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I like the glitter.

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I'm glad you like it ^_^ if you want support me with a watch  I will be very happy

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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I absolutely love the idea of the two characters especially with the eyes blacked out showing the nature of their relationship! Absolutely wonderful idea! Though I would have the characters less in the center, think about the rule of thirds a bit more. Also, I would tone down the texture just a tad and add a little more shading/highlights, although don't get rid of the texture entirely I think it makes the piece appear as though it was an old painting or something of that nature which is excellent considering the story is an ancient fairy tale, as well as Disney! Again I feel like I am like I am being a bit negative... I promise I love the piece I think is absolutely wonderful! Great idea/take on the fairy tale!
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how many stars for this piece, thank you so much *_*
Continue to support me and I will always happy Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Hug :happybounce: Love 
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i really loved that~
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I love this interpretation. I love the colours and style. The background works very well with. But I do wonder what the piece would look like if they both had their eyes open. Particularly Jasmine because she has beautiful expressive eyes in the movie. I think Jafar needs to look more smug in his facial expression because of the creep that he is lol

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Oh no, Aladdin where are you. Save your love..

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Jafar you sssssslimy sssslipery bassstard.
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your art about disney are so lovely!!
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You know, I was thinking, in the newest movie, Jasmine wanted to get to be the monarch really hard, to be valued by her own power. You know what she could have done for that instead to keep trying to convince her father, who only ever saw her as his little girl? She could have get Jafar as an ally. I'm serious, he wanted to consolidate his claim to the throne, so he could have talked to Jasmine, and then she could have used him to be the monarch she intended to be. Also, in that movie, he's hotter than Aladdin, not to say smarter, so he would have been a wonderful ally AND consort.

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This would be such an interesting idea! Nice work. Evil Jasmine eh? 🤔
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very amazing work
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Wow that's creepy :O

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Very good but black eyes an unexpected touch
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Probably not the first to say this but this reminds me of "twisted Disney" where people draw their own darker ending from Disney classics
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Evil on that day
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Jafar x Jasmine.

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Who is the slave here? I'm still hooked to Jasmine in this red hottie attire.

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Jasmine has become evil,and fell in love by Jafar?  :O_o:   Oh,my God!  :facepalm:
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