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After a long time, I'm back again with a new work. I'm trying to set and keep an illustration style, so I did this flamenco dancer using the techniques in vector I've been praticing for some months.

Sketch posted at my blog: [link] Well actually I changed a bit from the sktech :)

Cris (new website)



Depois de um longo tempo estou de volta com um novo trabalho. Estou tentando estabelecer e manter um estilo de ilustração, então eu fiz essa dançarina de flamenco usando as técnicas em vetor que eu tenho praticado por alguns meses.

Cris (novo site)

Sketch postado no meu blog: [link] Bem, na verdade o final mudou um pouco do sketch..:)
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Oh my gosh you did this in Illustrator! The colours go great together, you can feel the music radiating off of her clothing. I can't imagine how many points this took. The shading is amazing, the depth is awesome...I wish I had something to say, this is what you should get better looks gorgeous to my eyes. I think the ruffles in the clothing is just outstanding. My focal point right off the bat is her hands. I love the positioning. It must have taken you a long long time to do this. Great job again, amazing, keep up the work!
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This work of art is astonishing! May I use it in a school work about Andalucian culture?
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So wonderful and I just adore the way you played with the colors.
I saw this on a journal feature, and I knew I just had to come and leave a comment, because this deserves one :heart:
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Wonderful! I love the way you made the skirt swirl around and fill up so much of the picture, almost as if the dancer is dancing with a dragon or some other fiery creature.
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Elegant Work...... :nod:
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Amazing... This is... my god. This is perfect! Great job!
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This is gorgeous!
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I love this drawing, may I please feature it in Facebook? (JL)
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yes but put a link to my portfolio:
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I love the colours, and the flowing ruffles.
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Incrível, eu amo o flamenco
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I love the movement in this! :)
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Love flameco...great and colorful piece of art.
This is Absolutely Beautiful.

How you managed to make it look like its just a few strokes, yet feels like a thousand.
So simple, yet so complex.

Thank You
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Beautiful! Love the warm reds and oranges!
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Amazing detail, like always.
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While the human qualities of your pieces are pretty amazing, I'm even more amazed by the details of the non-human things like the dress. That dress execution is nice!!
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thanks I'm trying to be better drawing humans :)
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I love the strokes and the 'roughness' in it. She is like a flame getting into your screen...
The best part is the whole dress and especially skirt for me. I can't stop staring at it! Maybe because I want to own it, too ;)

One thing, and this has nothing to do with your skills because this piece is flawless. I think she looks so concentrated and I think her expression would look even better when her expression was like totally giving in to the dance and the flamenco passion instead of thinking of how to do her next step! I hope my english was clear enough to explain it well... ;)

Wonderful job!!!
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yeah I understand you... well the expressions are really hard to do. I tried to keep the focus in the body and the dress.

thank you for your comment.
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Great job anyway :D :love:
And it's a pleasure, you have a great gallery! :)
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