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the observer.

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self. (pentax k3 & broncolor Siros 800s)

other work: demons. by Senju-HiMeone life. by Senju-HiMeadvena. by Senju-HiMe
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Excellent work!
I love the colours, make-up and concept.

Not sure about the placement of the glass as I think I'd like it to be closer to the nose and not as tilted possibly. But that is a tiny, minor detail.

The fish it brilliantly innovative!

I really enjoy the wig and how it compliments the lips.

Moreover, the angle of the face is truly perfect!

I can't help but wonder how this would look if the lady was wearing brown contact lenses. Not that this colour isn't suitable, on the contrary.

Also, are these scratches on the lady's collarbone? just wondering as they are visible.

Lastly, I love the freckles!
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You, the observer, are observing the fact, which you term as being lonely. Is the observer different from the thing which he observes? It is different only as long as he gives it a name; but if you do not give it a name, the observer is the observed. The name, the term, acts only to divide; and then you have to battle with that thing. But, if there is no division, if there is an integration between the observer and the observed, which exists only when there is no naming - you can try this out and you will see - , then the sense of fear is entirely gone. It is fear that is preventing you from looking at this when you say, you are empty, you are this, you are that, you are in despair. And fear exists only as memory, which comes when you term; but when you are capable of looking at it without terming, then, surely, that thing is yourself. So, when you come to that point, when you are no longer naming the thing of which you are afraid, then you are that thing. When you are that thing, there is no problem, is there? It is only when you do not want to be that thing, or when you want to make that thing different from what it is, that the problem arises. But if you are that thing, then the observer is the observed, they are a joint phenomenon, not separate phenomena; then there is no problem, is there? Please, experiment with this, and you will see how quickly that thing is resolved and transcended, and something else takes place. Our difficulty is to come to that point, when we can look at it without fear; and fear arises only when we begin to recognize it, when we begin to give it a name, when we want to do something about it. But, when the observer sees that he is not different from the thing which he calls emptiness, despair, then the word has no longer a meaning. The word has ceased to be, it is no longer despair. When the word is removed, with all its implications, then there is no sense of fear or despair. Then, if you proceed further, when there is no fear, no despair, when the word is no longer important, then, surely, there is a tremendous release, a freedom; and in that freedom there is creative being, which gives a newness to life. To put it differently: We approach this problem of despair through habitual channels. That is, we bring our past memories to translate that problem; and thought, which is the result of memory, which is founded upon the past, can never solve that problem, because it is a new problem. Every problem is a new problem; and when you approach it, burdened with the past, it cannot be solved. You cannot approach it through the screen of words, which is the thinking process; but when the verbalization stops - because you understand the whole process of it, you leave it - , then you are able to meet the problem anew; then the problem is not what you think it is. So, you might say at the end of this question, "What am I to do? Here I am in despair, in confusion, in pain; you haven't given me a method to follow, to become free." But, surely, if you have understood what I have said, the key is there: a key which opens much more than you realize if you are capable of using it. - Krishnamurti, The Collected Works, Vol. V Ojai 4th Public Talk 24th July 1949
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Yeah! I choose this photo as a favorite one 'cause it is well created in terms of colours, the contrast between the face and the fish, the lens-effect of the water ni the cup... The idea the fish in the cup transmits.
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Hermoso, hecho a mano?

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You create great photos!
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Beautifully crafted as per usual. Outstanding.
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Awesome wig and lipstick!! :D
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beautiful work
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me gusta la expresion en su cara, interepreta una historia!
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Impressive! A toast for a kiss perhaps? ;) (Wink) 
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Wonderful work!
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Awesomely creative, congratulations!
that is such wonderful work, the lighting, editing, the fish is a nice touch. well done.
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