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1. What are you on dA for?

I am on DA to share my art, to enjoy the art of others and to make myself a better artist. Also, since half a year or so I've been on DA to meet new people who are like-minded.

2. Who is your favorite dA member and why?

I can't say that I have a favourite DA member. There are a lot of artists that I admire. But I guess if I really need to pick one I'd have to say *mjranum (or *mjranum-stock) because of his wonderfull contribution of high quality and very original stock images to the community. There are a lot of stock artists which provide high quality stock, there are quite some artists that provide really original stock, there are a few that provide both and there is only one that provides so much of it. And with such free rules as well.

3. Tell us a bit about yourself!

My real name is Aljona, and I'm 21 years old and have lived for almost all my life in The Netherlands. I started seriously with art since I was 17/18. I've enrolled into an art school after high school, but had to drop out in the first year due to personal reasons. Since then I never gave up on my art though and continue to work on it in my free time.

4. Why did you join *Critique-It?

I really like the critique option here on DA since it was introduced. The only thing is: it is quite rare to recieve a critique on DA if you don't have like a million pageviews, and if you recieve one (or see someone else recieve it) it's not a fair critique most of the time. People critiqueing are way too soft on eachother and 9/10 times I wonder how on earth a common deviation, or a sketch even, can recieve 4 stars. I wish it wasn't possible for a deviant to reject a critique on their work. It should be as normal comments and be reported to the moderators if it breaks the rules. I think more critiques would be given then and especially more fairer critiques.

5. What's your favorite piece from your gallery? Why do you like it so much?

I would have to say We are building the Future . Ever since I saw that factory and it's name I've been fascinated by it. To obtain this picture I had to trespass on that property, because it's such a ruin it's not really safe to walk around there freely. I was in the neighbourhood because of a birthday (it's in a town 3 hours by train from my own) and was dressed up nicely in a dress and very high heels. I was very proud of myself that not only I was able to get there, I also made it in one piece without making my clothes dirty :lol: The lighting that day was perfect and I love how there's a bit of lens flare going on in the picture. I made the shot with my analog fisheye camera which I only had for a day, so it was really exciting to find out how the pictures would turn out. I was really afraid I might have done something wrong somewhere and the whole film would be black, but thank god everything turned out quite okay ^^

6. Do you give critique? Why or why not?

I have given two critiques myself. They were for pieces that really impressed and amazed me. I would like to give more critiques though, only usually if I want to critique something, they don't have that option made avalable or I'm not sure if they want the critique. If I see someone explicitly asking for help or critique (and don't have sub) I do it, but otherwise I don't want to waste my time on giving a good critique if it's going to be ignored.

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