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Satire. I love that word.


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This is a very beautiful piece but there are a few things I would like to point out.

I do wish there would have been something on her chest as far as color goes. On the face you have the white broken up with the make up on the eye and then the lips and mouth. The face works very well because the mouth is open and it breaks up the giant white area. On the chest though it is just a huge white area with a few shades of grey/skin tone. This causes problems only because the cheek area is about the same size. So you have two very large white ares in the piece. Perhaps if you had the hair curve over the shoulder or just a small strand break up the chest that would have also greatly affected how large it actually looks.
Also while I'm talking about the hair, the strand off to the left is very strait and it makes it look like the image is smaller then it really is. On top of that it makes the chest area stand out more and it also helps it compete with the cheek and face which is suppose to be the focus. Like I said before, even if a small strand of hair had been draped over the shoulder and lightly spread out, it would have broken up the chest and added a slight curve allowing the actual edge of the photo to be the edge rather then the hair.

On a much lighter note, the eye area, regardless of the chest, is most certainly the focus. It is the first thing the viewer's eye goes to because of the color that you used. It is still a reddish pink, but it is a lighter color of the highlights in the hair. It works very well with this piece. The bold black lines used on the eyebrow and around the eye also emphasizes the eye area. The actual eye itself for me isn't the first thing I notice. I notice the eyebrow line first and then look down to the makeup above the eye and then the eye. It is a very quick process though so I wouldn't touch it. I didn't even notice that the line above the eyebrow caught my attention first until I started critiquing it. I personally like the process of getting to the eye. You notice the eye itself in much more detail then if your eye went to it right away.

Once again this is a very beautiful piece. I continue to look forward to each new submission you post.
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Can I use this as a ref? ;oo?
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For some reason, it makes me think of dragons! :) Lovely<3
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Dat makeup. Just...great idea and well done. :D
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One of my favourites. I love this. :D
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Well that is certainly interesting. But very pretty!
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Such a strong piece! Great work!!
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"Kill Them" led me here.
The contrasted colours along the natural contours of your face displays an effect that could be described as otherworldy -or I could just be a little too imaginative-

I couldn't agree more with BloodlyNBroken, that there is an overabundance of uninterrupted white. But above the chest the photograph can leave one to their imagination. And your description contributes to that quite nicely :)
you do some seriously cool shit with make up completely changes the way you look
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God I love your work!!!!
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Oye esa foto es increible. Cómo consigues materializar todos esos conceptos.

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I love how strong the eye color and the brow structure. What type of make up or paint did u use? If I may know of course. :3
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that's a kwel design
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You are so stunning!
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You are such a genius with makeup. Do you have any tutorials on applying it?

I absolutely love the eyebrows. I can't even..
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this looks awsome! :batty:
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