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Anbu Vest Tutorial

By Cristophine
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A friend asked me how to make an Anbu vest for cosplay, so I made a tutorial for everyone. This is my first tutorial so all suggestions are greatly appreciated. It's kinda big, sorry 'bout that. Oh and I didn't have any in-progress pics of the vest I made, so I drew 'diagrams' instead. If you have any questions, feel free to note me or email me at ^_^

Note: This is by no means the best way to make this, it's just how I made mine.

Here are some examples of how other people's vests have turned out after using this tutorial :)
:iconanimedude455: [link]
:iconsnarf447: [link]

Naruto and Anbu vest design (c): Masashi Kisimoto
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I'm pretty sure the loops on the back are for swords or something, but I'm not sure about the front ones
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 I have a question about the quilt batting
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I'm so glad you actually put batting in it. Looking at other vests they look so thin and it doesn't look right. This tutorial helped me out a lot! Thank you!
Oh, and there are larger buckles out there. I managed to get my hands on some that were 2'' wide, so the straps looked a bit better. 
But other than that, good job!
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Directions too complex. Dick got caught in the ceiling fan. Q~Q
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Oh my God you just made my day.

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imma go as anbu this con cus first time cosplaying and time isn't really something i have so this would be simple to do.
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Thanks, this'll be very helpful!
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dude this is sooo better than buying :)
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my mind isnt good the visualization part of making clothes, and I was wondering if there was any particular parts of the tutorial, that arnt obvious, that I would need to change if I were to change it a bit.

but let me tell you how I would make it if i were to make it now. what i want is for you to correct me, or offer suggestions on how this could be done more effectively.

1. change the material so I don't put batting in it (because I know it can sometimes become climpy and there is no way to reach it once you've sewn it up. I was thinking something just thicker to begin with (like the consistency of a sweatshirt)

2. I thaught I would make it longer and then roll the bottom part up once and sew it where my waistline should be (i thought maybe hiding a buckle belt behind it that was sown in through slits in the fabric that would not be visible this is so the lower half of the vest could look more fitted to the body)

3. where the first picture of the vest is in your tutorial, I thought I would put a zipper along the "b" line and have the zipper be in front

4. Im also going to make it grey (I dont know why everyone makes it white. the tv show and naruto wiki clearly says grey).

well anyway send me a reply please:)

for the life of me I cant think of what those belt loops are used for on the waist in the show lol
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I'll try my best to answer your questions but it's been a long time since I've made this haha

1) If you cut the batting so that it is sewn into the seams, then it won't move around and get clumpy but by all means, if you can find a thick enough fabric then that will work just fine as well!

2) Rolling the hem up like that works just make sure the fabric you are using is stretchy so you can get in and out easily

3) You can put a zipper in the front if you like. I based my vest off the pictures from the manga and since there was no zipper on the picture, I didn't use one. Another option is to put the zipper on the side seam so that the zipper pull is under your armpit and that way it won't be seen!

4) You can make it whatever colour you wish! You can even adapt it and make a beige one like the sand ninja use. Like I said, I made mine a long time ago and I based it off the manga image. I also kind of like the contrast of the white with the dark ninja clothes, but yeah, any colour can be made.

I honestly don't know what those loopy things are for either lol When I wore mine, I tried using them to tie a kunai to but it didn't work very well.

I hope I answered all your questions (sorry it took me so long to get back to you!) If you have any more, don't hesitate to ask! I'd love to see your finished work when you are done :D
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Thankies so much :party: You don't know how much you've helped me :dance:
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how do you do the arm guards???
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You can do the arm guards with craft foam. Just do a search for craft foam tutorials and you'll find a bunch! It's quite easy.
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What is this...Batting stuff? is it like ripstop fabric?
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Batting is like stuffing but woven into a mat. It's usually used for quilts to make them thicker. If you go to the fabric store and ask for quilt batting, they should point you in the right direction. I've even seen rolls of it in Walmart near the stuffing (if you have a Walmart nearby).
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The thing is, Im in Australia, so we dont have a Walmart...but I guess I can try my local Spotlight Fabric store?
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Good luck! Any fabric or quilting store should have it really
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Oh yay! thanks :D
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