Critique of Midnight Card Games by DeBratski

Hi there! saraschool here from Critique-It to critique your work! I would like to start by saying that this piece is very creative and intriguing!

Now to jump right in; you voiced a concern for the shading in his hat... I personally think the hat is shaded quite well! Perhaps more folds in the "ear" parts would help, particularly where it curves over, and around the base of each "ear." I'm not too sure if these "ears" (sorry I don't have a better word for them!!) are meant to flop down with gravity or be a little stiff and stand up. It seems to me like the one closest to the viewer (his right) is naturally flopped over, but the one in the rear (his left) seems to stand up on its own. I'm not really sure if anyone would notice that without really looking for it, but I thought I would mention it to you.

Moving on; his face is gorgeously done. I adore his expression, very mischievous! And his shoulders and neck are also very nice. Now, his front arm, in the bicep area, looks a tad short to me, but again I think that is not particularly noticeable. However, the back arm is noticeably off.. Do you man for him to have his hand on his hip? Currently it rests about at his ribcage, which is a very uncomfortable position. You are on the right track with the perspective involved in this arm, but it needs to be lowered. The shoulder would not stick out as much, you would see bicep and forarm, and the hand might not be visible, or barely visible.

As for the cards, they look to me to be too floppy. Cards are stiff, they don't flop over the way these cards seem to. Specifically the cards in the devil's hand, the cards seem to get smaller as they go into his hand. I realize you don't want to draw the cards as just flat, unshaded boxes, that would be boring. Instead, to assist in shading, perhaps think about how cards curve when you hold them; the middle of the card is depressed, and the edges are curved up.

Lastly, on to the background. I am terrible at backgrounds myself, they are tricky and risky. However, the background you have now takes away from the characters, specifically the hazy mist behind the devil. I suggest something dark, so that the devil stands out more; currently he blends in with the background a little bit.

One final comment; the clothes on the left side of the composition make it a tad unbalanced. perhaps something, a plate, some fabric, on the right to equalize this weight.

Hope these comments have helped! Happy drawing to you!
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