need to walk…” He looks at Sonic, “Or run…” Then to Tails, “Or fly… since I can’t do either of those two…” He takes out his keys. “I got a truck to drive us over there. Just don’t judge how it looks.”Arriving at the small airport Tails steps out of the truck and looks at the sign. “The Double Z’s?”“Yup. With no major threats and pretty much no need for fighter pilots they pretty much settled for being flying transporters.” Sonic answers.The front door opens as one of the owners step out to greet them. “Hi, wel…come woah!… ,Uh…-“ Surprised he turns back and shouts into the room. “ZEKE! ZEKE! GET OUT HERE QUICK!”“NOT NOW ZANDER! I ALMOST GOT FIRST PLACE IN THIS BATTLE ROYAL… BUT THIS B&%$& JUST HIDES IN A TOWER HE BUILT…WHAT? NO! OH YOU MOTHER-“ Zander quickly closes the door as muffled arguing can be heard.Zander smiles looking at everyone and points, “He’ll be out in a bit. Want me to show you around?”Zander takes them around showing them the aircrafts. One of the planes that isn’t working is propped up against the wall as a display. Wally walks up to it staring at it. Seeing the damage on it lets him know it was used during the war against Infinite. He looks at the dent on the wing. “Wow, what did you hit?”Zander looks at it. “Wha?” He laughs. “Just something that needed to get smacked out of the air.”Zeke shows up glad to see Sonic. “Long time no see, Right?”Sonic smiles back “Hey… that’s my line.” Sonic points to Zeke. “Hey guys, I’d like you to meet my hero.”Zeke points back at him. “Hey, keep that lime light away from me. So what brings you guys here?” Tails shows them the directions, “We need to be flown over to this spot near Nue heaven.”Zander looks at the directions. “Over the forest? I’ve heard what’s going on in it.” He looks at Zeke. “If you’re going to fly them over there then you’d better not fly over the damn forest.”Zeke looks at Zander. “Then that’s a yes coming out of you?”“Sure. Just don’t fly over the forest.” Zanders warns him again.“Heck, yeah. Hop aboard and I’ll be good to go.” Zeke watches as everyone gets on as he notices something on the road. Zeke gets on as Zander gives him a message on the radio staying behind. “Remember don’t fly-“ “I Know, I know. Don’t fly over the forest. I know.” Zeke answers back quick starting up the aircraft.“I mean it. Don’t. Same goes to you three. Be careful out there.” Zander warns them.Zeke drives the aircraft down the airstrip and takes off towards to their destination.End of ChapterThanks for Reading.Next Chapter 5: Realization,FForces Chasing Memories Ch 5WARNING!!! AT A POINT THERE WILL BE A WARNING
Forces Chasing Memories Chapter 3Through out this story there is going to be ALOT of references to the last story. Please read the last series of chapters to get an idea to what means what. Each Friday I'll upload the next chapter.,FForcesHi, Thanks for stopping by and reading my firstForces Chasing Memories takes place after the war against Infinite. Sonic and Tails will be around more this time around but they ARE NOT THE MAIN FOCUS same goes for Sonic friends. They're around but they are not the prime focus.Chapter 3 contains 5622 wordsDisclaimer: This story Contains: Drama, Violence, Language and Humor.Thanks for Reading it and I hope that you enjoy it.And a major thanks for For helping me out to write and finally get it out of my head.Sonic, Tails are owned by SEGAChapter 3: BOA Sitting in the Truck still he pulls out his phone to call Molly but nothing, no ring tone. “Dammit, nothings getting through.” He slowly drives into town being careful not to get noticed. “Being in this truck is a bad idea.” Knowing where he is he looks over to the left knowing where Randy’s shop is. “Got to check up on Randy.” He looks to the right. “Am pretty sure Sonic ran off to the right.” Making a left turn he decides to go around the back of the shop. Getting out of the truck he quietly approaches the back door. Grabbing the door knob and turns it…<<RewindThe BOA’s Leader pursuing Peanut exits the alleyway as a S.U.V with three people inside picking him up. He enters sitting behind the passenger seat and orders. “Miller, any leads?”Miller a 26yr old Ferret answers tapping away on a laptop on the passenger seat. “Nothing as ,of yet, Sir. This tracker a b&%$^ to pin down. Whoever designed it really knows their stuff.” “Is Craig still out by the jammer?” Leader asks again.Miller answers again. “Yes, last location he was sighted at-” He puts his hand on his headset. “Wait… we have a lead.”“Where?” The Leader Orders.“Location is a hardware shop. Randy’s Hardware Delivery Service.”He laughs. “Alright get us there and I’ll do the talking.” Un-holstering a gun making sure it’s loaded.Arriving he exits out and points to the one that was sitting next to him. “You come with me and you keep trying to find that damn kid.”“Wait, wait, wait… Another source came in… Some chick’s house… all the way west from here. Her name is Molly.” Miller informs.He looks over to the Hardware store and then looks back hitting the top of the car. “You two head on over there and contact Levi. He should be close to that spot and tell’em to head over there. He’s good with the lady’s.” He slams the door making them drive away. He walks towards the hardware store entrance entering it with gun in hand.FWD>>Wally stands in the back main entry looking at the mess on the floor and everything almost destroyed. He looks around crouching making his way to the main room. “Randy? Are you here? Randy?”“Over here.” A low raspy voice can be heard.Wally quickly pushes things out of the way to get to where the voice is heard. What he sees is Randy beaten to unrecognizable sight. “No…No. you’re going to be okay.” Moving his hand uncovers two bullet wounds in his chest. Lowering his head trying not to cry. “No…no.”Randy whispers, “Didn’t… say anything…. Molly’s safe.”“Stop talking. Just hang in there.”Wheezing his words, “Bull shit. Just… go. Leave this… place. Careful… out there and don’t do anything stupid.”“AHhgrra” He grabs his head in pain as a memory of Drill Sargent looking at him at a battle field enters his mind saying those words. Once the pain stops he looks at Randy again…dead. Holding back his anger and grief he gets up still looking at him. He turns around and leaves out the back way trying not to breakdown and trying not to blame himself that it was his fault. He enters the truck and stays sitting there. Gripping the steering wheel he yells out in anger. “WHY!! F&$%ING WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!!” Calming down wiping his tears away he turns on the truck and drives off in search for Molly and Peanut.<<RewindMiller contacts Levi being driven by Curtis. A 25yr old Light brown spotted hyena that easily gets angry. “Did you get in contact with him?” Curtis asks.,“He speaks back in morse code. You have any idea how long it takes to figure that shit out? So yeah, he should.-“ Another car pulls up in front of them out of nowhere scaring Curtis. “There he is.” Miller says.“SON OF A B&%$%.” Curtis yells out. Getting angry he growls. “I should ram him.”Miller looking down messing with his laptop, “Don’t.” He glances up and looks at the side of the road as a figure passes by close to the car. “We’re almost there and you almost hit that person.”After making a couple of turns they Stop in front of the house but Curtis doesn’t even bother getting out. He leans back in his seat and stretches watching them exit out and head towards the house.“You’re not going to go help?” Miller asks.“Nope. Levi a big boy. He can take care of himself.” Curtis says looking at Levi who is 28yrs old Rottweiler towering over the other two BOA soldiers standing at 7’3 built with solid muscle.They watch them kick in the door and enter the house.“You should go… ya know just in case. We kinda need her alive.” Miller suggests.“You’re confusing me for someone who cares.” Curtis says back with his eyes closed.Miller gets anxious. “Am serious.” He looks at the house. “What if we can’t find the kid? We’re going to need her-“ Gun fire can be heard from inside the house. “What the?...”Curtis leans up from his seat and looks at the house. “Good with the ladies… right?”Suddenly one of the BOA’s gets kicked out of a window and onto the front lawn. “Oh shit?” Miller says looking at the soldier slowly gets back up… then a chair flies out of the window knocking him out. “What is going on in there?”Curtis opens the car door and exits. He then hides hearing more gun fire. “What the-“ A car exits out of the garage and speeds down the road. He quickly gets back into the car as the other S.U.V gives chase. Curtis quickly follows trying not to lose them.“A big boy… right?” Miller remarks.“No kidding. What the f&$% just happened back there?” Curtis answers back.Speeding down the road finally catching up to them as they drive through the town Miller notices someone step out of the alleyway. “Huh? Wait…” He looks back. “OH SHIT! IT’S THE KID! GO BACK!”Curtis agrees turning the car around. “Fine by me. Let those guys deal with that crazy Kun-Fu chick.” He turns into the alleyway seeing Peanut running down it. He grins as he gets closer and closer to him.“Hey… watch it. Alive remember?” Miller reminding him.Exiting out of the alleyway in high speed Curtis catches up to him. Driving right next to him, he looks over and opens the door hitting him. He slams on the breaks and quickly exits and walks towards Peanut punching him in the face.“What the f&%^?” Miller says angry.Curtis points to Miller “Shut up. He asked for it.” He reaches and grabs him by the shirt to stand up. “GET UP!” He then pats his pockets feeling his phone. He pulls it out and smashes it on the sidewalk in front of him. He then pushes him to the car. “NOW MOVE!” Peanut stops getting close to the car. “Oh so you want to me to kick your ass? Alright.” He walks to him clenching his fist.“Get in the car kid. We need you unharmed… right?” Miller having to remind Curtis.“pfft, Alive and at least conscious. That what ‘I’ was told.” About to strike Peanut he gets slammed onto the pavement face planting. “GAh! What the-“ His hair gets grabbed and his head bashed into the pavement getting knocked out.Miller couldn’t believe what he just saw standing there. Seeing what one of Sonic’s friends just did.<<RewindTails walking down the road following the tracker hoping that it gives him a clue if he’s even going the right way. “Geez, maybe if I adjust the frequency I could narrow down the radius? ...Nope that’s making it worst.” Taking one step forward two S.U.V’s come rushing by him almost hitting him. “WOAH!! What was that all about?” Watching them head down the road. He starts to wonder where they’re going in such a hurry. He turns to look at the town and sees another S.U.V and then another one. …and then another one over there. He looks back at the other two that went right by him seeing them make a quick left turn and realizes that they’re going to that one house he first started at. “SHE DOES KNOW!!” He runs of towards the house taking flight quickly trying to get there before they do. “Why did she lie to me? Why?” Landing in front of the house he rushes to the front door. “Please don’t be locked.” Grabbing the doorknob hoping that it’s unlocked he turns it opening it and enters the house. “MAM?!! ARE YOU HERE?!! MAM?!!!” He yells entering the living room looking for her. She runs into the room startled “WHAT? WHa… you.. you again? WHY ARE YOU-“ “Please listen. You’re in danger. We have to get out of here now.” Tails trying to explain back.“Am not going anywhere with you until you tell-“ “THERES NO TIME FOR THAT! WE NEED TO GO-” Two S.U.V’s pull up in front of the house making them both look at it. The door on the vehicle opens as three of the BOA Soldiers exit out. He looks back to her pointing at them. “Want to talk to them instead? I’m pretty sure they’re not here for a conversation.”She grabs her car keys. “I’ll head to my car.”Seeing that they have automatic rifles he knows escaping by car was a terrible idea. “DON’T EXIT OUT JUST YET UNTIL I TELL YOU TO!” He shouts to her. He looks at the enemies thinking to himself. “I have to take them out first. Then we might be able to make it away safely.” He sees a baseball bat and goes for it as they start kicking in the door.Weapons in hands they slowly make their way into the house examining the rooms. “Room clear.” One of them says entering the living room. All three begin to split off to other parts of the house looking for them.Tails hides in the hallway from where the garage entrance is as he hears the car starts up. “Uh oh. I hope they didn’t-“ “Hey, anyone hear that?” One of them says and enters the hallway walking pass Tails. Seeing that no one’s behind him he grips the bat and jumps out bashing him in the back of the head making a loud crack. In a daze making him drop his weapon and before he can say anything Tails swings hitting him in the head again knocking him out. He quickly grabs his body and tosses him into the next room closing the door hiding him away. Slowly making his way into the living room one of them enters the room spotting him.Tails quickly swings hitting the gun as it fires off a full clip into the wall. Tails then swings again but he dodges and aims the gun at him pulling the trigger firing nothing. “SHIT!” He shouts as he swings the gun instead as a weapon. Swinging back and forth trying to hit each other Tails dodges under a swing as he swings back low hitting him in the leg making him go down on one knee. Tails then swings again hitting him on the side of the head making his helmet fly off. In a daze the soldier lunges forward tackling Tails making him loose the bat as they both go flying over the couch smashing onto a glass coffee table. Tails quickly positions his legs to push him off of him sending him close to a window hitting it making it crack. Getting up fast he rushes towards him doing a jump kick sending him out the window onto the front lawn. The soldier slowly gets up holding his head. “Son of a-“ He gets interrupted getting hit in the head by a chair thrown at him knocking him out.Trying to relax taking deep breaths looking out the broken window he realizes, “Wait, wasn’t there-“ He hears footsteps enter the room. He looks at the kitchen entrance. “Three of them? Yup.” He walks towards Tails him grabbing the couch tossing it to the side slamming against the wall and stands there cracking his knuckles. Tails looks at his name tag and looks up at him. “Levi huh? You can run away if you want. I won’t blame you.” Levi smirks and throws a punch as Tails dodges it giving him a chance to punch right in the face. Tails bounces back shaking his fist. “Wow, it’s like punching something solid.”Levi laughs and tries to grab him but Tails squirms away and throws another punch but it winds up getting grabbed. Levi raises his arm high lifting Tails off the ground but then Tails begins to kick franticly at his face until he grabs one of his feet. “Uh-oh!” Tails says feeling himself gets raised into to the air and thrown at a wall knocking the wind out of him from the force. Struggling to get up he hears stomps coming he raises his arms up to block a kick sending him down the hallway. Rolling to his back in a daze he sees Levi walking to him with the baseball bat in hand. Trying to get up but he couldn’t. Levi raises the bat over his head about to swing as the sound of gun fire echoes shooting Levi in the bullet proof vest. Tails looks behind him and its Molly firing the assault rifle that was lying in the hallway.Levi drops the bat hunched over in pain from the shots giving Tails a chance to pick it up and bashes him over the head with it then again breaking the bat knocking him out.Tails leans up against the wall to support himself holding his side. Molly helps him down the hallway. “C’mon, let’s get out of here.” She says. They both get into the car speeding off as both of the S.U.V’s gives chase.“What do they want from me?” She says in a panic.“NO! Better question is, why did you lie to me in the first place about Chris?” He says angry at her.She shouts at him in panic. “I DON’T KNOW WHO THAT-“ “YES YOU DO!!” Tails shouts back going through his pouch taking out a picture showing it to her. “That’s him. WHERE IS HE?!”She looks at it over and over not trying to take her eyes off the road understanding everything now. “So that’s his name... his actual real name. He is with me. I found him alone one night about six months ago. He was-“ speeding down the streets she glances over to the side of the road and spots Peanut alone in the alleyway. “WHAT?!! THAT WAS…THAT WAS-“ She looks at the rearview mirror seeing one of the S.U.V’s stop and heads back to the alleyway. “NO!”“What is it? What did you see?” looking back trying to see what she saw.“It’s a friend of ours and they’re chasing him. I Have to-“ She hears the window open as Tails begins to make his way out of it. He looks at her. “Head to the Resistance safe zone. They’ll help you out. I’ll go help your friend.” He climbs onto the roof flying off.At the Resistance Safe Zone soldiers hold the line trying to get as many civilians to safety as one of them shouts. “HEY!! SOMEONES BEING CHASED!!” Commander of the Resistance looks through his binoculars to watch. YOU’RE RIGHT!! MEN!! GET READY TO FIRE!!” Dozens of soldiers line up taking aim ready for orders to shoot. “READY…AIM…FIRE!!” A barrage of gun fire whiz pass Molly hitting the S.U.V making it loose control, flipping over and explode in a ball of fire. Molly quickly hits the breaks almost reaching them. Looking at the destroyed vehicle she then turns and looks at the Commander of the Resistance. “What’s she doing? C’MON!!” He shouts and waves at her. He sees her shake her head and turns the car around heading back to town. Sonic arrives at the Resistance safe Zone after seeing the explosion of the vehicle. “Are you and everyone safe?”“Sonic am glad to see you but we’re barely hanging in there. More and more of them keep coming and each time one of our men gets injured. We can’t keep going on like this trying to hold this area.”“Nothing getting through Sir. We can’t get in touch with anyone to send reinforcements.” One of the soldiers informs.“HEADS UP!! MORE OF THEM INCOMMING!!” Someone alerts as five more vehicles appear with more BOA soldiers exiting out getting ready to storm the safe zone.Sonic and the Commander watch the BOA line up. The Commander looks at Sonic. “Sonic…I know you want to go into town but without you here right now it will be the end of us and everyone here.”Sonic nods “I’ll stay here and keep you all safe.” He walks towards the enemy vehicles. <<Rewind Peanut still hiding in the alleyway he slowly approaches the sidewalk to see if it’s safe. “It looks… okay.” He looks to the left and remembers where Sonic and Tails landed. “If I can get to that plane I’ll be safe… right?” One step out he hears a car racing down the street. He quickly jumps back into the alleyway to try to hide as the car races by. “That was…yeah. That was Molly.” Taking one step forward two of the S.U.V’s quickly drive by scaring him back into the alleyway. “Shit.” Looking around the corner seeing the chase. “I hope they didn’t-“ One of the S.U.V’s stops and turns around heading right back to him. “Oh Shit.” Running straight back down the alleyway knocking over containers trying to get to the other side he hears the car enter the alleyway chasing him down. Exiting out he gets onto the sidewalk running as fast as he could as the car roars out of the alleyway hitting the streets catching up to him in seconds. Peanut still trying to get away the car drives next to him opening the door smacking him down and screeching to a stop as one them exit out of it.Peanut puts his hands up and pleads. “Puh-Please, Please don’t-“ Curtis punches him in the face. “That’s what you get for running.”“What the f&%^?” Miller says angry“Shut up. He asked for it.” He reaches and grabs Peanuts shirt to stand up. “GET UP!”Peanut whimpers thinking to himself, “No… am going to be…” He feels him going through his pockets and takes out his phone then smashes it on the sidewalk in front of him making him jump. “No… They’re going to… take me away… help…”Curtis pushes him to the car. “NOW MOVE!” Peanut stops getting close to the car. “I can’t… I can’t let them…” He turns around to face Curtis.“Oh so you want to me to kick your ass? Alright.” He walks to him clenching his fist.“Get in the car kid. We need you unharmed… right?” Miller having to remind Curtis.“pfft, Alive and at least conscious. That what ‘I’ was told.”Peanut stares up at Curtis raising his fist to punch by him again. He then looks up even higher and sees someone flying right at Curtis slamming him onto the pavement face first. “GAh! What the-“ His hair gets grabbed and his head bashed into the pavement getting knocked out.Miller seeing what just happened. “That’s a nope from me.” He goes into the car locking it. Peanut seeing what just happened, “That was awesome, thanks.” Tails stands up holding his side. “No problem. Let’s get out of here.”They both walk away, the door to the car opens and Miller steps out. Looking at Tails he walks up to Curtis tapping him on the head. “Wakie, wakie.”He rolls to his back rubbing his head. “Did you get him?” “Naw, he uhh kicked my ass too.” He says looking at Tails walking away with Peanut.Miller helps him up to his feet but then Curtis pushes him away. Curtis put his hand to his head staggering to the car getting into it. Miller gets in and tries not to laugh at him.Someone pounds on top of the car startling them making them look seeing The Leader standing there.The Leader eyes them and then looks at Curtis knowing he got his ass kicked. He opens the door and gets in. “Drive to the Resistance Safe Zone. The kid or that chick is hiding there. One way or another we’re getting one of them.”Tails and Peanut walk down the street they reach the Tornado. Tails stops looking at it almost completely destroyed. He sighs, “Well… now am mad.”“Do you know what’s going on?” Peanut asks“Yeah I do.” Tails looks at his communicator. “Sonic, can you hear me?” No response. “Nothing. Nothing working.”“It’s because there’s some kind of jammer screwing with everything. Not even my phone worked.”“A jammer? That makes sense why the tracker was going crazy.” He pulls out the tracker and starts adjusting it. “If I can home in on the right frequency… maybe I can… YES! It worked.” He turns around. “The jammer is that way.” Looking back at his communicator. “I can’t get in touch with Sonic. Am going to have to do this alone.” He looks at the Peanut and says. “You get to somewhere safe. Alright?”He nods. “Alright.” Tails flies off as Peanut waves goodbye meanwhile a car pulls up behind him. Peanut gets startled and turns around. Seeing who it is he smiles. The car door opens and Molly steps out. “Are you okay?”He nods. “Am okay. Tails saved me.”In relief, “Good… good. Get in the car were going back… to…-“ She hears gun fire coming from the Resistance Safe Zone. “Never mind. Just get in the car.” They both enter and drive away.Tails flies from roof top to roof top getting closer and closer to the jammer. Once landing he reaches the radio tower that the jammer plugged into. He hunches low to the ground examining the area he sees one soldier guarding it. “Alright… I can do this. All I have-“ Someone stands right next to him. Tails just glances at him and says. “About time you showed up.”He hears a familiar voice answer. “You’re here for the radio tower?” Tails just sits there surprised. He slowly looks at him. His eyes widen in disbelief. “C—Ch--Chris?”<<RewindWally driving around at a residential area he stops on one of the blocks seeing groups of people together. He stops the truck to go checks on them in hope to see Molly or Peanut. “Wally, Wally.” He hears his name being called. He looks and sees that it’s Peanuts parents. They approach him scared as the mother says. “H-have you seen Shawn?” “He’s not with you? Am looking for him too.”“He’s still in town.” His father says getting ready to set out to look for him.“NO, stop. I’ll go find him. I have a good idea where he is.”“Please Wally. Find him.” She pleads.“I will. Just stay here. He’ll show up.” Wally walks away getting back to the truck as Peanuts parents look at him. “Where can he be? He’s always the one finding me.” He opens the door and gets in. “Where do I go? Where is he?” He turns on the truck and right when he’s about to put it into drive he looks to the sky and sees someone flying. “What the…” Getting a better look he realizes that it’s a two tailed fox flying. The more he stares, the more his head starts to hurt again. He grabs his head and hears a voice in his head say. “I’ve never seen a fox with two-tails. What’s up with that? Were you raised by a nuclear dump site?” After the pain goes away and gets his senses back he looks up again and puts the truck into drive and drives off to where he was flying too.Reaching a radio tower he gets out with crowbar in hand. He looks at the tower from a distance and sees someone protecting it. “Did he fly this way?” Quietly walking towards it, he also sees someone else hunch low to the ground also looking at it. “There he is. He was the one flying.” Getting close to him Wally stands next to him and before Wally can say anything he says. “It’s about time you showed up.”Wally looks around and then down to him asking. “You’re here for the radio tower?He slowly turns to Wally and just stares at him not saying anything for what felt like an eternity.“Are you… ok?” Wally asks knowing something weird was going on.Tails just keeps staring finally snapping out of it. “A-am okay. It’s just things been crazy today.” Tails says standing up. “We’ll strike hard and fast making sure we get the drop on him quick. Sounds good?” Tails clenches his fist slightly raising it.“Sounds like a good plan.” Wally agrees and starts making his way to the tower.Tails stays behind lowering his fist. “He’s back but… not really back.” He thinks to himself.Wally slowly approaches trying to time it right to charge to attack. Soon as the guard turns his back Wally gets ready to run as something Orange zips right by him tackling the guard to the ground. “Woah!” Surprised by it his head slightly hurts as he remembers it happening before. He hears a voice say “I thought all hedgehogs were fast.” He shakes his head trying to get his senses back and runs to help but already he was too late. Tails ties him to a chair with his hands behind his back.“Ouch. Nice tackle.” 24yr old Fox says squirming on the chair. Tails quickly rushes to the tower to disarm the jammer.“Why are you attacking the town?” Wally asks.He chuckles. “Why? Because of you. That’s why. Trying to stop you before you remember too much.Tails disarms the device and smashes it on the floor.“Remember what? What did I do?” “It’s not what you did it’s who you will become once you remember.”“Become? What are you talking about?” Wally starts getting angry.Tails walks to Wally. “Don’t listen to him. He’s just threatening you.”“Threaten? HA! Am not threatening him.” He shows a hand showing two fingers. “Threatening and preparing are two different things.” He puts his hand behind his back.Tails Being confused looking at what he just did. “Do that again with your hand.”He shakes his head. “Do what with my hand? My hands are tied. If they were I wouldn’t be able-“ he pulls a gun out shooting Tails in the leg.Tails leg whips back making him collapse onto the ground holding his thigh. “Grrahh!”“Wow… Are you kidding me? Did you really just fell for that?” He stands up and points the gun to Wally.Wally brings his hands up dropping the crowbar.Walking to Wally, “YOU need to get ready for the shit storm coming your way. What’s your name?”“It’s Wally.” He answers. He shoves the gun to his face. “Well Wally. Nice to meet you, I’m Craig. Introducing myself to you shouldn’t matter. Why? Because you know what going happens once you get your memories back? Poof! Say goodbye to Wally and say hello to who you’re really supposed to be.”Wally shakes his head. Thinking about the two memories he’s gotten. “I don’t believe you.”“REALLY? ASK HIM!!” He looks down to Tails on the floor pointing at him.Wally stares at Tails.His radio starts up. “Craig? Are you there? Time to retreat so get the hell out of there.”“Well that’s my cue. I would love to tell my boss about seeing you but seeing this reunion with you two is going to make things very interesting. You have no idea how much he wanted you back after his failed experiment.” He says pointing at Tails. “See you around Wally. Don’t even try to delay it or even stop it. The inevitable will happen.” He walks off.Wally turns to Tails “Is it true about what he said? Once I get my memories back I’ll be gone?”Tails staggers to get up. “I… don’t know. Maybe it’s true. Maybe it’s not.”Wally shakes his head and looks at Tails. “No. Am not a fan of 50/50 answers.” He grabs his head in pain as a memory enters his mind seeing Tails and purple particles.“Tails being concerned. “Are you-“ “STAY BACK!! Just STAY BACK. Don’t… GAH! JUST STAY THE F&%$ AWAY FROM ME!” He staggers away getting to his truck and speeds off.Tails sits down sad and contacts Sonic watching the truck speed away. “Sonic, can you hear me? I found Chris. He ran away from me and I bet he went back home.”<<RewindSonic prepares himself to rush forward to the BOA soldiers. Speeding off as soldiers begin to fire. Sonic dodges every single bullet shot at him. Once reaching them he punches and kicks knocking them out one by one. Jumping and spin dashing from car to car destroying turrets while no bullet can even touch him. Car after car explode as the Resistance soldiers cheer at a distance watching it all happen.Another S.U.V pulls up and parks at a distance. The door opens as the Leader exits out removing his mask and stares at Sonic. Age 37 Doberman Pincher. He extends out his hand at Miller. “Hand me one of the bullets.”Miller looks at him and asks. “You’re going to test it here?” The leader gives him a glareMiller panics and apologizes. “Okay, okay. Sorry.” He hands him one of the bullets.He loads it into a rifle and takes aim. “Stay still. This will only hurt a lot.” He smirks and fires. The bullet whizzes pass Sonic almost hitting him. “Almost, that nearly hit him.”“So they need some more adjustment?”“Hello, Hello? The jammer been taken down. I repeat the jammer been taken down, they’re calling for reinforcements.” Someone warns over the radio.“HAND ME ANOTHER ONE!” He orders with his hand out.Miller quickly hands over another bullet.He loads it and takes aim but this time the sun is in the way. He gets frustrated. “Dammit…DAMMIT!! Putting the gun down, he then looks at the sun and fires at it. “DAMN!! Getting back into the car slamming the door. “Let everyone know to retreat. At least I now know the bullets almost work.”The BOA scramble into their cars to escape after being told to retreat. Sonic sticks around making sure every single one of them leave. He runs back to the Resistance Safe Zone to make sure that they’re safe. “Thanks Sonic. Who knows how things would’ve turned out if you weren’t around?” The Resistance Commander says.“No problem. It’s what I do.” Sonic gloats until he gets a message from Tails. “Sonic, can you hear me? I found Chris. He ran away from me and I bet he went back home.”Hearing the tone in his voice he knew it wasn’t good. He looks at his tracker seeing exactly where his home is.Molly arrives back home and enters and sees the couch back at the same spot with Wally sitting on it staring out the broken window. She gets closer to him as Wally speaks. “It’s my fault. My fault that so many people got hurt today. My fault the Randy died. My fault that-“ He looks around the living room destroyed. “My fault that something bad almost happened to you and Peanut. They were after me.”Molly tries to console him. “In the end everything turned out ok.” “No. It didn’t. Am going to lose myself and turn into someone else. …Someone else that will erase everything all up to this point.” He looks at Molly standing up. “Am going to forget you and everyone.”Molly walks up to him and hugs him as Resistance vehicles drive up to the house. She looks at the Resistance and looks back to him. “You know yourself better than that and that you will never let that happen.He hugs her back. “What if I do? What if the person I meet in my mind, I wind up not liking?”“You won’t. You won’t forget. I know you won’t forget.” She releases and looks at him.“I promise… I promise I won’t forget you. I Promise I’ll be back” He says back to her.They both exit out of the house and begin to walk towards Sonic and the Resistance. Peanut exits out of Molly’s car as Wally walks up to him and says. “Stay by her and you keep her safe… Okay?”Peanut just confused by the request. “What do you mean? Why do you make it sound like you’re not coming back?” Wally looks away and walks off. Peanut keeps looking at him walking away and asks. “YOU’RE COMMIN BACK RIGHT?” He looks at Molly seeing her hold back her tears. He shouts to her “RIGHT?” He turns back to Wally as his voice cracks from sadness “He’s coming back. …right?”Wally gets into one of the vehicles and gets driven away.End of ChapterThanks for Reading Next Chapter 4: Am a War Hero?,FForces Chasing Memories Chapter 4Through out this story there is going to be ALOT
Does God Hate People With Depression?That teen who finally crafted the strength toTell his parents that a family friend reached intoHis sanctuary to rip out the flowers that wereJust starting to bloom, only to be told..."Boys can't be raped. Especially at such aSexually ripe age" by his mother and, from his father,"At that age, I was getting beaten on a daily basis byMy family; I'd take getting laid over that shit any day-Stop your fucking bitching"They all say that he's burning in Hell now;Being fed to Satan's beasts repeatedly forHaving the audacity to seek a way out ofThe depression, the phobias, the PTSD, evenAfter begging God to take the agony away orExplain why He let it happenBut he kept his faith throughout the entire journey,From the moment the door closed to when he kicked theChair out from under his trembling feetAnd that lady whose husband left her for a19-year-old blondie who made him feel like aHigh-schooler a few times at work; a decadeOf unhinged love shattered by a couple ofWinks and off-brand flirtingThose two travelled the world together, hadThree kids, and fulfilled each other's dreams...Until that youngster got bored, and gave him aTaste of his own medicineWhen he came back with his tail between his legs,He was greeted with thorned eulogies, thus joined herIn that tear-stained graveLovers reunited in the Lake Of FirePunished for not accepting silence as an answerAgain, that's what the preachers saySo many more tales like theseSo many suicides pendingGod, are you calling your angels back?Is this your way of bettering us?Or are the fortunate right about you?Are you blessing only the ones whoFell into the correct religion?Either way, empty palms beckon yourHoly truth; may they all be filled withThe same enlightenment
Forces Chasing Memories Chapter 2Through out this story there is going to be ALOT of references to the last story. Please read the last series of chapters to get an idea to what means what. Each Friday I'll upload the next chapter.,FForcesHi, Thanks for stopping by and reading my firstForces Chasing Memories takes place after the war against Infinite. Sonic and Tails will be around more this time around but they ARE NOT THE MAIN FOCUS same goes for Sonic friends. They're around but they are not the prime focus.Chapter 2 contains 3739 wordsDisclaimer: This story Contains: Drama, Violence, Language and Humor.Thanks for Reading it and I hope that you enjoy it.And a major thanks for For helping me out to write and finally get it out of my head.Sonic, Tails are owned by SEGAChapter 2: Six Months LaterSix months have gone by since Chris stumbled out of the forest and meeting Molly. Taken to the town of Nue Heaven Chris had a new life never finding out who he ever was. Given a new name and meaning he was now called Wally. Living with Molly and also becoming friends with some of the town’s folks. In a couple of months he managed to get a job for a Hardware ,Store. One day Wally was resting from a very slow and boring day of work till he falls asleep in the storage room. “WALLY!! WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?!!” His boss Randy 84yrs old Brown Rabbit shouts for him opening the storage room. The sound of the door wakens him. “WALLY!”He quickly gets up. “Y-yeh, wha?” Randy eyes him knowing he was asleep. “You’ve been back here for too damn long. Orders finally popped up to be delivered.” He informs him and walks out of the storage room.Wally quickly rubs his eyes to snap him out of it. “Damn, it’s about time.”“That’s right. You have four orders to deliver to four different places.” He informs him giving him the addresses.“Four? Geez, that might take all day.” He looks at the addresses. “Wow…yup all day. I’m basically going all over the place.”“Before you go… Catch.” He tosses him a brown shirt.He catches it and unfolds it to look at it. “Nice… A business shirt?” He says looking at Randy’s logo on it.“Can’t have you going out there and not represent the place.” He looks at his new shirt and notices Randy’s new attire that he’s wearing also. Wearing a red shirt with his logo on it also and black work pants. “I see that you got yourself something nice also. How long is it going to last?”“Shut-up. Now git outta here.” Randy says going through order receipts.He sighs, “Am going to have to call Molly that I might be late coming back home.” He pulls out his phone. “Hey Molly, finally got some deliveries but am being sent all over the place so I might be late.”“Don’t worry about it. Just be safe out there.” She says back.“I’m always safe so don’t worry. I’ll behave while am out and about.”She laughs “Alright, just come back home safe.”He looks at the phone and smiles then quickly loses it noticing his boss looking at him. “Umm, yeah. I’ll see ya later. Bye.” He puts the phone away knowing he has something to say.“When are you going to tell her?” He says looking at Wally with a smirk.“Say what exactly?” He says nervously back putting on the shirt.“Don’t bullshit me. I see the way you look at her and the way she looks at you back. You’re not getting any younger. So say what you have on your mind before it’s too late.”“Me? Young?” He chuckles “I don’t even know how old I am. Heck she probably doesn’t really see me in a relationship type of way.”He approaches Wally and puts his hand on his shoulder. “I’ve been around the block a thousand times already to know what goes on.” He looks around the shop. “One day I’ll be too old to run this place.” He looks at Wally. “I think I know the best person responsible to hand it over too.”He slowly backs off holding the packages. “Umm, well you’re not kicking the bucket yet plus you’re talking crazy so go take your meds.” He says quickly leaving making sure he had the last word heading to the delivery truck. “Bye.”“BYE MY ASS AND YOU BETTER TAKE CARE OF THAT DAMN TRUCK!”Driving through town he had to stop seeing a roadblock ahead. “Aww, crap.” He sighs. Not being able to see he gets out of the truck hearing gun fire at a distance.Seeing a crowd of people blocking the road he gets onto the bumper of the truck to see what’s going on. “Hmm. A military group? Going against…-“ “That Military group is called The Resistance.” He hears a familiar high pitched voice and looks down. He sees Peanut, a young 9yr old Pomeranian pup that blinks into existence when something out of the ordinary happens. He stands there looking up at Wally being at 2’5 tall wearing his bright yellow shirt and green shorts over his brown fur. “Hey Peanut. If you know so much then who’s the other group?”“Some crazy arms group hiding in the forest. I think there called BOA. It’s weird seeing them since they never show themselves.” He says slowly trying to get on the truck.Annoyed by the roadblock. “Hopefully this stops. It’s no wonder Molly told me to be care-….” He looks to his side and sees Peanut eye to eye. He looks down and sees that he’s standing on the trucks hood. He glares at him, “Get off the truck.”“Dammit.” He says getting off.Wally gets off the bumper and gets back into the truck. “Laters.”“Wha, You’re leaving? You’re not going to stay for the action?”“Nope. I have things to deliver since that’s what happens when you have a job.”“Ha, ha. I’ll gloat about it when something cool happens.”He closes the door then quickly rolls down the window and sticks his arm out pointing at the fight. “Don’t you dare think about getting close to that. You stay right there… Got it?”Peanut droops his shoulders and nods. “Alright.”He starts the truck. “See you around Peanut.” He drives off picking a different route. After delivering three of the four packages Peanut calls him. He answers, “Commence the gloating.”“You totally missed it. The Resistance came in hard attacking back with guns and shit. Then one of the BOA guys got dragged to the Lead Commander. I think his name is Knuckles or something and he punched him hard in the GUT-” Wally quickly grabs his head in pain. “GahAAHhhh!!” Losing control he crashes into the side of a building. Pulling away from the building he then slams into a guardrail flipping the truck over. He drags himself out hearing Peanut yelling from the phone he goes unconscious. “WALLY?!! Wally? Are you ok? WALLY?!! ANSWER!!”Wally wakes up in a bed rubbing his head. “Damn.” He looks around noticing he’s back at home. Laying back down he tries to remember what happen but all he can think of is this Knuckles Echidna guy punching him in the gut. “Why?” He looks at his hand and sees it trembling. He puts his hands together and holds it close to him. Now he feels himself tremble. “What did I do to make him mad at me? No. Why am I remembering something like that? This doesn’t make any sense. That never happen to me… …or did it?” He gets out of bed and exits the room.Molly hearing the door open she enters the living room seeing Wally standing there. “You’re finally up. How are you doing?”“Finally up? How long have I been out?” He says sitting down on the couch.“Almost half a day. What’s the last thing that you were doing?”“I remember that I was almost done with my deliveries and then Peanut called. He was talking about the Resistance and suddenly I felt like something was being forced into my head making me black out.”“Into your head… Like what?”“A memory. Yeah…cuz once I woke up I remembered something that I’ve never done before.”“You finally remembered something?” She sits down also.“Yeah and it has something to do with the Resistance.” He looks at her. “When you first found me what was I doing?”“You came out of the forest and stood in the middle of the street. I was driving by and almost hit you.”“Did I have anything on me?”“Barely any clothes on.”“Can I see them? There’s probably something on them.”She gets up. “Yeah, I still have it stored away.” She leads him to her room to a closed container. She opens it dumping out what he had on that night six months ago. “You see anything that looks familiar?Going through it he sees a very small device. “I don’t see anything that I remember but what’s this?” Picking it up and a button was pressed on it lighting up. “That turned it on but nothing I remember.” He looks at the small device again putting it down. “So I came out of the forest and Peanut said something about the Resistance.” Pacing around some more he remembers what Peanut said. “BOA?” She looks at him. “BOA? What about them?” she asks anxious.“Peanut said something about BOA being in the forest and now The Resistance fighting them. That can’t be some weird coincidence …right?”“What do you have to do with the Resistance and BOA?”“I don’t know but it has something to do about me getting punched in the gut by the Resistance Lead Commander.”She points at him. “Whatever it is should wait. You have to be starving. I was cooking breakfast.” She gets up and leaves the room.“Sounds great.” He grabs the small lit up device and puts it into his pocket.Walking through the living room he looks out the window and sees Randy’s delivery truck damaged as he makes his way into the kitchen. Quickly rushing back. “OH SHIT!! RANDY’S GOING TO KILL ME!!”“Yeah, about that. It might be damaged but it’s not totaled. It’s still drivable.”“But, but still…look at it.” She comes and drags him into the kitchen for breakfast. “It’s fine.”“FINE?! SURE… GO TELL THAT TO HIM!”“Eat first then go face your doom.”Eating breakfast trying to think of an elaborate excuse while looking at the truck with no bumper on it now with the front smashed in. Disappointed he finishes eating and gets up to go return the truck to Randy.“Thought of anything?” Molly asks.“Nothing. Am just going to have to face him but before I do that I still have to deliver that last package.” Going through his pockets for his keys. “I’m out of here. See you at my funeral.”“Bye.” She says back laughing.Getting into the truck he searches for the package and relieved that it’s still in one piece. He looks at the address. “Damn, all the way outside of town? Geez.” He puts the key into ignition. “Please don’t blow up.” Turns it and starts. “Thank you.” He whispers and drives off.Reaching his destination he honks the horn what sounds like an animal getting killed. He gets out package in hand. “Here you go. Sorry for being a little late.”“A little?” He says back annoyed by the apology.Wally looks over to the truck. “I ran into some trouble.” The owner also looks at the Truck. “Woah! Apology accepted.” He says as he signs for the package.“Thank you.” He walks back to the truck as another vehicle pulls up. “Hey are you Chris?” He looks behind him and sees four guys in military gear getting out of the car. “No. Sorry, am not.”“Bull, look.” One of them says pulling out a picture showing it to the other three. “It’s him.” Looking at the picture he looks right back at Wally. “Hmmph!” He smiles and goes for his gun and before he can point it at him the wind picks up as something quickly zooms by taking one of them out making him yell out in pain. “AHhhh!!” “SHIT!! IT’S HIM!! TAKE HIM OUT!!” They pull out there weapons and start firing.Wally quickly covers his ears and ducks to show he isn’t a threat. “What the f&%$ is going on?” Wanting to move but couldn’t muster up the courage to do it until one of the guys gets thrown at the truck slamming into it scaring him to move. “GAH!! SHIT!!” He quickly jumps into the truck to start it. “Stop. It’s ok. You’re safe now.” A different voice is heard. He slowly turns and looks at a Blue Hedgehog on the side mirror.<<RewindAt Tails Workshop Sonic tries to sleep but a device keeps activating waking him up. Beep! Boop! …Beep! Boop! “Did it finally stop? Geez. I thought-“ Beep! “AAHHHhhh! TAILS!! SHUT THIS THING OFF!!!” “What is it?” Tails asks walking into the room.“I don’t know but am about to throw it out the window.” He tosses the device to Tails. He catches it and looks at it figuring out what it is… his eyes widen in disbelief. “So what is it? Did you manage-“ He hears something hitting the floor. “Huh?” He glances over and sees Tails on the floor unconscious. “Tails?” He rushes over to him. “Wake up. C’mon, snap out of it.”Tails slowly regains conscious. He looks at the locator. “Are you playing a prank on me because this is taking it too far?” He says picking up the locator.“No… not this time.” Sonic glances at a water bucket balancing on a door frame. “What is it?”Tails still looking at the locator. “You’re not going to believe this but… this is Chris’s tracking device. It’s been activated.”Sonic gets up being unsure. “Are you sure? I don’t want to see you get sad on a wild goose chase.”Tails still sitting on the floor. “True but how long has it been since we’ve had an adventure?”Sonic chuckles “Too long. So where are we off to?”Tails figuring out where. “From what am seeing… its north… around Nue Heaven.”“Really? Knuckles was just there yesterday taking care of a problem. HHhmmm, could this have anything to do with that?”Tails still looking at the locator he smiles and looks up at Sonic. “Want to go on a wild goose chase?”They both set out to Nue Heaven by air with the Tornado. Arriving there they land as Sonic quickly gets out. “Geez… that was a long flight.”Tails gets out looking at the locator. “It was only twenty minutes.”“It still felt long. So where are we headed to?”Tails adjusting their locators. “I don’t know. At first everything was okay but now it’s pointing everywhere. I can tell where it first started but after that I can’t narrow it down.”He stretches, “Welp… Let’s get this wild goose chase a go. Give me some hints and I’ll go check them out. You go to where it first started.” He puts out his fist for a fist bump.Tails sees it and connects with it. “Sounds good to me.” He hands Sonic a locator.Sonic glances over to a crowd across the street and waves at them,Across the street where the crowd gathers to see them, Peanut arrives excited getting a chance to see them. “No way Sonic? ....Here? This is awesome.” Grabbing his phone he crosses the street. “Wally has got to know about this. I hope he’s doing okay now.” He calls him but no ring tone. “Huh?” Looking at his phone he notices that he has no service. “That’s weird.” He Looks back to Sonic but already was gone. “Damn, why no service?” To his left he notices someone dressed overly protected gear in black with a skull mask on. Looking directly at him letting him know that he sees him, he then starts walking towards Peanut. Peanut starts to panic and runs back across the street to the crowd running through them. He runs down the sidewalk reaching the corner of the block. He looks back to see if he was really coming for him. “Am okay. No need to panic. He was only walking-“ The crowd steps aside opening up letting him through as they all watch him. “OK TIME TO PANIC.” Peanut runs across the street and runs down the sidewalk he notices a weird S.U.V driving around as it comes to a stop and turns heading in his direction. “SHIT. WHY?!” Feeling dread he turns into an alleyway and runs down it climbing a fence. Not stopping he makes a right and hides between two dumpsters. Hiding he can hear the car pass by followed by footsteps. He stops and walks around. He pulls out his phone. “I f&%$ing lost him. Yeah, I’m in an alleyway. Don’t worry he won’t be able to call him with the jammer running. YES I KNOW SONIC IS HERE!! WE HAVE TO FIND HIM FIRST BEFORE HE DOES!! Am getting out of here and meet up with you guys.” Once he leaves Peanut stays hidden making sure it was really safe to come out. He looks at his phone again with no signal, “He was really chasing me, why? Wally? Because I know him? I got to find him. Why are they after him?” He steps out from between the dumpsters and looks around. He slowly walks to the end of the alleyway and makes sure that it’s safe. Looking around the corner of the building he sees more S.U.V’s driving around. He goes back into the alley worried. “This is not good.”Tails reaches Molly’s house and rings the doorbell. Looking at his locator the door opens up. He smiles hoping that it’s him only to see someone else. “Hi.” She answers.He waves at her “Umm, Hi. I’m looking for someone. Is someone named Chris living here?”“No. No one lives here by that name. You have the wrong place. Bye.” She closes the door.“Sorry for bothering you. Bye.” He turns around looking at his locator and starts walking to wherever it points. “I can only go onward from here and follow the bread crumbs.”Sonic rushes all over town checking every street and famous places anyone will go. “Over there?” He points. “Nothing.” He rushes to another spot. “What about here? Nothing. Geez this tracker just doesn’t want to make its mind up.” He looks over to the top of a building. “Hmmm, maybe if I get to a high enough spot it might be able to help out.” Looking outside of town for a hill high enough he finds one. “See Tails, I can think of something smart every once in a while.” He stops on top of the hill and checks the tracker again. “What?” He turns around facing away from town. …“That way? Outside of town? Uhhh, okay.” Speeding down the road passing farms he reaches an auto shop with what looks like thugs trying to rob someone. “Uh-oh. Looks like someone’s in trouble-“ He sees one of them goes for their gun. “Gotta go fast.” He rushes in quick picking up dust to blind them and comes right back around tackling one and tossing him away. “AHhhh!!” “SHIT!! IT’S HIM!! TAKE HIM OUT!!” One of them shouts as they all fire at him. Dodging gun fire as he sees one of them needing to reload giving Sonic an opportunity to jump kick him in the face. Down he goes slamming onto the ground. Sonic then jumps into the air doing a spin dash into another thug sending him flying into the truck. After bouncing from the attack he heads straight to the last thug punching him the face dazing him. Then he does jab to the gut followed with an uppercut to the jaw putting an end to the fight. Cracking his knuckles, “Crime doesn’t pay…unless you’re in the business for pain then am willing to contribute.” Sonic hearing the truck start he needed to reassure that the driver was safe. “Stop. It’s ok. You’re safe now.” Standing there seeing the door open he gets surprised who steps out.Wally gets out of the truck to greet Sonic but Sonic just stands there and looks back speechless.“Umm, Thanks for the rescue.”Sonic just stands there and keeps looking at him not saying anything.Wally looks around. “Umm, How can I ever repay-“ “HAHAHA!!!” Sonic shouts. “IT’S YOU!!” Sonic quickly jumps at him hugging him.Wally surprised by it. Sonic lets go and looks at him again. “Tails is going to be happy to see you again.”“I-uhh, I-I am sorry-“ “Sorry? About what? YOU’RE BACK!!” Sonic interrupting him being excited. “No. what I meant is that y-you have the wrong person. You’re mistaking me for somebody else.”Sonic looks at him again knowing that he’s not wrong. “I’m not. It’s you. Right? You’re Chris. ….right?”“Again with Chris. No. My names Wally.”Sonic shakes his head and looks at him sad. “He was right about coming back different.”“What? What are you talking about?” He asks.Sonic looks at him, “It’s a long story but I think you should have Tails explain everything to you.”Wally shakes his head. “Am not sure. I have things that I have to-“ “Nuh-uh.” He interrupts him. “You’re not going anywhere without me. We’re heading back to town together to meet up with Tails.”Wally knowing he can’t get rid of him he agrees. “Fine. Looks like I can’t get rid of you.” He gets back into the truck as the passenger door opens entering Sonic. “So am Wally and you are?”“Am Sonic. Sonic The Hedgehog.” Driving back to town. “You said you were looking for me? Who are you working with?” He asks cautiously wondering if he’s with BOA or the Resistance.“Am not working with anyone but my buddy Tails been hoping to see you again.”“The only people I know it’s the people in this… what the f&%$?” He stops the truck and watches as the town is under attack. He hears the passenger door open. “You need to get to the landing strip quick.” Sonic tells him.Wally refuses shaking his head. “I don’t think so. I got to make sure my friends are okay.”“Am telling you to head-“ “And I don’t care what you say. I’m going to go find my friends like it or not.”“Alright Just be careful and don’t-“ an explosion goes off as Sonic turns to it. He turns to Wally giving him one last look and runs off.He sits in the truck staring at the chaos happening to the town, “This is not because of me… right? …Right?” He drives into town in hopes that he can find his friends.End of Chapter 2 Thanks for Reading.Next Chapter 3 BOA,FForces Chasing Memories Chapter 3Through out this story there is going to be ALOT
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Forces Chasing MemoriesHere is the Next series of chapters. Through out this story there is going to be ALOT of references to the last story. Please read the last series of chapters to get an idea to what means what. Each Friday I'll upload the next chapter.,FForcesHi, Thanks for stopping by and reading my firstForces Chasing Memories takes place after the war against Infinite. Sonic and Tails will be around more this time around but they ARE NOT THE MAIN FOCUS same goes for Sonic friends. They're around but they are not the prime focus.Chapter 1 contains 3273 wordsDisclaimer: This story Contains: Drama, Violence, Language and Humor.Thanks for Reading it and I hope that you enjoy it.And a major thanks for For helping me out to write and finally get it out of my head.Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are owned by SEGAChapter 1: Couldn’t Let Go.Dear Diary: It’s Tails. First EntryIt’s been well over three months since the battle. I can still remember it as it was yesterday. Knuckles is still the Leader of the Resistance. He could’ve stepped down from the position but he decided that it still needed him as much as ever. Sonic is back to his old ways as if nothing ever happened in the first place. He travels across the world helping out whoever is in need of help. He still avoids Amy but every time he comes back into town Amy is the first person he visits. I can see it in his eyes that he wants to tell her how he feels about her but he always chickens out. Amy on the other hands knows but she never wants to force it out of him. Amy settled down in a nice house near the entrance of the town. She said it’s the perfect spot. It be the first house Sonic would see when he comes back to visit and she was right. Silver has gone back to his future. I hope it’s turned out better for him. As for me? I created a maintenance shop to fix things and help people out. To keep myself busy and help keep my mind busy also. Nobody still knows what I tried to do. The only person that knows is… he’s---Tails closes the diary and pushes it away. He puts a hand on his head frustrated. “I thought this would help.” He gets up and walks towards the window that has a clear view of the Memorial Wall. “Never forget.” He looks at the sign that says those exact words on the memorial. “I’ll never will. I’ll never forget.” He hears a buzzer ring letting him know a customer entered the shop. He walks into the main room to greet the person but it turns out to be the mailman. “Hi Mr. Prower. Weird seeing you so quick.” He takes out a bundle of mail and hands it over. Tails grabs it. “Don’t call me that. I’m not that old yet.” Mailman laughs at him. “Is it really my fault that you still look like ten?”About to go through the mail he looks at him. “At least you’re not calling me kid.”The Mailman turns and starts heading for the exit still laughing. “You should take that as a compliment before it’s gone. See you tomorrow Tails.”“Goodbye.” He says as he goes through the mail. “Sonic, Sonic, …Sonic. Geez Sonic. Explain to me, why am I getting you’re mail? …Better yet, why are you getting more mail than me at my own shop?” Junk after junk after junk… “Huh? He lives? What?” He quickly opens it dumping everything to the floor. He starts reading it hysterically. “Someone’s messing with me?” He flips it over. “No return address.” He looks at the door. “What? The Mailman?” He runs out the door almost hitting someone. “Where is he?” Looking everywhere for the mailman. “HEY! Do you know where...-“ he notices the delivery car and rushes to it. He opens the door and sees no one in it. He slams the door. He turns around. “Tails, what are you-“ He quickly grabs him and slams him to the car showing him the letter. “Who sent me this? WHO?!!!” “Tails I don’t know what you’re talking about. Let go of me please. Gah, AHHh! you’re hurting me.” He slams him again on the car cracking the window. “TELL ME WHO-“ He gets tackled to the ground by security officers. “NO! He knows SOMETHING! Let me go. TELL ME! WHO?!”Tails gets picked up and put into a police car. “What was that all about?” The Officer asks the Mailman. The Mailman picks the note off the ground and hands it to him. “I don’t know. It has something to do with this. Don’t press any charges on him. It must have been some miss understanding. Just make sure you get in touch with Sonic if you’re going to do anything. I never seen him act like that before.” He says as he watches them take Tails away still hearing him in the car.Across the street is a crowd watching it all happen, a figure turns around and begins to walk away from the scene. He turns into an alleyway pulling out his phone. “Hello? It’s me. Yeah. He got the letter. No, that’s not what he did. He stormed out and attacked the mailman. Yup and because of it he’s now at the police station. I’ll keep watching and see what happens next. Pretty sure he’s going to show up to get him out. I’ll call back with more information on what happens next. Goodbye.” He puts the phone away and heads to the Police Station.In the Police Station Tails is in one of the holding cells alone laying down on one of the benches. He hears footsteps approach hearing a familiar sarcastic voice. “My oh, my poor Tails has turned into a delinquent and into a life of crime. Whatever did I do wrong?” Tails sits up looking at Sonic being overly dramatic. “The only award you’ll win is a razzie.”Sonic stop his skit and puts his hands on the bars. “What’s gotten into you that made you attacked a Mailman?”Answering shamefully. “A note he delivered to me. It was about …Chris.” Surprised by the answer. “What?” He gets up and walks to the bars. “Yeah. Saying he’s alive and he can be brought back.”“Was it real?”He pushes away from the bars and paces around in the cell. “I don’t know. There was no return address on it. What also didn’t make any sense is that a scientist knows how to do it but I don’t know who it’s referring to.”Sonic thinks about it and begins to nod. “A scientist? I think I know who it is.” Tails stops pacing and looks at Sonic happy. “Really?” He walks to the cell door opening it and stepping out. “Let’s go.”Sonic surprised by it. “You could’ve left this whole time?”“Not important. Who’s the scientist?” They both head towards the exit as Sonic pats his back. “We can’t just go straight to him. We have to pay Commander Knuckles a visit and ask for a favor.”Arriving at the Resistance Command Center by riding the Tornado. The Resistance Base was left the same way since the battle. Landing and exiting out Trish was the first to greet them. “Nice to see you again Sonic. Hello Tails. Why the sudden visit?”“Am surprised to see that you’re still here. We’re here to pay Knuc…Uh..I mean Commander Knuckles a visit. Is he around?”“I couldn’t leave. Without me who would keep this place in order? This place will practically fall apart without me. As for The Commander, he’s here and bored out of his mind since there isn’t any threats going on. Seeing you two will put him into a better mood.”“Of course he will… It’s us. Trouble is always just around the corner with us around.”Hearing that she knew something really important was going on. “Out with it. What’s going on?”Sonic chuckles. “Nothing gets around you.” He leans closer to her and says. “It’s about Chris.”Surprised by the answer “What? How?” She nods. “U-understood. Follow me quick.” She puts her hand on her communicator. “Commander Knuckles? This is Trish. Your friends Sonic and Tails are here to visit you with urgent news.”He quickly answers back. “Knuckles here, I’m on my way to the H.Q station.” “Wow! That was fast.” Tails said.“You should see how fast he gets there before we do. He just might be faster than you Sonic.”Everyone laughs along the way.She leads them towards the H.Q Building but out in the distance a light of reflection can be seen bouncing off of binoculars. “It’s me again. They’ve arrived at the Resistance as you said. No. I can’t do that. Why? That one chick keeps eyeing me. Yeah, looks like she’s in charge of the field. Heck no she scares me more than you do. I’ll keep watching and see what happens. Contact you later.”Inside the H.Q Building: “Hey Knucks, long time no see.” Sonic says seeing him in the center of the room.“What brings you two here, trouble I hope?”“Not really but we kinda need a favor.” Sonic said.Disappointed he asks, “A favor?”“Yeah, we need to talk to that scientist who held Infinite captive.” Sonic said.Tails looks at Sonic. “What? He did that?”“Are you sure you want to talk to him? After what he did to Amy and to you?” Knuckles bringing it up.Tails realizes who it is. “Him? He’s the one that did it?”Sonic crosses his arms and warns him. “Yup and he almost got me too with a lucky shot. Now are you sure you want to talk to him now?”“Yes. I still want to.” Tails answers back determined.Knuckles watching them talk, he figures out something important was going on. “What is this about?”Tails looks to Knuckle answering him, “Chris. We know that he knows how to bring him back.” Knuckles surprised, “Back? I thought he got killed on the battle field.”“No, he faded away just like Infinite did. So technically he didn’t. That’s why I need answers.” Tails says.Knuckles nods, “Okay. We’ll drag him down into one of the interrogation rooms. So sit tight for a bit.”One of the dark interrogation rooms, Colbort the scientist get brought in. They force him to sit and handcuff him to the table. Sitting there in the dark, a light finally turns on blinding him barely able to see who’s in front of him. “What do you want from me?” he asks.Tails speaks out. “Information. What do you know about the lingering particles that used to be around?”“The particles? Are you referring about Infinite?”Colbort answers.“Yes. Ever since they all merged together creating one big sphere. Infinite and Chris were both here still right before it vanished, Right?” Tails asks.Colbort knowing that it’s true he answers. “Riiighttt.”“So with that, that means there particles are still around since they didn’t have anywhere to go, Right?”He sits straight up and begins to connect the dots where this is heading. “Riiiight.”“We know that you know how to bring him back. Tell us how.” Tails demands.Colbort begins to panic and tries to get up to not answer but he couldn’t. “Y-you can’t…YOU JUST CANT!! If you do… YOU CANT!! You bring him back and you’re also going to bring Infinite back as well. Do you really want to put the planet at risk, AGAIN?! Risk so many people JUST FOR ONE PERSON?!Knuckles Hearing those last words he looks at Sonic feeling guilty. “I… said that once to someone and to this day I still regret ever saying it. You know what my answer is already.”Colbort lashes out again. “YOU’RE CRAZY! He might not even be the same as he once was. Being torn apart and put together would make you…-“ He looks out at the figures. “Someone different… or someone that won’t remember who you even are.”Tails hoping it isn’t true shaking his head. “If it wasn’t for him none of us would even be here right now. Chance or not… he deserves to be here.”Sonic looks at Tails, “I guess it’s agreed. Let’s do this. Let’s get him back.”Knuckles nods, “Alright.” He comes out of the darkness letting him see him, “Tell us what we have to do to bring back Chris.”Colbort nods trying to back away, “Fine I’ll tell you but these restriction placed upon me need to be lessen. I may not be able to leave but at least let me wonder around the base. Agreed?”He slams on the table, “ALRIGHT. NOW TALK!”He gives specific instruction on what’s needed and how to construct the machines. Tails writes everything down to the slightest detail making sure that nothing can go wrong. Sonic leaves after the first couple of seconds, “If I listen to him any longer my brain is going to explode. Am outta here.” Once he was done Tails leaves the room figuring out how everything works and how to start. He starts heading towards the Tornado.Trish chases after him, “Do you need any help?”He stops before entering the Tornado, “No, am fine on my own. I’ll head back to my shop and start working.” He starts climbing onto it and starts the engine.Trish quickly tries to reason with him, “You don’t have to. You have plenty of room right here.”Sonic rushes where they are hearing Trish and agrees, “Yeah. You don’t have to do it by yourself. We all want him back too.”Tails sits for a bit and turns off the engine. He nods, “Alright. I need a big room to work with and I also need all kinds of equipment and parts.Still off in the distance the figure still hides out of view. “It’s me again. He never left the base. He’s still there and looks like he’s going to build it at the base instead of going back to his place. Yes. Yes he’s still around too. I can’t, not with her around plus I can see everything fine where am at. This might take a couple of days from what I’m seeing. That’s right. I’ll contact you again once everything happens.” He Puts the phone away and looks through the binoculars looking right at Trish. …Trish stops and begins to look around… after a while she looks at his direction staring right at him making him drop the binoculars getting spooked. He then picks them up. “What the f&%$? …Is she a robot, …a psychic?”Day after day Tails spends each passing moment gathering and building the machines. One night after spending 54hrs with no sleep Sonic walks into the building finding him asleep. “Geez. You can’t be doing this to yourself.” He picks him up and takes him to bed and closes the door. He looks at the machine almost complete. “Rest up little buddie. You can’t be tired when you get to see him again.” In the morning he wakes up in his bed knowing exactly why. “Thanks Sonic. Now to get back-” he sees his breakfast. “After I eat then it’s time to finish.”Hours later: Knuckles gets a message from Tails. “It’s ready. I’m finally done.” He answers, “Great. Did you tell Sonic yet?”“Yeah. He’ll be here in a couple…never mind. He’s here now.”“Alright, I’ll announce it and also get ready with a welcome back celebration.”“Sounds great.” Tails answers back happy.At dusk everyone at the base gathers around outside of the building waiting for things to get going as Tails gets the last things ready to go. “Ready? Let’s do this.” He says with a big smile. He turns on the machine as the engines roar into action. “40%....still rising. 60% now.” Soon a purplish sphere begins to get created. “80% still not stabilized or big enough.” The Sphere gets slightly bigger and bigger. He starts getting excited. “100% it’s working. IT’S-“ The sphere starts the deform and brake down. “NO!! Bringing it up to 110%” Sonic gets concerned, “Are you sure about-“ Electrical sparks begin to shoot out of the machine. Looking at the machine breaking apart he looks over to Tails. “YOU HAVE TO STOP!!”“NO! IT’S WORKING!!” In desperation he brings it up to 125% as the machine breaks down catching fire.Sonic sensing danger he rushes over to Tails grabbing him and quickly leaving the building as machine after machine begin to fall apart ending with the inside of the building exploding.Everyone gets out of the away as debris fall right in front of them.Tails looks back after being released from Sonic watching the whole building on fire. “NO! all my calculations were right. I had it perfect. It’s like it was always meant to fail.”Knuckles approaches him, “Sorry Tails. It was a good try.”Sonic tries to cheer him up, “You tried. That’s what matters the most.”“I know, It’s just…-“ A tear goes down his face he quickly wipes it away. “Thanks everyone… *snif* but I think I’ll just go home now.” He walks away towards the Tornado.Trish tries to stop him. “But Tails-“ Sonic stops her. “Don’t, just let him go. He needs time alone.”They all look at him walk away as Sonic says, “He always felt the loss more than anyone.”He gets on the Tornado and flies off back to his shop at town.Watching at a distance he sees Tails fly away. “Hello? It’s me again. He tried the experiment and it didn’t work. The whole thing exploded ending in a complete fail. What? It was? I just saw it fail. How could it be a success?” He looks at the burning building being put out. “Sure. I’m on my way back for the 2nd phase of the plan.”Tails arrives back to his shop at town. Entering he slowly heads back into his room taking off his clothes he had on the entire time he was at the Resistance Base and goes into the bathroom to take a bath. He exits out and notices the diary on the table. Walking up to it he sits down and opens it to the first page. He stares at it for a moment and crosses his arm on the table shoving his head into them and begins to cry. “I tried. I really did try.”Clear across the ocean close to a forest is town called Nue Heaven. A figure comes out of the forest stumbling onto the road and stands there. Molly a 24yr old hedgehog who lives at town drives by almost hitting the figure she swerves out of the way and stops. From the shock breathing heavily she turns and looks. “What the?” She gets out and looks. “Are you nuts? Why are you on the middle of the-“ Seeing that he barely has any clothes on. “Oh shit.” She looks away. “Why don’t you have clothes on?” He doesn’t say anything. He just grabs his head in pain and says. “I’m…sorry.”Getting a better look at him “Are you okay? Did someone do something to you?”He whispers back in pain, “I don’t know.” “Who are you? Where are you from?” She says getting closer to him.“GAhh… I don’t know. I don’t know anything. I-I…-“ He collapses on the ground going unconscious.“HEY!! Oh Shit.” She runs up to him. “Wake up. I’m still here. Ok? Are you still with me?” She grabs and drags him into the light to get a good look at him. Checking whatever bit of clothing on him. “Nothing. No I.D or anything. Mid 20’s green hedgehog.” She looks at her car and back down to him. “C’mon. Up we go.” She gets him up and drags him to her car. “Damn, you’re heavy.” Finally gets him into the passenger seat and closes the door. Looking at him from outside she stands there before entering. “Please don’t make me end up like one of those horror movies.” She gets in and looks at him again. She finally drives off to town. “Don’t worry, we’ll figure something out. Try to find out who you are.”End of Chapter 1Thanks for reading.Next Chapter: Chapter 2 Six Months Later
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i was reccomended this group by a friend while i was asking for critique, here are some of my peices (if you could call it that)
  Yes, Shes Cute by Infernalboye   Venusrise by Infernalboye   Merry Christ-Caroling, from Nobelly by Infernalboye  
I hope for some critique just to work on my art & who i am as a person.
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Ay! love some critiques, my whole gallery's open. Here is a little sample so you can get so ideas of my flaws:
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I'd love to exchange critiques with anyone! I'm not in any way a professional artist though, so I can really just critique based on my own views and such.

If anyone would be interested could you leave a comment under the picture? I'm looking less for a critique of the art itself (as in technique etc.) and more of how to better make the DESIGN reflect what I'm going for! More info is in the description of the picture!
Critique Requested - Character Design by Midnight-Hyacinth

(Also I hope it's okay to put this here, because I wanted to put this in digital art, but it says the folder is full so I couldn't add it there :( )

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Hi new to Deviantart and I've been writing a story lately. in dire need of a critique on it if anyone interested in reading it. based on a video game that I was let down by the direction and the way the story was handled on it. so......I pretty much made my own up just to make myself feel better. kinda went a little overly dramatic with it and it has some bad language and violence in it.

if you're interested in reading it than thanks for reading it.
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Hello i am Henk thanks for the join i am looking forward to everything.

When is the meeting ?

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Hello, fellow creators. I need someone to critique a script that I posted. Also, it's an RWBY OC script. (I accidentally submitted it as digital art in case you can't find it.)  
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Hey there, I'm looking for a critiquer who likes to read fanfiction (both normal and crossover) is very knowledgeable in the backgrounds of cartoons and video games, and some basic understanding of reference finding if you fit all the criteria please message me.
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