What theme should we focus on in June?
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Traditional Art
Digital Art
Another Free For All

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YAY Literature is winning :D :boogie:
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what about a one month more in the spring?
I mean to wait that long is kinda sad...
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How about some poetry sometime? Maybe include "prosetry" as well?
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In August we'll have another free-for-all, to which poetry and prosetry are most certainly invited. :nod:

The next time lit comes around, we'll be focusing heavily on poetry. I want to get together with #theWrittenRevolution if I can and have a comment war. :giggle: More details later.
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A comment war with #theWrittenRevolution -- I better start hanging around here a bit more and read a lot more.

August. Good. And a heavy focus on poetry when lit comes around. Thanks for the heads-up :)