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Hello everyone,

As some of you may have noticed, this group has fallen into inactivity over the past few months. This saddens me because I used to be very involved with this group and it was the most useful place for me to get a critique. So as of this moment I hope to restart the group.

Some of the Guidelines will be the same as before:

:bulletblue: Only members may submit work to the group. To become a member click "join our group". All applications are auto-approved.
:bulletblue: One submission per month; all submissions are on first come, first served basis. If you run into trouble with the submission process, send a note directly to Charmed-Ravenclaw.
:bulletblue: Submissions must adhere to quality guidelines specified below.
:bulletblue: Submissions close if we reach 25 submissions.
:bulletblue: Once your work is submitted to the group's gallery, you have three days to constructively comment on another piece submitted in that period. Paste a link to your comment in the current blog. Failure to do so will result in your deviation being removed from the gallery.
:bulletblue: If you have made no effort to read the guidelines, I honestly can't be bothered giving you an in depth review as to why your deviation wasn't accepted. I will probably decline you and move on with my life. Life is short.

Quality Guidelines
:pointr: Your submission should be ready for an in depth critique, which means you should have done all that you can do to make it presentable. Submissions to this group should be in revision stage, ready for solid critique that will help you improve the piece or future pieces.

   :bulletblue: For Literature this means proper spelling and grammar & a clear plot, theme, or message.
   :bulletblue: For Traditional and Digital Art this means the work is not a mere sketch but is well developed. WIPs will be accepted provided you make it clear what direction you'd like to take the piece so comments can help you in that direction.
   :bulletblue: For Photography this means your work is not merely a snapshot but has clear artistic merit behind it.

:pointr: Your artist's comment must contain the group icon (:icon critique-it:, minus the space) and at least 2 specific questions regarding what you feel are weak points in the piece. If these questions are missing or are unspecific, we will reject your piece.

   Example of Artist's Comment:


   1. How can I improve the shading?
   2. Do you notice any issues with proportions?

However, I have decided to do away with the 'Media of the Month' thing. This is fine for some mixed media artists or jack of all traders such as myself but too few artists can participate every month. Therefore all medias will be accepted.

I have also decided to do away with the points thing for now. I'm not entirely sure if I have enough.

I can't promise I will be there to accept all submissions all the time but I will do my best.
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Submitted on
September 29, 2013