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Chest buster Doom Guy

I guess shrinking the doom guy wasn't a good idea.

Doom belongs to Id Software

Update: I turned on the mature content filter for violence
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Reminds me of a scene from The Thing 1982.
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Doomguy presence detected! Lockdown activated!
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Can't fault him on his logic.
Sindisa's avatar
No matter how many times I look at this it always makes me laugh, Doomguy's face sets me off every time. It also always reminds me of the movie Spaceballs.
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ItsFurryGuy4542's avatar
CAN'T...STOP...LAUGHING!!!! Awesome :)
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I probably should set it on mature content.
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nice universe... where human are demons and their presidents, barons of hell :D
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Lets hope the Alien King isnt Duke Nukem
INFECTEd13's avatar
hahahah in the opposite side of the galaxy there's a sci/fi horror film called "Human". Awesome.
CriticalHitSam's avatar
We may be terrified of them aliens, but in reality, they're just as terrified of us.
TehStupidBunny's avatar
That's the most adorable Doomguy I've ever seen
legendofspyroXcynder's avatar
Just looking at the Cacodemon is priceless. :XD:
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And it must stay in Id Software where his place :)
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