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1. What are you on dA for?

Well, many things. There's never a single reason for why I'm on dA! Mainly though, I'm here to post my writings, inspired from life outside dA or the prompts and contests on dA, and to get critical feedback on my work. I'm also here to make friends, since this is a great global community with many people who have the same interests. Recently, I've been on dA to help others and promote underappreciated art (mostly literature, since it's my speciality) such as being a News Co-ordinator for *simplyprose and a prose admin for *DailyLitDeviations. I also help out at *ProjectComment. So, if you require any help, note me! :)

2. Who is your favorite dA member and why?

Hard question. To say one person would do injustice to every other brilliant deviant I've met and talked to. So I'm going to settle for *IrrevocableFate, =bekkia and =3wyl, mainly because there are such inspiring people when it comes to helping out at the community. I'll throw in ~HumbleNewb too, mainly because we have great conversations. =p If this wasn't about dA members, I would mention all my real life friends here too, but I'll just keep it simple and stick to the question.

3. Tell us a bit about yourself!

I could go on forever. =p Basically, I'm a writer who prefers prose but also writes poetry. On the hobbies side, I like playing the piano, listening to classical piano music, indulging in Asian (especially Chinese) food, history, psychology, science, reading and of course writing. Let's not forget soccer too. I'm pretty sporty and like all sports except netball. I am a strong advocate of British English, but I don't disparage others who stick with U.S.

4. Why did you join *Critique-It?

I joined this project because I thought it was a wonderful project that seemed destined for the stars when it comes to getting critique. Hopefully, I can participate actively in this club and get some of my work critiqued.

5. What is your favorite piece from your gallery? Why do you like it so much?

Another hard question. There are several pieces I like from my gallery, and to show that they're all in the featured section of my gallery. There are some I like which others don't, and there are others that people like which I don't. =p But to answer this question, a piece that I like, AND has received quite a bit of positive response, is "Dreamers".

I like this piece so much because it discusses the theme of dreams in a different way, in the form of a conversation between mother and daughter, and I like how well I portrayed my characterisation in that piece.

6. Do you give critique? Why or why not?

Oh, yes, I do give critique. It's been a recent thing, since I had doubted my own ability to give critique. I thought that my experience in the technicalities of writing were inadequate and to give critique without that knowledge would be woeful. However, over time and learning, especially on dA, I have learned a lot of things that I apply in my writing and seek to help others apply in their writing to make it better. Like writing, critique for me is based on "inspiration striking", so sometimes I go on a mood for critiquing other people's work and sometimes I'm not in the mood at all. However, I seek to improve that inconsistency. =p I love giving critique once I'm in the mood though, because I feel as though I can help the community in some way, and I do enjoy helping people very much, and I am very happy whenever my points are implemented and that they appreciate my help. That is often the case for me, which spurs me on writing critiques for a community that deserves it.

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Great interview! Up with British English! *air-punch*
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