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:iconcritique-it: is here because some of us in the art community really love to give critiques to other artists. Some of us do it because we love viewing art and giving our opinion of the piece. Others do it to help artists grow. It is our small way of contributing to the art of those who inspire us with their pieces. And for most of us, it is a great joy to see an artist take our constructive advice and use it to better their art.

Today, I want to honor the progress of :iconsyrrhaal: for this very reason!

I just became a critic for this group within the past week. I have been working on several critique projects since then. One of the pieces that caught my eye in the Digital Art folder was +the.unseen.war.WIP+ by :iconsyrrhaal:. This was not a piece I would normally take interest in based upon my tastes, but because it was very complex and looked like it needed some help, I stepped in to critique it.

:iconsyrrhaal: had done many things right in requesting a critique! He had written in the comments on the WIP that he wanted particular areas focused upon: lighting, shadows, figures (anatomical and perspective) and putting the entire image together. So when I saw that someone else had given a critique as well, I decided to focus upon those elements he'd asked for very heavily.

I critiqued it hard (…) and gave as much advice as I could, including links, resources, ideas and the offer to keep communications open between me (a willing critical eye) and the artist.

Now this is exactly what :iconcritique-it: is about! Progress! Improvement! And the wonderful resource that a willing critic can be to the artist who choses to make use of those willing to help!

I would like to present to you today, the WiP that was critiqued for :iconsyrrhaal: followed by the finished piece which is just marvelous!



Bravo to :iconsyrrhaal: for making excellent use of the critiques and advice given in response to the request for help to really improve the quality of a piece he obviously cared about very deeply! A year-long work in progress turned into a beautiful final piece! I admire and applaud the use of lighting and the details that were corrected as well as the excellently executed horizontal flip, which helped to draw all eyes away from some of the original flaws, and allowed the artist to step back a bit (as a flip tends to make you see something from a different angle!).

In the end, :iconsyrrhaal:'s message is clear, the art is fantastic and :iconsyrrhaal: has become yet a better artist for the experience!

In celebration of this, an EXCELLENT example of how the critiquing process SHOULD be used to improve art in this community, I would like to honor :iconsyrrhaal:'s lovely gallery with a few feature selections:
:thumb163936905: :thumb163035521: :thumb168985975:


I sincerely hope that this wonderful success story will encourage more of you to submit your work in progress art when you are feeling you need some help and allow we critics to help you figure out how to improve! We don't mind at all! In fact, we wouldn't be critics here at :iconcritique-it: if we didn't LOVE giving critiques! Please submit your art to the appropriate folder and let us help you grow!(Also: tell your friends about :iconcritique-it: and share the love with them!)

:iconarshnessdreaming:, Digital Art Critic, signing off!
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Submitted on
June 27, 2010