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1. What are you on dA for?

I am on dA to show off my art, literature and other arts, meet people who share interests in the same things I do, learn on how I can perfect my art styles, and get critiques on what people see as good, and what they see i can improve.

2. Who is your favorite dA member and why?

My favorite dA member doesn't exist because I adore everyone on my watcher's/friends list. I am very social and can't pick one person over another, they all bring me joy.

3. Tell us a bit about yourself!

I am an aspiring writer/novelist, other art artist, and very social person. I have been diasnosed with several mental illnesses but I have overcome those labels. I hope to prove that no matter how much 'hell' life gives me, I will keep going and get stronger.

4. Why did you join *Critique-It?

I joined *Critique-It because I know there are many artists in this group that I might can help and hope they will return the favor. I also find that the critiques offered here can apply to more than just the receiver's artwork. I joined to become more social and to learn more about how things can be improved. I also support constructive criticism, and think this group is a great example of how to do it.

5. What is your favorite piece from your gallery? Why do you like it so much?

Right now this piece is my favorite: CE1 Halloween Angel

I like it because it shows my OC Lucatia in a very OOC pose, costume, and so on, but she isn't really upset about it. I like the way i blended the colors and used traditional media very well. I think as I learn more about my art and style my favorite piece will change, it often does.

6. Do you give critique? Why or why not?

I do give critiques because I feel they teach others and myself how to communicate and grow in their style. I do not insult people because their art is different or considered lesser, I encourage them to keep working. Everyone has an artist inside that needs to be let out; insulting that only hurts that person and the beauty they could express, which in turn, hurts the entire world. Sort of the butterfly effect...

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I must say, good for you! I feel pride for ya. :D
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