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July 5 - 25: Digital Art
August 5 - 20: Free For All
September 5 - 20: Photography
October 5 - 20: Traditional Art

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Our Mission

At Critique-It, we believe constructive feedback is one of the mainstays of deviantART's thriving community of artists and writers. We feel that the exchange of information and knowledge is just as important as amassing :+fav:s and :+devwatch:s. And, we feel that every deviant, regardless of symbols, can and should participate in that exchange.

Our mission is to facilitate that exchange through concentrated commenting efforts that focus on improvement, encouragement, and education.

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How to Win Friends and Influence Deviantart Part 1
*Title stolen from a well-known and favourite book of mine
Part 1: Submitting with POWER
I know there are a million "how to be popular" guides on DA and a million more parody versions of them. This article isn't about becoming popular, or starting drama or racking up pageviews as fast as possible for the sake of seeing a larger number.
This article won't make your art better, or make you more a more popular personality. However, what I've noticed is that many artists are missing out on feedback and exposure that they should be getting if not for a few common mistakes. Time after time, I've read on Artist's Confessions, or just browsing through members' personal journals that their gallery doesn't recieve any traffic and they can't improve because they're not getting any feedback. They feel like their lack of popularity is a personal statement. That their art isn't worth looking at. This is entirely untrue.
Hopefully this will help you, the underexposed artist, to b
:iconrobynrose:RobynRose 901 318
Crit Ticks for the Critics
"He has the right to criticize who has the heart to help." - Abraham Lincoln
You've read guides, you've heard the propaganda, and now there's no going back. You've decided: "I want to write critiques too!"
Looking out over the gray expanse of dA, you spot a poem. Or a photograph. Or a juicy piece of digital art, and you know exactly what you want to say. Or maybe you don't, but you slog through, making the effort. And voila! A click and you navigate away, grinning, imagining the artist's delight when the deviant opens his or her message center upon the next log-in.
You left a critique, whether as a "critique" or in a comment box, but, as is inevitable in all short stories, something goes very very wrong. A mere day after you clicked submit, you receive a hurt and snarly reply informing you that you are a horrible-horrible person, and a shallow one at that. A literary terrorist, even, or a photographic floozy -- a wannabe painter who should
:iconnycterent:nycterent 243 125
The Hard Work of Poetry
Poets are constantly crippled, creatively. It's the way it works. You write a line and, just now, right now, it seems like it's the best line in the world to date. It's a shiny, beautiful line, a thought, an image so remarkably profound that you are in awe of yourself, or (if you are a seasoned poet) in awe of that angelic being which sits on high in your mind and occasionally drops little scraps of poetic manna into your head. Now, you only need to write a poem around it.
And fail.
Because the poem takes over, sprouts a million legs and scurries in directions you had no real intention of it going – and now the Wondrous Line of Glory and Poetic Win doesn't fit. You have to either change it or take it out and save it for another poem. Or make it a haiku-like short poem on its own, so all those other words don't assault it again. If you're an experienced poet, you'll probably just store it in a .txt file or on a post-it note somewhere and lament it until you're old and nothing matte
:iconsalshep:salshep 348 237
Typographic Anatomy by morowhitewolf Typographic Anatomy :iconmorowhitewolf:morowhitewolf 713 164 Deviant Guide: Good Responses by bringbackart Deviant Guide: Good Responses :iconbringbackart:bringbackart 385 111 Deviant Guide: Good Comments by bringbackart Deviant Guide: Good Comments :iconbringbackart:bringbackart 1,754 779 Tutorial : Creases and Folds by KealeS Tutorial : Creases and Folds :iconkeales:KealeS 1,064 70 Critique Meter Suggestion by Rahll Critique Meter Suggestion :iconrahll:Rahll 24 107 The Critique by usedtoit03 The Critique :iconusedtoit03:usedtoit03 13 9
A collection of tutorials from around dA about critique and improvement!

Group Info

Critique-It was founded for two purposes: 1) artistic development through in-depth feedback and critique for ALL mediums, and 2) to be a hub for all things improvement related in the dA community. We offer our members regular updates about improvement projects and challenges, contests based around critique and improvement, and updates about the going-ons of our affiliated clubs and groups so that everyone is always in the loop about everything!
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1,598 Members
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Members of Critique-It,

It's not easy to give and get feedback. If it was easy, we'd all be giving and getting a lot of feedback. It wouldn't matter if the feedback was comments, critiques, :+fav:, :+devwatch:, exposure - you would get lots of it on every piece of artwork you uploaded.

The sad reality is that doesn't happen on DeviantArt. If it does for you, awesome - this message isn't for you. For the majority on this community, though, our art barely gets seen, let alone faved or critiqued.

That's part of the reason why ProjectComment was created. Like many comment/critique/feedback groups, ProjectComment was made to give you the comments you deserve.

Every single one of you deserves one comment. That has been our unwavering belief since 2009. But, it's not enough to exist on belief. What do I mean by that? Well, nobody can get comments if nobody gives them.

Instead of dividing a community filled with aspiring artists between groups that are no longer active, join us today at ProjectComment. Join us in uniting our community, supporting one another, and fighting against the lack of feedback that can be seen everywhere on DeviantArt.

Take note: I'm not offering a magic button, or a genie in the bottle, that will grant you every kind of feedback you desire, whenever and as often as you wish. That's fantasy - it doesn't exist in reality.

What I am offering is a platform, that has existed for more than 8 years, so that we can come together and support one another. If you're not interested in helping your fellow artist who is in the same exact position as you, don't bother.

I'm not saying it's going to be easy. It's going to take a lot of time, effort and more, but together... we make a difference.

Join Us At :iconprojectcomment: Today

:points: Support our mission by donating to CommentOutreach here. Small or big, every little bit helps.

And if, at the end of all that, DeviantArt isn't for you...

Join Project Art's Discord Server Now

It's a social and fun place to chat about art, discuss projects, give and get feedback, participate in exciting daily/weekly/monthly events, and a lot more. :heart:
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snipcritics Featured By Owner May 3, 2022
on you can choose parts of an artwork and critique those directly
Theyellowbell Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2021  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The person named peveral424 is someone I want to make you aware is an insane and random abuser. Someone watching you on Deviantart.
He talked to me and asked .response, this is what they said to me and I could tell they were a troll somehow instantly just like their friend.
He talked to me and asked .response, this is what they said to me and I could tell they were a troll somehow instantly just like their friend.

The following text looks like some sort of gaslighting and narc behavior; Your ableist rhetoric and victim charade are almost as laughable as you are as a person. I see you have selected yes, and as such I shall proceed to perform my work in the name of Fair Use.
Good night, and good (riddance) bye.

I don't know why after I was so badly and randomly abused by his friend who goes here on Deviantart as well talked to me this way but I figured people might as well see the real person that they are. I don't know if this user is he or she technically but you get the gist. His friends user name was PurrpleTiger and I can't be sure much else but all I could do is block this person. Please do the same or just be aware this person is capable of for some unknown reason randomly targetting people like his friend and I don't know how to report it so both have been blocked but feel free to report these people for me if you get the chance or feel like doing that for any reason at any time.

No one deserves to be talked to this way and like it is normal. Stay safe.
hopenalive Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Wyvern (finished) by hopenalive   Rose ann lovely (my oc.) by hopenalive   dragon eye. by hopenalive  i would love some critique im a 15 year old.
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Rocket (2019) (not free 2 used) by IrisBlue16  
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