July 5 - 25: Digital Art

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:new: Our affiliates FeedbackFrenzy and ProjectComment are holding an all mediums critique chat event on Saturday, July 7th at 9:00PM GMT!
Get all the details here: PE Feedback: Chat Event! Open Critique + PointsThere will be a chat event happening in :#projectcomment:
(24 hours from now) focusing on critiquing and discussing your artwork!
Feedback Frenzy : Open Critique (Chat)
Critiquing through messages is one thing, but how about the group critique,
where you actually get to discuss your work with many people at once?
Saturday July 7th at 2:00PM PST (9:00PM GMT) and lasting 3 hours!
The floor will be open to submissions of art of all media, so when you go to the chatroom have a :thumb: ready for a piece you want critiqued (optionally you can participate as just a critic if you wish) and be ready to talk about the everyone else's art too! Here's how we run an open critique:
Each participant may submit ONE piece of their choice.
We will only talk about your work if you are present.
We'll be discussing one deviation at a time to keep the conversation focused.
This is open discussion, so everyone can talk at once! This way we can bounce ideas

I was a little surprised at how little Lit we saw enter the gallery last month. However, those that did enter also left some pretty great feedback, so thank you for that!

A few things around the community I'd like to bring to your attention:

FeedbackFrenzy is a new project that came about from projecteducate's Feedback Week! They're currently holding a feedback contest with some spectacular prizes. The best thing about the contest is that it focuses heavily on quality which is exactly what we love to see here at Critique-It! Signups for this round of the feedback frenzy contest are over, but keep an eye on the group because they're likely to do it again in a few months.

projecteducate has produced quite a few helpful articles about critique and feedback this week. All of them are in our favorites folders now, but here are some direct links for your convenience:

:bulletblue: How to Give a Critique
:bulletblue: ....But I Don't Know What to Say
:bulletblue: Critiquing with Resources

I highly recommend that you add projecteducate and FeedbackFrenzy to your watchlists as both groups will be invaluable resources in the future. :aww:

July 5 - 25: Digital Art

:pointr: If you wish to submit work for critique:
:bulletblue: First, read our guidelines. Any submissions that do not adhere to submission guidelines will be rejected.
:bulletblue: If you have work you feel is ready for critique, submit it to our Featured Gallery. Remember, the submission cut-off date is Wednesday, July 25th OR when we reach 25 pieces. Get your work in early!
:bulletblue: Comment on another piece in the featured gallery within 3 days of your submission. This is a requirement.
:bulletblue: Leave a direct link to your comment on this blog. FAQ #14: How do I create a link to a specific comment?

:pointr: If you wish to be entered in the points drawing:
:bulletblue: First, read our guidelines.
:bulletblue: Leave as many comments as you'd like on pieces in our <a href="Featured Gallery.
:bulletblue: Leave a direct link to each of your comments on this blog. FAQ #14: How do I create a link to a specific comment? Multiple links together is fine.
:bulletblue: Commenting ends on Saturday, July 28th!
:bulletblue: Remember: If you submit work this month, your first comment does NOT count toward the points drawing. You must make at least one more comment to be entered in the drawing.


Cleaning Your Lineart by lazydragon Tut: Center Line of Gravity by KrisCynical
Semi-Realistic Manga Eye Tutorial by MangaTips-Com Strokes-grade one by dracaena-akira


Results from June

:bulletblue: Charlene-Art's critique on Death to the Conspirator by LiliWrites
The language kind of does convey a feeling of time to me and at the same time it doesn't. The narrator sounds like a forgiving woman, which was considered a virtue back in those days and highly pressed upon. But the writing still feels modern to me - although I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it's because I'm expecting more formal ye olde speech or something. But at the same time, if you do that you might alienate your reader a bit.

The description of the scene does convey time a bit better - such as the mention of cobblestone floors. Initially my mind flashed to the Middle Ages - I guess it's because so many stories I've read are set in that time. I get the impression that its more of the Colonial times when I read the word "bonnet" - although that's towards the end of the story. I suppose you might want to slide a few more references to the time frame they're in a bit earlier in the setting.

:bulletblue: Braxton-T-Rutledge's
comment on Stop Sign by BlackNailpolishDays
I'm intrigued by the play on words of the title, and the object, with the internal struggle presented here. My problem is that the girl and her conscience do not address the real consequences of her actions. There is no case, no thought of the possible collateral damage of wrecked cars and ruined bodies, ended lives. There isn't even a thought of repercussion, just an endless conceit in which the choice exist in a vacuum. Granted, you don't have much room here, but there is a gravity to the actions taken, a good set of reasons to have this "conversation", but it seems as if the discussion is "should i stop skipping rocks on a pond or not?" rather than, "should i stop committing a federal felony or not?"

:bulletblue: xlntwtch's comment on Chapter 1 by illuminatelaughter
A pretty good start on what could be an interesting teenage tale. Why is there a rabbit here? (That's interesting!) Who's the guy in the blue shirt? What do Elle and Ray have in common, barring "Kindy"-to-high-school? What's Ray's little brother really like? Again, reading work aloud helps every writer know how readers 'get' the story. Good luck with this one, and thanks for posting it. Strongly suggest you write your story now. Leave the 'backstory, character traits, etc.' "documents" in the back of your mind.

:bulletblue: illuminatelaughter's comment on The Black Bag by xlntwtch
When I got near the end where you'd put in your descriptive phrases, my eyes just skimmed it, I don't know why because I was getting so into your story but when all those descriptions came up "Dancing, spinning, black, red..." it was a little too much. It had the feeling, I got the mood you were trying to bring across and that was pretty strong I just didn't get the picture in my head to go with it.

Thank you to everyone who participated! Since there were so few entries this round, 10 points go to every commenter. :)


Looking forward to Digital Work this month!
:wave: Lili

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No one commented on my work. :(
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Don't worry, I will!
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Thank you! :heart: I really appreciate it. :aww: I feel bad to be such a baby about it, but... I thought to speak up. I have yet to read your critiques, but I will soon. Thank you again! :hug:
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No worries - I go through some months where no one critiques my work :(
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:nod: I thank you again! :heart: Yeah, I can understand being stuck as to what to say.
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I answered two of your critiques. :aww: Thank you again for taking the time to give the pictures the critiques. :) I really appreciate it. I'll try to do the same for you. :heart:
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Awe thank you! No worries! I appreciate the effort in return
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Awesome, registered and entered in points drawing. :D
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Turns out the place I'm at does have the internet! Not gonna be able to be as involved in the group's activity as much as usual but I can do this!
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Registered. :heart: Thanks dear!
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[link] aaaand my comment c:
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Registered! Thank you. :heart:
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no problem c:
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Does Digital art include mixed media?
For instance, a manipulated photo?
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Photomanipulation does count, but it should be in the photomanip gallery, not the photography gallery. ;)
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Sounds fair =P
Thank you for clearing that up :)
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Thank you! :) I'll participate again soon!
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:wave: Thank you much for the points given for lit crit! :love:
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