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Punishment by cristalheart7 Punishment by cristalheart7

The injured animatronic winced as he falled on the ground,gasping for air as he watched the oil streaming down his stomach. His icy blue optics gazed up on the golden bear infront of him.
-You are just a pale copy of me! A-Argh! He didnt finished his sentence as powerfull claws landed on his cheek, making him flying to the ground.
-Tch.. Such a waste of materials for such a pitifull animatronic.. Golden Freddy spat in his usual echoed and grave tone of voice.
-N-No! Please! I-I can explain! It was an accident, please!! NO! Freddy screamed as the claws of his opponent reached his eyes, clawing them out their sockets.
The golden bear looked at the mechanical eyes and huffed, shoving them away on the ground of the secret room. <<Now, Freddy.. Stay here... Think, fly over your toughts, become as wise as I am.. Maybe then... I'll give you back your liberty and your vision, for now on,darkness and black will be your only friends..>>With those words, the strange animatronic teleported away in a cloud of statics., leaving behind the agonazing bear to his fate...

YEAH, GORE ALL OVER THE PLACE.. Take that as an late Halloween drawing cause I couldn't post the other one. My poor Freedy boy got victimised by Goldie... Yeah, dont worry.. He'll be fine if he shut his mouth ^^.'

Freddy and Golden Freddy belong to Scott Cawthon. The designs belong to me, dont ever repost or use my art without permission.
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November 5, 2017
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