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I would push a furry artist couple off of one of that mountain he is standing on

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The journey of a thousand miles... This piece has a very amazing sense of scale. The traveler stands at a precipice, overlooking the long road ahead. The far off castle, and the force that surrounds it. But it is that force that is the center of everything. The wolf is primal, but ambiguous. Is it a malevolent force? Is it the goal to aid the traveler? Is it something else entirely? All of these are left for the observer to decide, but one thing is clear: It is powerful, and it is the motivating drive for this journey. All of these things allow you to project one's self as the traveler, and to question what the future holds. Is it a goal to be achieved? A challenge to be overcome? Or a long overdue reunion with a distant friend? Your own perspective defines the piece, so that each observer will find a different revelation.
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Epic scene! :wow: Love it! :nod:
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I  amazed by how you implemented the Wolf in there. Amazing work!^^ :3
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Great work as always.  The lighting contrast and the eyes, the falling leaves.. so much heaven to take in..
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Beautiful work. Very well done.
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Looks amazing, the wolf in the background is stunning.
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From the thumbnail, the castle was the focal point for me, but once I saw the full image I could appreciate all of the parts in this work. Very awesome job! Unless it's what you are going for, maybe shade down or blend back the castle. I love how the wolf feels like he's creeping out of the shadows behind it! However, with the castle being so dark,  it's pulling the eye away from the other wonderful features of this piece. Either way, fantastic work!
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simply gorgeous ^^
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I agree with HavocPrime8989's critique, you do put an equal amount of perspective to the background. The wolf is the center point, as some type of spirit deity, the traveler in the shadow with beautiful lighting, and the earth environment glowing with the light source.

You, you must teach me, how to put in the right amount of perspective environment.

Can you check out my profile ID? I modified it to my liking.
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This would make a beautiful silkscreen to hang on the wall! 
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I love these types of photos with the wolves mystically in the background!!!

Too Cool!!! Awesome work!!!
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So cool. Really amazing art design. Great work :)
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I love the wolf in the background! It's so stunning!
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Awesome work!! :)!  I love how the wolf, in the sky, is not immediately obvious but when it comes into focus it's such a 'wow' factor! :
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Amazing depth, color and mood. Love it! wish i could do this.

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beautiful work 
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