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July 7, 2010
The suggester writes: "Say "No" ... to Smoking by *CRISTYNNA-NECROPOLIS came from a simple idea: to make a photo that revolves around the concept of "saying no" to something unhealthy, like smoking. I believe it gets to the point quite effectively and even with a little humor, which is rare in that kind of photos/adds/whatever you want to call it. I'm a smoker and I loved it, I hope you do too."
Featured by Shalora
Suggested by Helewidis

Say 'No' ... to Smoking

Update: I want to thank you all that faved this, I appreciate it a lot, althought to be hones this is very weird.... that I got a DD on this NOW as this photo is 2 years old. + I only noticed this today :P. I opened my deviant page and first I saw a request for a DD club and I was like huuuh? I don't have any Daily Deviations. The I saw I had 2554 feedback messages.... and I was like What??? where teh hell did this came from.... and then I saw.... I couldn't believe it.

Now I''m gonna write what I answered someone so to clear up some aspects: "Believe me I am kinda shocked of why this photo got a DD all os a sudden and it's 2 years old, the thing is that it's not so well made (I had less experience now nd now I could make one looking much better) but I must admit the ideea is pretty good. Also I saw many times photos that got a DD that weren't so well made and I've seen photos that won contests just for their content and not the way they were executed."

Made for a sort of a school project: "Say No (to smoking, drugs, human trafficking etc.)" l.

I, personally, am very anti-smoking. I actually hate smoking... because of a lot of reasons.

I mean I know that most people like the color black more than pink... but that doesn't mean your lungs have to be that way...

And I Hate the fact that a lot of kids, adolescents and people smoke because it's "cool" (lol) or to look interesting and to fit in some groups...

[Many thanks to Maria and Ionella :aww:]
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QuantumInnovator's avatar
I have one question.  Why is this cigarette eager to be smoked?  Doesn't that cigarette know it's going to be lit on fire and destroyed?  Do death row inmates eagerly await their executions?
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
No, I won't have anything to do with you, smoking. I refuse to be in a toxic relationship!
SpaghettiSultan's avatar
The only time I'll light cigarettes is when I'll use them as kindling! :kiwf:
mdizzle999872's avatar
Cigarette: Baby please!! I need my cancer stick inside of you!

that was bad. I'm sorry
baqiyyahh's avatar
This means warby baqiyyahh

 used your art to take revenge :P lol
SallyAcornLover4Life's avatar
Beautiful Blue Jeans Girl! :heart::heart:
Every smoker should stop smoking, especially when a wonderful girl like this is showing and telling you to stop it. :rose:
ShrimpyMiyo's avatar
"Lets talk to it maybe he's a nice guy?" no but seriously no smoking
Sanctria's avatar
This wonderful piece was featured here: Smoking smoke! :la:

Have a beautiful day! :D
Yes, because cocaine is much better.
Xeno-BSS's avatar
ZukoLovesMe's avatar
Smoking's not good, man. Thanks for understanding!
belsart's avatar
jajajajaja thats so funny i dont know why
flamefireheart12's avatar
i always say yes to free hugs... though i dont want cancer :|
SiiJaay's avatar
"And I Hate the fact that a lot of kids, adolescents and people smoke because it's "cool" (lol) or to look interesting and to fit in some groups..." BRILLIANT SAID !
hinchen's avatar
"Shoot me in the Lungs and I'll snarl and spit nicotine tar at you from the bulletholes."
- Spider Jerusalem.(Chain Smoker; Transmetropolitan)
WaitingForEuphoria's avatar
LaNich's avatar
Great work! Well done!
Snizer's avatar
I absolutely love and agree with this. Many people around me have said that they started smoking just to look cool, but in my eyes it looks only ridiculous. :O_o:
MannieTheLeopard's avatar
love it x3 this photo is awesome :3

and yes, smoking is bad and smells awful D:
KinjiraretaNingyou's avatar
Dariuchka's avatar
Yep that's right I am going to print out so big and post it on the balcony's door where all my family (except me) smoke
bonbonnie's avatar
Hello, this piece has been featured here:

aupre's avatar
just love cigarettes
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