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Poison Cougar specie reference (open specie) by cristalheart7 Poison Cougar specie reference (open specie) by cristalheart7
Name: Poison Cougar

Class: mammal/Feline

Average Height: Warrior male-->4ft|Warrior female-->3ft|King-->5.5-6.5ft|Queen-->4.5-5ft

Average Lifespan: 30 years

Habitat: Tundra,Boreal Forests,asia forests

Diet: Bisons,elks,Mountain Lions,Lynx,Indian Bisons,Asiatic Elephants,Tigers,Asiatic Lions,Servals,Ocelots,Toxic Snakes and substances

Hunted by: ? (no natural predators)

Info: Poison Cougars are Toxic animals,their saliva,fur,fangs and claws can create toxin that can easily kill a human in 2 minutes,so basically a human have pratically no chances of survival if they get bite or clawed.By chance,this animal know how to control their poison.Their toxin and colors are created by ONLY eating diseased animals and toxic substances,eating Poisonus snakes,like cobras also help to increase their poison.They Generaly live in pride,leading by averagely,6 to 7 males,the rest are females.Like lions,we can make the difference btw males and females by the mane,the queen(alpha)female have a shorter mane,(the rest of the females have none)while the king(alpha male)have a way more huge mane than the other males of his pride.Compared to the lions,there only one hunter,maximum two,they only need one bite,and wait for the poison to do their effects.The effects are Paralyzia and loss of blood by nose,mouth and eyes.They all born without exeption with a snake mark somewhere on their body.

You can create and own a Poison Cougar if you want to,only remember to had a snake mark somewhere on their body,The fur can be any shade of purple and green,but not any other colors,an albino is NOT aloud,you cant create one,the eyes can be any shade of green,yellow and red as well(but NOT other colors)you can add objects and accesorys.and dont forget to give me credit if you make a Poison Cougar,and i would like to see the result ^^

This specie belong to me
Star110 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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July 11, 2017
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