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:bulletred: Club Stats

:bulletgreen: 18 New Members
:bulletgreen: 1 Completed Critique
:bulletgreen: 18 Contest Entries
>> 10 <a href=”…>Critique Guide Contest
>> 8 <a href=”…>Critique Contest

:bulletred: Club News

:bulletgreen: Please welcome our new staff! Tijgerkat, SaraSchool, Lady-Silver-Hand, and Sepulchral-Roses are new to the Misc. and Traditional Art critic teams, and MissMorticia has filled the open General Admin position. Thanks all of you for your time and effort to help the club and your fellow dA members!

:bulletgreen:Critiques are open for Digital Art!</a> I’m also opening the last Misc slot to a Lit piece, preferably poetry. All slots are first-come, first-serve basis, so make sure you note the club with your requests ASAP. Also, please note a <a href=”…>change to the request procedures</a>. All requests need to be submitted to the club by the 15th of each month to ensure that our critics have enough time to give a quality critique.

:bulletgreen: Our two contests have extended deadlines</a>. Both now close either on December 30th, or when we’ve received 30 entries – whichever comes first. We’ve got ten entries to the critique guide contest, which can be viewed in <a href=”…>this collection</a>. We have 8 entries to the critique contest, which are being kept under wraps to ensure integrity.

:bulletgreen: We’re planning a workshop night for the end of the month.  We’re very excited about this because it will give all of you, the members, a chance to give feedback to each other in a live setting. Keep an eye out for the informational news article due to be released early this next week.

:bulletgreen:Our <a href=”…>community update journal</a> is filled with great improvement and critique-related news from all over dA. If you have something to add to it, do note the club or leave a comment on the journal.

:bulletred: Tutorial of the Week

Each week we'll feature a helpful dA tutorial. If you'd like to suggest one (even your own) feel free to note the club. This week's tutorial was found courtesy of ArtistsHospital's Hospital Library.

Tutorial : Creases and Folds by KealeS
"Creases and Folds"
by KealeS

This thorough and easy to follow tutorial gives tips and advice for drawing clothing, which is something I noticed lots of our critiquees need help with. Check it out and get some practice in!

:bulletred: News from our Affiliates

:bulletgreen: Live-Love-Write announced the winners of their "Create Your Own Character" Contest. They've also launched a Interviews Project.
:bulletgreen: Voting for Traditional-Artists' Seven Deadly Sins Contest ends on November 9th. Their Tutorial Contest runs till December 31st.
:bulletgreen: project-improve has some November Writing Challenges for all the lit-ters out there.
:bulletgreen: GimmeFeedback has implemented some rule changes that you'll want to have a peek at.
:bulletgreen: photoshop-tutorials discusses Photoshop, now and then and asks what your favorite tools are.
:bulletgreen: DEVIANCE-ZINE released their 5th Issue with a Halloween theme. Do make sure to have a peek!

Have a great week everyone!
Happy Critiquing :wave:
-The Critique-It Staff
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Eil Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2009
The link to the collection of guide entries doesn't work :crying:

Tavenlee Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2009
In the last weekly update, it said that the contests were open until December 1st, or until 30 entries. It now has the date as December 30th. Is that correct?

KneelingGlory Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2009
The 1st is correct.
Critique-It Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2009
Ach! I meant to say that Crit requests are open for Traditional Art, not digital art. ^^;
MissMorticia Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2009  Student General Artist
It happens to us all :huggle: :giggle:

Yet another great News bulletin!
Critique-It Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2009
lol, thanks :love:
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