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even in death it grows.

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In ugliness there is beauty
in despair there is hope
in agony there is joy
in death there is life.

always there.

This is not a manipulation. It's all make up


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Canon EOS 1000D
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1/128 second
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28 mm
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Oct 28, 2011, 6:10:02 PM
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This is one of the most strangely beautiful pictures I've seen in a very long time! The concept is unique and amazing! The stage make-up is that of a professional level, as well as the level of the photography. You did a marvelous job with the lighting and focus, helping to draw attention to the flowers. And I couldn't even begin to imagine how you did the make-up~!

The message behind the image is amazing too. Some people only strive to create a photograph that is interesting, but meaningless; but you, you have both meaningful and intriguing~

The only thing I saw that was kind of unusual was the angle of one of her shoulders. It seemed a lot higher up than the other one.

Overall: 5 Stars
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The signature is, from my personal point of view as artist myself, exactly where it was supposed to be! Because if I had any god to believe I'd say just "OH-MY-GOD"!


You're just 16yo as I noticed reading... well... I couldn't allow myself all the instruments and technology to totally express my creativity and eventual talents apart pencils and few other fine arts stuff... and also inspirations to come up with artworks like your photos did spread so much by now that seems a lot easier for a teenager to express such a great talent nowadays.
But, as a matter of fact, most of your artworks are a 'jaw dropping' assault to my eye and a challenge for brain's sanity {jealousy and envy are dangerous maladies}.
I talk warmly to you as only another artist or a big brother {I'm 38yo} only would do inviting you and encouraging you to never and I mean just never stop doing what you're doing, never stop to grow up {improve} as a woman and, most of all, as an artist. Your works already lead you to that direction. Just a suggestion... try to express yourself also with old fine-arts techniques and tools more than with photography and photoshopping. It's just in your own interest only. And for the fine-arts' sake!

Your talent is heart-warming.

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There is only one word for how impossibly striking this piece is, and that word is GORGEOUS. Just incredible, incredible work.

I think one of the strongest parts of the photo is the use of color. The faded red-to-burgundy and the insightful use of browns just gives the white daisies more power as they're surrounded by the decay. Another truly astounding thing is the very makeup itself--usually, with photos with such drastic makeup, I can visibly spot the dividing line of what's real and what isn't; however, I must have stared at this picture for a full three minutes but I can't for the life of me spot any discrepancy. Whether the photographer did this spectacular makeup job or if someone else did, well done, you!

The only thing I would say that isn't along the lines of "OH MY GOD" is the fact that the signature is right in the middle of the picture. It really takes away from the overall tension of sloping neck and shoulder, which are one of my favorite parts.

Really, truly astonishing job. Very well done.
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I really love your work, Cristina.
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Love the message! So much beauty in evil and evil in beauty. From destruction comes life!! <3
I think this picture portrays the essence of the inner conflict we all have when looking at the apparent contradictory juxtaposition of Beauty, which is linked to Life, and Decay, which is linked to Death. One is alluring, the other is repugnant. We are secretly afraid of the implication of what it means to acknowledge that even something as distasteful as Death can indeed be beautiful, in one or many ways.

I remember looking at an atlas of forensic pathology from 1975 (Gresham) in a university library. It presented a very candid, uncensored view of Death in a variety of its forms. One of the images was a close-up of the feet of a female corpse that had been "submerged in water for several days" (according to the figure caption). The photograph immediately captivated me. The subject's feet had been carefully posed for the close-up, one elevated on a high wooden block, the other left to overhang the edge of the porcelain autopsy table, so that both were fully exposed to the lens. The feet clearly belonged to a dead person, as the skin had an almost waxen appearance, mottled faintly by congealed blood. The soles were macerated from being wet for a prolonged period, and the skin was starting to slough away in some areas. The dead skin glistened with moisture that reflected the light of the flash bulb in the instant that it went off. But, the same light of the flash also captured, in lurid detail, the verdant, almost iridescent, hues of green, intermingled with abstract speckles of brown and white, that represented lush colonies of algae and other microorganisms that had blossomed on the dead substrate of the feet, growing over the skin and in between the webbing of the toes, filling the crevices between the toes with a thick, slimy, living paste. It was Life growing out from Death.

The image was quite disturbing on multiple levels. Yet, I couldn't help but be mesmerized by it. There was a whole ecosystem of microscopic organisms thriving and breeding on the moist, dead skin of a human corpse, and in doing so, had spontaneously produced a gorgeous work of natural art, on a scale no longer microscopic but readily appreciable to the naked eye (and discerning to the photographer's lens). And all of this as a byproduct of Life doing what it was naturally intended and driven to do - that is, reproduce - creating an image so visually striking to behold that the tantalizing beauty inherent in the otherwise grotesque subject matter was both undeniable and inseparable from it.
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hey, i want to show you my painting of this piece!
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I made a painting inspired by this (credited you) :
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So beautiful work :)
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This is beautiful. I love that saying. :)
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The Zombie apocylapse ...For hippies?
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this is the most beautiful photo in your gallery... I can't stop looking. can't stop admiring. it's so realistic and those flowers are such a romantic addition :heart:
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Woww..very2 Beautifull
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well that is gross, awesome work
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Would you mind if I used this as inspiration to a short story? I REALLY love this idea and wish I came up with it first. haha :). Anyway, please let me know. This is beautiful. :heart:
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Your beautiful work has been featured in my Journal: [link]

Thank you very much!
When I saw this picture, I could not stop wondering what the story of this girl was. Why was she hurt, who did this to her, who put the flower there to try to make it beautiful... I like pictures that makes my brain go in overdrive...
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there is something so dark and so beautiful about this. i absolutely LOVE it! very unique and inspiring; definitely one of my favourite photos now!
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You've been featured here: [link]
Be sure to check out the other artworks and have an awesome day!
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