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SnowTunes - iTunes OS X theme



UPDATED DEC 22 - SnowTunes 3.0 has been released!

SnowTunes Firefox skin [link]

Blog: [link]
Twitter: @stevelyb


Check the FAQ for any questions you may have.

After much much work, version 2.0 is here...
This is a stable, and huge update to the SnowTunes project, one that eradicates the vestiges of Aqua, and one that aims to build on what's become a very pleasant surprise for myself as a first time themer. :)

Enjoy iTunes system-wide, with a hint of iLeopard!

IMPORTANT: This is a Snow Leopard (10.6.x) ONLY theme. Do not install this on Leopard (10.5.x)


This is SnowTunes, a port of iTunes's UI to Mac OS X.

Included or inspired, from iTunes, are:
-Gradient window texture
-White list headers, highlight colour and scrollbars
-Rounded search field
-Toolbar buttons (in the style of iTunes play/pause buttons)
-Matching Safari and Firefox themes
-Progress bars to match scrollbars
-Knobs/sliders implemented in Finder icon view (equalizer and volume)

Special thanks in readme. :)

There is an FAQ also included, along with the readme.
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gotta try playing around with Lion theme on KDE4 used Mac myself back when i had my first Mac a Power Mac G3 tower. think it ran MacOS 7.x versions before MacOSX came out. running Linux today, had enough of Mac. more control of the system to the user.