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Nashoba OC character reference by cristalheart7 Nashoba OC character reference by cristalheart7
Name: Nashoba Matsushima
Alias: Nash,DeathFlames,My Lord
Species: Kitsune(tailed fox)
Gender: Male(he,him,they,their pronouns)
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Age: 31 years old
Birthdate: 4 april 1986
Birthplace: Japan
Alignment: Both...?
Affiliation: BlackBlood Alliance(BBA)
Occupation: Read(suprisingly..)
Figure: Strong and Large build
Height: 9-9.5 ft
Weight: 200 lbs
Fur tone: Bright golden
Hair: Jet black
Eyes: Blood red
Distinguishing Features: 9 tailed(= POWERFULL XD cause more a fox have tails,more they are powerfull,and the max of tails is 10 =w= )
Personality: -agressive
-anger and killing issues
-can be rude and mean
-fearless(yet stupid at times)

Dress: He normally wear nothing but jeans,but he can also wear a vest with the BBA patch on his back.
Special items: A chain necklace that i forgot to add lol.

Weapons: A .44 Magnum(Link of what it look  like:…)

And a Boker Arbolito(link of what it look like:…)

Proficiencies: Nash is a verry good fighter,he a master of martial arts(he better in kung fu) and his a exellent shooter.

Magic/Special Abilities: Unless there nothing burning around him,Nashoba can control fire as he please.He can create realistic illusions and hallucinations,shapeshift into every animal he want,and if this animal have powers,he 'steal' them in the time he is in its form.

Strengths: Said pretty much everything up,lol.

Weaknesses: If Nash have a weakness its seing his family hurt,physically or mentally.He's also pretty slow,yet extremly quick,he can only run 50 km/h on a short distance.Suprisingly,Nashoba is also terrifed of muzzles,and he would immidatly panick if we force him to wear one.

  • Childhood: Pretty..Happy,he had a childhood at least XD
  • Adolescence: Once he reached 15 years,his life became h ell.His village got attacked,his mother died,her throat completly open..And then his father,who completly lost it..Tried to kill his sister,injured him badly(The scar on his left eye came from there..) and Nash killed his own father..Yes! why not!...Erm,anyways..He had a child,named Liza(that is Flower niece,but they only have 1 year of difference and they concider themselves as sisters XD)
  • Adulthood: Jesus..I love to make my characters suffer *slap*.His life didnt get better once he became a young adult,he didnt had a single time for himself or his family.Alway outside with his pack,tracking anc killing the BBA enemies..When he would be abble to have time for himself,he would normally sleep..Sometimes you could say he's lazy,but really he alway tired..Plus his sister get pregnant at 15 years with a rabbit(Her mate: Tex) and it...Didnt make him really happy,as their specie cant breed with other animals.One day he would had been in a fight with a poison cougar,but he cough rabies somehow,he slowly lost it because of the sickness,and the same day as Flower's child birth,he got shot down.BUT,but,but ,but XD...He reincarned some years after,as his sister's second child,Midnight.So 'basically'..He dint died,else it would be weird to still have a character that is dead,lol.
  • Parents: Sasuke and HoneyPelt(both dead)
  • Siblings: Flower(She litteraly everything for him)
  • Children: Liza,Dusty and Clover Matsushima(He loves them with all his heart x3)
  • Partner: Sasha,his mate(He love her as much a he like Flower,and he would NEVER betrayed her,on any ways)
  • Mentors: Jarl Isamu(After he killed his father,the future Jarl,Isamu,take him under his protection.From him,Nash had learn martial arts,lots of tricky tricks and how to survive.)
  • Friends: Roscoe(He is his best friend,and a member of his pack,he encountered him in the prison.)
  • Allies: Slender Cat and his proxies,the japanese demon cats ect.(The allies of the BBA are also his allies,and he knows how to respect it..)
  • Enemies: Mickel Afton(He simply HATE him,and would with a extreme pleasure,like to seek his teeths into his cranium..)
Pets: He does have a pet.A dog named Rimouski,that is actully Liza's mira dog since she blind.
Quotes: "Get away from my sister,else ill tear your eyes out your sockets and shove them into your mouth!"
"Game over!"(He would normally say that when he about to kill someone..Lol)



Stop Nashoba belong to me! Dont ever claim this character as your own.
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