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The first house is adorable, but for being as small as it has too many towers, and the ceiling is a bit too high. The floors are well proportioned and the textures are great next to the set of lights and shadows.
In the case of the second (and also in the third), you can tell that they derive from the first. That's cool because it gives them cohesion between them. Returning to the second level, being a cylindrical tower so tall the last floors seem flattened in comparison to the lower ones. The detail of the smoke in movement gives a great magical touch and the tree behind is quite pretty, although being so leafy may imply loss of vision in those windows. Even so, it gives life to the whole level.
I love the third one. It's warm and alive, a place you'd like to go into for tea with Merlin and see his alchemy lab. In this case the forest behind is very well located, it does not seem to bother the windows, rather it is like it's behind the backyard. The vines on the walls look very natural and the floors are better proportioned than the second one, although perhaps the roof of the third floor does not quite fit with the rest of the tower. Even so it is an architectural detail that can be saved with a drop in the interior of the house.
The level of detail is great and I love how cozy and warm the lights coming from the windows.
Very good job ^^
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Let me try this: What an awesome concept. Developing from the small "chateau" to almost a big "castle". The smoke around each "house," gives you almost the feeling of you're going to smell the great food that they are making inside or even the inventions they are developing. The use of color and shade makes one think you are in game of sorts. A background in the back to bring all of them together would be the only thing I find missing or "wrong." Otherwise keep up the great designs someone might notice your designs and use them, recognizing you.
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this looks awesome, it reminds me of something that would be in like age of empires or clash of clans
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you're welcome ^w^
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Somewhere I would want to escape.  Love the blue gray hues and tree.  Serene yet magical.
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It is great. I love it.
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They all look so cool. My personal fav is the first one.
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The lv3 one looks cool, looks like it should be in a snowglobe
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I like how you kept the stage 1 house at the top of the stage 2 and 3 houses.
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Awesome work
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This looks amazing! Love the details in the stone walls. :D
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I  like the evolution of this mansion ;)
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Love the blue shingles on the roof and the how it is made of stones! 8D
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Merlin Mansion / Fantasy Towers and the Medieval House are fantastic!! Are you one day going to put them all in a scene?
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Very well designed and detailed! :)
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thats awesome!

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These make me want to pick up Minecraft again and try to build a mage tower. :D
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