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Waiting for the End

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Edit!!!! This is avaiable for Cross-stitching!!!! You can purchase the chart here for a very cheap price!!:…

EDIT I refined their hair, some shadows, and added some "movement". =)

I started this a month ago but I've been too busy to finish this... xD But I thought it was a pity left it incomplete, so I decided to finish it between commissions! :P
They are my OC Gar and Varelèn. I entirely painted it in Photoshop CS5 with my wacom.

More about them: Gar by PiccolaRiaVarelen by PiccolaRia
More about my OC:…
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This is a truly amazing piece. I love how you can see the emotion in the picture you made the feeling tangible. Its like you made love a physical being and put it into a wonderful picture.I love the coloring, maybe a little less yellow and a little more pink. I love how her hair wraps around him in a sort of embrace.
It gives the picture a sense of grace, and a soft touch. Some days I wish I could make my emotions physically seen like this and you did a wonderful job of doing so with this congrats on your awesomeness!
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Wow... Thank you so much for this unexpected critique! I really appreciated it and I'm so happy and honoured you liked one of my works! :hug: Thank you for your kind words!!!! :D
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Your amazing! I am honored that your honored (-=
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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Incredibly touching!
I think I can understand perfectly well the image because I feel like my relationship.
Fit like a glove, because yes, I feel this way, waiting for the final hopeless, and coming undone in time, while I would not, and I'm clinging to my love. Get past that feeling well!
I loved the technique of displacement.
I just cleared his nose, because it's too dark to be a shadow, and make the image less yellow, perhaps with a slightly pink layer on top, and try to let his hair yellow, more natural, making each wire as it did in the hair of women.
Really beautiful, touching.
I hope to be helpful!
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Hi! Thank you so much for your nice critique!! :hug: I really appreciate it and also your suggestion!! :hug: Very kind of you! :heart:
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Thank you to accept =)
I'm really glad you liked it!
Need any more I'm here =)
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Your whole gallery drips with sensual life. I love the color and shape in this one. Strong yet gentle, it exudes depth.
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Thank you very much for your nice words and lovely comment! :huggle:
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This is so beautiful I am at a loss for words. Emotional and captivating.
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:hug: Thank you so much for your kind words!!!
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Wow!  That hair is stunning!
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It reminds me of Clary and Jace from the mortal instruments
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Uhm I don't know them!
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The book series by Casandra Clare
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Beautiful. I love the looks on their faces.
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Still one of my all-time favorites of yours.
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