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Member: booleann-angel by Critique-It Member: booleann-angel by Critique-It

1. What are you on dA for?

To post art, to communicate with other artists. To find that sense of camaraderie that exists between like-minded people.

2. Who is your favorite dA member and why?

I have to choose? I guess I would have to say :iconblackandbleedingrose:

This young lady is a writer, 18 years old, and I find in her writing a sense of maturity for someone so young. She is very expressive and able to evoke strong emotions. Much of her writing is melancholy, yet expresses those feelings of sadness that we all feel at times. I believe she has such as a writer.

3. Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hmm where to begin.
I am a seeker. I need to know the answers.
Communication is very important to me. So much so that for over 20 years, I worked in that field.
I consider myself a writer. I have kept journals for years. I have written some poetry, and also about some memories from my childhood. I participated in NaNoWriMo in 2005 and completed the 50,000 word "novel" in 30 days. I am also a fractal artist which I enjoy very much. I am 58, a mother of one, grandmother of 4 and great grandmother of 2.
Is this enough?

4. Why did you join *Critique-It?

Two reasons actually. I give critiques, as it is, but also feel that I need to know more fully how to critique in the proper way.

I also saw the contest about writing the critique guide and thought this would be a great opportunity to learn, and also a great challenge.

5. What's your favorite piece from your gallery? Why do you like it so much?

This piece of art, is the first piece that I felt came from my heart, that I had found my "style" of creating art.

It is also the first and only print I have sold. It hangs on my wall. It was a gift for my birthday from another artist and my sister.

6. Do you give critique? Why or why not?

Yes, I do give critique.

I enjoy being able to express what an image, or writing says to me. I am not unbiased or objective when it comes to giving a critique. I don't feel that I give a critical evaluation from a technical point of view.

My critiques stem from the impact that an image, or writing has for me. I feel art is an expression of who we are, of our emotions, of our soul, that art is the subconscious revelation of those things.

While hardly being a "critic" in the true sense of the word, I believe I can see things at times, that would benefit the artist to perhaps look at their art from a different point of view.

As an example, if the artist has used a large and ornate virtual frame and that frame attracts the eye of the viewer, so much so that the image has to "compete" with the frame, revealing that fact may cause the artist to reconsider using a smaller frame or none at all.

Well,I hope this isn't too much! If it is, I could edit it :faint: and make it shorter.

We hope you enjoyed this interview. Please spend a few moments browsing *booleann-angel gallery!
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November 10, 2009
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