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Am I doing it right?  by Cristosius Am I doing it right? :iconcristosius:Cristosius 2 0 Just met Iron Man  by Cristosius Just met Iron Man :iconcristosius:Cristosius 2 4 Meanwhile in Bucharest...  by Cristosius Meanwhile in Bucharest... :iconcristosius:Cristosius 1 4 New hair cut by Cristosius New hair cut :iconcristosius:Cristosius 1 2
A Conversation With A Fairy --- Part II
     16 berries later, she finally stops eating and looks at me with a small smile and says:
     “You are really strange. Usually humans get scared when they see a fairy. You don’t. Why not?”
     “Call me a particular mistake.” Big yawn “Anyway, did you eat enough?”
     “Yes I did, thank you human.”
     “Your welcome. Though, here is an advice.”
     “Yeah. Next time you want food from someone, don’t stand on their nose. Some get scared, others get annoyed.”
     “Is that so?”
     “How should I know? It’s not like I read peoples mind.”
     “You really are a strange human. What’s you name?”
     “Brad. Rhymes with brat.
     “Oh. Very w
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A Conversation With A Fairy --- Part I
      Working the night shift… that’s the last time I’m going listen to my parents for a job, even if it does pay well. Work at a prestigious restaurant, all nice and dandy; being worked over 10 hours every night like a dog, not my cup of tea.
      Just laying down on my sofa at 6:30 in the morning, makes me think that I need to get me a life, socialize with the general crowd and so on and so forth.
      However this morning is not like all other tiresome mornings. As I speak, my nose is lightly touched, by a fairy. No! You are not reading anything wrong. I am, as you are reading this, lightly touched on my nose, by a fairy, who for some reason is currently standing on my nose, and is quietly looking me dead in the eyes as if I had something stuck in them.
      In general, I am a very calm and well collected person, and not many people can surprise me with, pretty much an
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4 Faces + Accessories by Cristosius 4 Faces + Accessories :iconcristosius:Cristosius 0 4
An owl with a locket
"Hmph, pathetic." I hooted. It's been a few years since I was given the ability to move and I keep flying.
I am an automaton, I was originally built as a decoration, but years passed and I was thrown away. Typical human behavior.
Left to rot and rust. Is what you thought. But I was taken by surprise when a little girl found and brought me to her nest. The child was a like a little fairy.
She grew up, taking care of me, polishing, cleaning and washing me, some days or nights she would bring me on her little walks. I enjoyed the little walks.
One day in autumn, something went wrong, her parents were horrendously screaming. She was scared. She picked me up and we hid under her bed.
Someone opened her door. Silence. She hugged me. She was trembling.
"I know you are under the bed, child. Please come out." A man's voice. Very old.
"No!" She yelled. "I don't want to."
"I know you don't" he said patiently "but your life is in danger."
She didn't say anything. He kneeled and lowered his head. A
:iconcristosius:Cristosius 3 16
4 Faces -  The Morning Edition by Cristosius 4 Faces - The Morning Edition :iconcristosius:Cristosius 1 4
Angel, Human, Demon
The Angel with the harp was singing
For the Human who was dancing
While the Demon was laughing.
He was dancing
It was true
But the reason
They never knew. 
The Angel sang
With joy in its heart
The Demon laughed
He laughed hard.
And yet they wondered
Who was this Human?
For what reason did Human dance?
Was Human maybe in a trance? 
The Angel jumped off a cloud
Near by a tree
To see the Human closely.
“Did you fell in love with me?"
Asked the Human happily
“Cause if you did, I’m afraid
I’ll have to run away”, Human said.
With a smiling face, the Angel lied by saying:
“I’m afraid you are mistaken.
I came here by chance
When I saw you dance.”
Then the Demon crawled out of a hole
Smirking, as if knowing all
“Tsk, tsk, tsk, Angel dear
Why do you lie, to the nice Human?”
“None of your business, Mister Demon
It is my own right to speak today,
For tomorrow will be yours.”
And when the Angel turned,
The Human was g
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4 Faces + Interactions  by Cristosius 4 Faces + Interactions :iconcristosius:Cristosius 0 4 4 Faces by Cristosius 4 Faces :iconcristosius:Cristosius 0 16 Love by Cristosius Love :iconcristosius:Cristosius 0 0 Strength - Weakness by Cristosius Strength - Weakness :iconcristosius:Cristosius 0 0 Worshiping the Moon by Cristosius Worshiping the Moon :iconcristosius:Cristosius 0 0
Modern Man
This right here is a long quotation from one of America's Greatest Stand-up Comedians, George Carlin. Title: Modern Man
"I’m a modern man, a man for the millennium, digital and smoke-free, a diversified multi-cultural post-modern deconstructionist, politically, anatomically, and ecologically incorrect.
I’ve been uplinked and downloaded, I’ve been inputed and outsourced, I know the upside of downsizing, I know the downside of upgrading. I’m a high-tech lowlife, a state-of-the-art bi-coastal multitasker, and I can give you a gigabyte in a nanosecond.
I’m new wave, but I’m old school, and my inner child is outward bound. I’m a hot-wired, heat-seeking, warm-hearted cool customer, voice-activated and biodegradeble. I interface with my database, and my database is in cyberspace, so I’m interactive, I’m hyperactive, and from time to time, I’m radioactive.
Behind the 8-ball, ahead of the curve, riding the wave, dodging the bullet, pus
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7:15 a.m. by Eumenidi 7:15 a.m. :iconeumenidi:Eumenidi 50,477 3,689
Subject Matters: Dark Science
Learn how science fiction helps build better monsters in film, literature, and beyond!
This Article Is Sponsored by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Science Fiction in Horror and Fantasy
Author: eawood Header artwork by: vladmrk
When one thinks of creatures that lurk in the realms of horror and fantasy, an often overlooked detail is how science influences their creation and how action and adventure bring their narrative to life.
Take the case of the Mummy, an age-old concept of fear of the dead coming back to life. To the ancient Egyptians, mummification itself was a form of science rooted in their religious beliefs. While Universal put a fantastical new spin on this iteration seen in 2017’s the Mummy, it still kept true to the roots that scare
:icongo:GO 999 1,179
The Lord of the Rings by omarito The Lord of the Rings :iconomarito:omarito 8,577 690 Occlumency by Picolo-kun Occlumency :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 10,470 240 THE NIGHT IS STILL YOUNG SUGAH by Sabrerine911 THE NIGHT IS STILL YOUNG SUGAH :iconsabrerine911:Sabrerine911 124 9
Vixy News Update Recent
Hello there! Your Vixy has been super-busy with her Sexyfur commissions which is why my Gallery is rather... ummm... 'light' this month sorry guys and gals. In the plus side though, your Vixy can now be found in the IMVU chat program! That's right, your vixy can be found in a virtual chatroom hehe. Just send an invite to LucianaSylvana and that's yours truly. Just pop a message to say who you be on here and I shall be happy to add and chat to you there in a more relaxed environment *chuckles*.
Health: I've been good lately, had a bit of a grumbly stomach last week but I think I figured out it's cause. If I drink too much cola and eat a certain potato chip (to my UK friends, crisp) snack called Space Raiders by KP Foods... it makes me ill so shall stop doing that hehehe. The odd little sniffle here and there but otherwise, I've been good.
Social: One of my friends outside here has moved into her new home in Swansea from her native Scotland and I can't
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arkham knight genesis cover by nebezial arkham knight genesis cover :iconnebezial:nebezial 9,357 302 Ed Edd and Eddy_Best friends forever by aulauly7 Ed Edd and Eddy_Best friends forever :iconaulauly7:aulauly7 1,899 131 Land Dragon by NOEYEBROW Land Dragon :iconnoeyebrow:NOEYEBROW 205 8 Custom Arctic Aequis: Cardinal by pallanoph Custom Arctic Aequis: Cardinal :iconpallanoph:pallanoph 909 47 Adramus Character Sheet by LadyFromEast Adramus Character Sheet :iconladyfromeast:LadyFromEast 141 47 Ghost Kiss~ by Cremebunny Ghost Kiss~ :iconcremebunny:Cremebunny 533 140 Little Family - HBD Dracogotgame! by Cremebunny Little Family - HBD Dracogotgame! :iconcremebunny:Cremebunny 355 110 Chibi Drarry - Bae Fishing by Cremebunny Chibi Drarry - Bae Fishing :iconcremebunny:Cremebunny 203 50 Angelene by zenibyfajnie Angelene :iconzenibyfajnie:zenibyfajnie 2,659 108 Damiara La Chartreux: Cosplay Kitty Nude by Claudija
Mature content
Damiara La Chartreux: Cosplay Kitty Nude :iconclaudija:Claudija 15 15



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I am a nice guy
I like making Friends.
I am not good with drawing, but I think I make nice Photos.
I like to see other peoples drawings, photos, lit etc etc.

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╚╩╩═╩═╝if you give free hugs


After more than a year of absence... I am back from an intense medical battle


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