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Well, this photo was taken right after my touch up, thus resulting in it looking rather raw and sore.

I got it done at least 2 month or so back, at Skin Label Studio/ Skin Label Tattoo Studio? in Singapore.. Haha, anyways, this guy by the name Alan did it for him. I felt comfortable with him so all\'s good. haha!

the process was really more or less an endurance test..
an interesting experience! haha! and the people who say it doesn\'t hurt are just simply full of bullshit.
Initially, it didnt hurt much.. then the pain started building up, and then sometime halfway through the session, it started to hurt like a sore bitch. and some time later, it kinda gets slightly better, and honestly, i don\'t know why. I think my body kinda received the message that i do not want to give up this session and have to come back another time JUST BECAUSE I COULDNT BEAR THE DAMN PAIN. HAHAHA! So i got it done in one session and a couple of weeks later, i went back to get it retouched. And boy am i glad!

I love it! I did it to commemorate my papa, who passed on 2 years + back.. I miss him dearly, and i feel so damn alone sometimes and even presently, i still yearn desperately for his presence. I need him with me to assure me that everything\'s gonna be alright and that regardless of whatever that\'s incoming, good or bad, he\'d guide me through it all, the suspense or the anticipation. And sharing my sorrow or my elation in the aftermath. And also, for me to seek comfort from him or simply bask under the glow of his pride.

I miss you very very much, papa.
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