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All of those who have given feedback, written dA Critiques, or have even merely received them but have a feel as to how to approach a work and analyze it – this is the contest for YOU. Take a bit of time and brainstorm the steps you take to write a critique, write those down  - and voila!
:pointr: This contest is OPEN TO EVERYONE

:bulletred: Pertinent Places

2. Original Announcement
3. Updated Article with New Prizes and Deadlines

:bulletred: Contest Deadline

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow::lightbulb: At this point, 11 Guides have been submitted - 19 more slots open!!:lightbulb::bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow:

The contest opened on October 2nd and was set to close November 14th at 11:59pm PST. However, we are extending the contest deadline to encourage participation.
The Contest Will Close EITHER on December 1st OR when 30 Guides have been submitted.

:bulletred: How It Works

Entrants will write a critique guide - either in relation to giving critique in general, or to critiquing a certain medium (photography, literature, photomanipulation, etc).

A critique guide is an article outlining how to give a good critique. It can cover general critique tips, tips for critiquing a certain medium, and even ways to make your critique come across in a nice way. The guide should be easy to understand and provide solid advice to writing quality critiques.

Guides should be uploaded into the deviant's gallery. The artist's comments MUST contain a link to this journal. All guides will be collected in a folder in the club's favorites.

:bulletred: Rules for Entry

1. This contest is open to all members of dA. Critique-It staff may also enter.
2. All guides should be noted to the club with the subject line "CONTEST 2 ENTRY". Inside the note provide a link or thumb to the guide. Remember! All entries must have a link to this journal in the artist's comments.
3. Guides submitted to dA before the contest opening will be accepted as long as the artist's comments have been edited to include a link to THIS journal.
4. Only one entry per deviant for this portion of the contest.
5. All entries are due by 11:59pm PST on December 1st.

:bulletred: Prizes

Only one guide will be selected as a winner of this contest. The winner will receive:

:bulletwhite: The winning guide will be suggested for a DD by the Critique-It, as well as featured on our profile for One Month.
:bulletwhite: 1-year premium membership donated by Moonbeam13
:bulletwhite: 3-month premium membership donated by DCZed
:bulletwhite: 3-Month premium membership donated by drop-asd
:bulletwhite: 1-month premium membership donated by rlkirkland
:bulletwhite: 1-Month premium membership donated by noir
:bulletwhite: 1-Month premium membership donated by photoshop-tutorials
:bulletwhite: Full color drawing donated by Doodlee-a
:bulletwhite: Interview by MimozaBlooming (to be posted as conducted by Critique-It)
:bulletwhite: Journal features donated by: KneelingGlory, InklingsOfOblivion, Exillior, musicalmadhouse, PaperDart, choirsoftheheavens, GwenavhyeurAnastasia, Djoseph, SoraMidori, LateNightLady, drop-asd, MimozaBlooming, photoshop-tutorials, Hellobaby, PurpelBlur, TheFulkrum, mode-de-vie, HugQueen

:bulletred: Judging

Guides will be judged based on their overall quality, helpfulness, and usability. KneelingGlory will select the winner.

:bulletred: Entries

1. <a href=”…> Critique Guide by thepolishyogi
2. <a href=”…> Photomanipulation Critique Guide by izzmarit
3. <a href=”…> Photography Critique Guide by Lissa68
4. <a href=”…> Poetry Analysis by PaperDart
5. <a href=”…>How to write a Drawing Critique by Red-wolf-Ink
6. <a href=”…> Critique Guide by rosiecoleman
7. <a href=”…> General Critiquing Guide by NightIce
8. <a href=”…> dA Critique Guide by LucasVN
9. <a href=”…>Critiqueing Literature by timeraider
10. <a href=”thekingofqueens25.deviantart.c…>A Guide to Critique by thekingofqueens25
11. <a href=”…>An Introductory Guide to Critique Writing by kittykittyhunter

:star: Looking for Prizes! :star:

We will be accepting prize donations up to the contest deadlines. If you'd like to donate to this contest (subs, journal features, stamps, critiques, prints, dA merch, etc), please leave a comment on this poll. Thank you!

Questions? Leave a comment here and we'll answer them as soon as possible.

Happy critiquing!
The Critique-It Staff
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November 20, 2009


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