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Nightmares by cristalheart7 Nightmares by cristalheart7
so ummmmm...this is what Tex normally see in his nightmares,Tex is terrified of the color purple,so all of them have purple eyes.The first one is basically his mother,that burned to death in a mental institution a while ago when he was 5,6 or 7 year.In this nightmare Tex would find himself in that mental institution,everything is black and its night outside the building,while walking around to find his way out,he could feel the burning flames against his fur,yet there none,once he arrived infront the exit,this..errr zombie thing that is supposed to be his mother,apear infront of him,flames would also start to suround him,she would say'dont worry,it only hurt for a moment'while aproaching him,before she could touch Tex,he wake up.The black bunny thing is probably the worst one,this shadow represent Mickel Afton...and himself,his dark side,the purple color,and lots of things related.In this one Tex basically wake up in the room where Mickel locked him,the shadow,purple bunny thing would apear,and he would revive his abuse until he,or someone wake him up..Sometimes when he really sleepy,its Mickel Afton himself that apear in that nightmare,making the things even worst,because he is TERRIFIED of him since its him who did all the things he did to Tex! Now the white bunny with alot of scars,is Tex,but when he was young,this one is really frequent to apear in his dreams.He would basically find himself in a sort of a labyrinth and his younger him(that is around 8 yrs here) would run around and laugh like a child would do and alway said 'follow me,follow me,follow me' in a childish tone all the time.Once Tex find his younger self,he would turn into a purple shadow,and before this shadow touch him,he wake up.

Tex nightmares,NEVER change,because he had been traumatized when he was young,and he dosnt face the life,and his fears.

anyways..that was something long to type,for something no ones asked for x3

all the credits go toward the person who did this base
monacasket Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Seriously" pour Tex ;-;
cristalheart7 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah...iiiiiii dont want to be in his nightmares,AT ALL,im terrified of my own drawing XD idk what worst,the drawing....or writing the desc bellow that XD
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July 12, 2017
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