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Flower/main fnaf oc  by cristalheart7 Flower/main fnaf oc  by cristalheart7


Name: Tatsuya the Lullaby

Other names: Flower(FNAF 2),DeathFlower(FNAF 3,4)

Gender: Female(she,her,they pronouns)

Species: Fox

Age/years in service: 15 yrs

Voice/speech: As Tatsuya had a very soft voice in the past to appease children,Flower's voice became low and gravelly.

Quotes: -Kon'nichiwa boys and girls! Wanna hear a story?
-(after the story) I hope you enjoyed the story! Come back anytime!
-Time to sleep!(she will sing her lullaby)




Colors: Golden and pink

Body: Slender and petite frame

Eyes: Completly black,white orbit

Height: Averagerally 7 ft

Weight: 80 lbs

Skeletal features: None

Any wires/broken pieces?: none in FNAF 1,whitered version in FNAF 2 and 3

Unique features: None

Changes in games: FNAF 1:none,FNAF 2:whitered version,FNAF 3:whitered version,FNAF 4: nightmare form,FNAF world: none(Is not in this game)FNAF SL: Funtime Tatsuya



Daytime personality: While Tatsuya(Fredbear Family Dinner,FNAF 1) is tender and kind,Flower(FNAF 2,3,4) is extremly agressive and selfish.She flirty,sassy,an asshole and a jerk..She dosnt give a shit about anyone and only care for herself.

Nighttime personality: Same personallity..But worst.

Behaviors: She will kill you..Simple as that,nothing can save you...(lol *slap*)

Quirks: None

Intelligence: On a scale to 1 to 10...I would say 7 or 8..

Passive or aggressive: Definetly agressive..

Behavior towards children: She stay far away from them..She dosnt like being around younger humans,especially when her ghost start to anoy her around..

Behavior towards adults: Dead..They are dead to her..



Room: Backstage

Function (What they do during the day): Nothing but staying in the attic,looking at the other animatronics having their fun..

Status (Functioning or not): Functioning,but not on service.

Door: Right

Strategy: She would wait for Foxy to came,and if he dosnt manage to catch you,she will be at the opposite door from him and kill you.

Special abilities (Jamming door, ect.): None really..Exept that she can make weird sounds,like Chica do.

Nights/hours most active: Night 4: 4-5 AM


                With player: A total creep..

                With other animatronics: A jerk and an asshole..

Attack screen: She will sneak behind you and bite your neck off.

Phone guys description: -There a golden fox in the backstage,she was a main attraction in the last pizzeria.Simply make sure she dosnt get to you.We wanted to put her with Foxy,the last manager told us she wasnt a pirate like the other foxes,but a lullaby..Heh,dont fall asleep if she start to sing to you.AAAANYWAYS.-



Room: Part And Service Room

Function: None

Status: Out of order

Entrance: Front door

Strategy: She will directly get to you,flashlight and the mask dosnt affect her,only the music box can make her stay in the Part and Service Room

Special abilities: None

Nights/hours most active: Night 5: 5 AM


                With player: ...Same as in FNAF 1

                With other animatronics: ....Same as in FNAF 1

Attack screen: Similar to FNAF 1...She a back stabber

Phone guys description: -Also,make sure to keep an eye on the two golden foxes in the part and service room,the whitered toy wont go easy on you,just make sure to keep the Music Box running..-





Original function: She originally was a flutist animatronic fox

Reason for decommission: Malfunction

Ever brought back into service?: Yes,one single time

                Why? A terminally-ill child wanted to see Flower as her dying wish.

Any plans of refurbishment?: Not really..The costume was frightened enough to be brought at the Fazbear Fright,so it was never repeard neither cleaned..

History: She originally was a flutist animatronic fox,a lullaby,and of course a tale teller.She was obviously the one who welcomed the children in her own help them sleeping better while going back home.She was build by Japanese ppl,from where her name come from.For some unknow reasons,she slightly became more agressive toward adults,malfunctionning and other things,so she was put out stage.


Other info

Trivia: nothing much..She like to play her flute..She dosnt spend her time with the other animatronics,but on the other hand with humans..She a creep and will alway try to kill them if they dont watch out.

Toy version: . . .She already a Toy...( *slap* )

Human version: None at the moment...( i need to make one =-=)

Stop Tatsuya/Flower belong to me! dont ever claim this character as your own,repost,or use my art without permission. 

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