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I really like your art style! It's so cute! Something that catches my eye, is the shading on the bow part. It's very soft and well done. The hair is so amazing, i like the variation in shade and the extra strands on the sides. The dress looks pretty good too. One thing that bothers me on this piece, is the way you've drawn the poison bottle. It seems to be more like a cartoon than the girl or the other items in the picture. Don't get me wrong, YOU DID AMAZING! I really like the texture on the background. On the top of the square sandwich it looks like there was no line there, sorta like the color leaked out onto the back. Also, the tomatoes on the burger look a bit bright as well as the tomatoes on the sandwiches and the gel on the cake. I'm a bit confused on if the coffee is hot or cold. I see slight lines there to indicate that its hot, but i had to squint to see it, but that also could just be me lol <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/> I love the textures on the cone of the ice cream. The food on the plate looks a bit too small. The eyes look like they are looking in a different directions slightly. Also i love your hand writing!

Overall, AMAZING job!! it's so well drawn please keep up the good work!

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Fantastic piece.
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Very good. Throw back to lady gaga 
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Beautifully ominous!
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Love this...  Strikes me like that show Bitchin Kitchen
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Love Lady Gaga so much! She's my favorite modern artist of the 21st century!

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molto bello il disegno che hai fatto
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lovely character - and a very nice idea for a concept :-)

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damn, bro, what a dish

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This is beautiful :heart:
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very marvelous work
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Aaand now I have this song in my head. x)
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I am very intrigued by how you gave the dress this "woven" effect, it feels incredibly organic and beautiful. As for the sweets around the frame, they almost seem to pop out of your work, for the shadings and volume are incredibly well done. I also like the fact you chose an elliptic frame, reminds me of those portraits you find in mansions and the like. Great work! Hmm? Poison? Telephon?... Oh...this it still haunts my nightmares...
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Looks cool, but I don't really get it.
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ahahah you don't want not even a coffè? XD
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