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Member: Ailedda by Critique-It Member: Ailedda by Critique-It

1. What are you on dA for?

To share my work with the community, to appreciate the wonderful artists around here and to receive critique and comments that will help me improve my work.

2. Who is your favorite dA member and why?

Well, that's not easy to say because there are so many artists I admire...but I guess I could name a few...`KevLewis , =MichelleRamey and ~RichAllen for their water drops art, *lady-amarillis for her beautiful photo manipulations and as for photographers, I would say =magnesina, *laura242, =Hanafae and =rav777...but these artists are just a few...have more in my fave gallery.

3. Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Delia, I come from Romania, married and have one son and currently living in Germany. In the moment, I am looking for a job training as a photographer. With a bit of luck, I will find one for next year. Other than this, my life is pretty normal. :D

4. Why did you join *Critique-It?

I joined hoping that I can get some constructive critique on my work which will help me improve my photographs.

5. What is your favorite piece from your gallery? Why do you like it so much?

Oh, my favorite piece...I have more but is my favorite because it was almost my first work and I really love the colors and the lighting.

6. Do you give critique? Why or why not?

I don't usually give critique because I am not so good with words, but when I see a piece that jumps in my eye then I might critique it...^^

We hope you enjoyed this interview. Please spend a few moments browsing =Ailedda's gallery!
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November 3, 2009
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