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:bulletgreen: Wallpapers or Playmats = $150 USD
:bulletgreen: Size 8400 x 4725 pixels or less. Dpi= 300 or less.
Vita by CristianAC Final Judgement by CristianAC Return Of The Frost Giants by CristianAC Living Volcano by CristianAC

:bulletgreen: One Character + Background$100 USD
:bulletgreen: Size= 4724 x 4724 pixels or less. Dpi= 300 or less.

:bulletgreen: Additional character (x 1) = $50 USD
:bulletgreen: Defocused character= Low price.
:bulletgreen: Crowd of people (public, army, etc.) = UP price.

:bulletgreen: Objects + Background$50 USD
:bulletgreen: Size= 4724 x 4724 pixels or less. Dpi= 300 or less.
Daisho by CristianAC Mischance by CristianAC Daggers - Dragorthia by CristianAC

Processes of the commission:
:bulletgreen: 1- Order description: Send me a message, in English or Español, to
:bulletgreen: 2- Sketch proposals: I will make a quick sketch of what you ask me, until you approve it.
:bulletgreen: 3- Retire?: In case it is not what you are looking for, you can leave the commission.
:bulletgreen: 4- Continue?: You approve the sketch and want to proceed with the final result.
:bulletgreen: 5- Without a contract: Full payment is required before I to progress.
:bulletgreen: 6- With a contract: I will respect the payment method and rules that I signed in your contract.
:bulletgreen: 7- Progress: You will receive progress in HD, I will make all the changes you ask.
:bulletgreen: 8- Completed work: You will receive: PSD file + JPG file (download via Google Drive).

Consideration list:
:bulletyellow: Payment method: Paypal or Cuenta RUT.
:bulletyellow: I am available to work: Freelance, with Contract or Game proyect.
:bulletyellow: Delay for a job: 5 days or 1-2 month (Time varies depending on the demand of other orders).
:bulletyellow: Tell me your proposals, but I do not accept proposals related to political topics.
:bulletyellow: Impatient clients I do not want, If you don't like to wait, don't ask for my service, please.
:bulletyellow: I draw "part" by "part", I do NOT use external resources (photographs, 3D models, etc.).
:bulletyellow: I do not work in slot order, I progress a little in everyone.
:bulletyellow: The Contract jobs have priority, I don't want to have legal problems.
:bulletyellow: I am a human being and I can also suffer unexpected misfortunes, like you and everyone.
:bulletyellow: Questions and Doubts: Via Gmail

:bulletred: Projects commission Slots available:
:bulletred: Slot 1: project T.O.M./many orders (working there since 2015 to date).

:bulletred: Particular commission Slots available:
:bulletred: Slot 1: TCG. (dani) ....... 10% */* *?*
:bulletred: Slot 2: TCG. (toxic) .......40%
:bulletred: Slot 3: Book cover (D.) ..50%
:bulletred: Slot 4: Samurai.............50% (deadline octubre)
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