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SnowTunes - iTunes OS X theme

By cristomac24
UPDATED DEC 22 - SnowTunes 3.0 has been released!

SnowTunes Firefox skin [link]

Blog: [link]
Twitter: @stevelyb


Check the FAQ for any questions you may have.

After much much work, version 2.0 is here...
This is a stable, and huge update to the SnowTunes project, one that eradicates the vestiges of Aqua, and one that aims to build on what's become a very pleasant surprise for myself as a first time themer. :)

Enjoy iTunes system-wide, with a hint of iLeopard!

IMPORTANT: This is a Snow Leopard (10.6.x) ONLY theme. Do not install this on Leopard (10.5.x)


This is SnowTunes, a port of iTunes's UI to Mac OS X.

Included or inspired, from iTunes, are:
-Gradient window texture
-White list headers, highlight colour and scrollbars
-Rounded search field
-Toolbar buttons (in the style of iTunes play/pause buttons)
-Matching Safari and Firefox themes
-Progress bars to match scrollbars
-Knobs/sliders implemented in Finder icon view (equalizer and volume)

Special thanks in readme. :)

There is an FAQ also included, along with the readme.
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this is funny cuz it got made in 2009 but looks like lion lol

can be used on windows pc?
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is this for windows or mac?
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This is a Snow Leopard (10.6.x) ONLY theme.
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WOW WOW!! Holy shit dude you totally fixed my computer with this! I had Magnifique a while ago and it screwed up my beautiful mac big time. I've just put up with it for ages and then you had this solution all along!

Also, damn beautiful theme! Thanks :)
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how to install
juanizg's avatar
can i download this on lion?
how do i uninstall it back to aqua
LuuGFX's avatar
i really like it, but how do i uninstall it?
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There's an uninstaller included in the installer apps.
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Love this theme. I was wondering, could you do one where the text in the menubar is red?
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I'm off Snow Leopard, so development for SnowTunes is likely over. ;)
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You could fiddle around the Extras2.rsrc to change the text colour yourself if you like.

Check out the wiki on [link]
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J'essaye de désinstaller en utilisant les uninstallers mais ça ne fonctionne pas et impossible de revenir au thème original. HELP!
cristomac24's avatar
Ca marche pas encore, ou t'as reussi?
Witt10's avatar
J'ai réussi, j'ai réussi. Merci bien! Mais ton thème est génial ;)
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030 very nice ! *hits download button*
Anyway to fix this: [link] and this: [link] ?
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Yes (sorry for getting back so late) - it's a bug with the installer.

You need to manually copy the SArtFile.bin you're installing. Take a look inside the installer DMG's resources, and find the one you're installing (they're classified by either highlight colour and/or menubar style IIRC).

Then manually copy it to the SArtFile.bin location (which should be in a text file in each of those directories)

Let me know.
Nevermind, fixed it by re-copying the SArtFile.bin
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Hah, I just posted that! Nice job figuring it out. :)
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