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Tailed Fox specie reference by cristalheart7 Tailed Fox specie reference by cristalheart7
Name: Tailed Fox/Kitsune

Class: mammal/Canine

Average Height: Males-->160-190 cm|Females-->79-170cm

Average Lifespan: 1500-2500 years

Habitat: Tundra

Diet: Bisons,Elks,Wild Horses

Hunted by: Japanese Dragons(natural enemies)

Info: The Tailed Fox,or,Kitsune,is a verry strong and powerfull mammal,they can create extremly realist illusions and hallucinations,yet it take lots of energy from them.Their bite is pretty powerfull,since their teeths are curved so the prey cant really get out alive.Their natural enemies are Japanese Dragons,they dont verry get along well and the Dragons tend to steel and eat Kitsunes pups wich explain they arent a common specie and their lifespan is really long.Its pretty easy to make the difference btw the males and females.Males have a mane on their back and lynx-like fur tips on their ears,while females have none of those.The fur color are pretty much whatever you can find in our world,with every type and colors of markings(exemple:a golden kitsune with red stripes-wich is a common type).Tailed Foxes have 5 to 7 pups by litters,yet only one or two will survive at the end of the spring,rarelly the rest will pass threw,dying from disease,hunger,or killed by a dragon.All the pups will have features of both the parents.The parents are generally mates,they stick together for their entire life,like most canines.They are VERRY intelligent,their lvl of intelligence is a little above humans,wich is pretty rare for an animal.All Tailed Foxes born with multiple tails,depending on their parents numbers of tails,the pups will averagely have the same numbers.Tailed Foxes tails can go to 2,to 10 tails.

You can create and own a Kitsune if you want to,you can add objects and accesorys.and dont forget to give me credit if you make a Kitsune,and i would like to see the result. ^^

This specie belong to me
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July 11, 2017
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