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Flower OC character reference by cristalheart7 Flower OC character reference by cristalheart7
Name: Flower Matsushima 
Alias: DeathFlower 
Species: Kitsune(tailed fox) 
Gender: Female(she,her,they,their pronouns)
Sexual Preference: Straight
Age: 15 years old
Birthdate: 1 december 2001
Birthplace: Japan
Alignment: Good,but can be concidered evil
Affiliation: BBA(BlackBlood Alliance) 
Occupation: Unknown
Figure: Slender yet muscular build
Height: 6.5-7 ft 
Weight: 98 lbs 
Fur tone: Bright golden
Hair: Blonde and cherry red
Eyes: Cherry red 
Distinguishing Features: Flower ears are supposed to be longer than that,she also suposed to have multiple tails(8 in total),she also have a scar under her eye that is hided by the lacc of hair going down her face,she also have a large scar running across her flank(i forget to add it *slap*).
Personality:  -selfish
-can be rude and mean
-love fights

Dress: She loves to wear dresses and short skirts,but she does hate jeans and hoodies
Special items: N/A

Weapons: A .44 Magnum like her brother( link of what it look like:…)

Proficiencies: Specialist in martial arts,like her brother x3

Magic/Special Abilities: She cant use her powers much,as much her tails are gone(More a tailed fox have tails,more its powerfull),but she can shapeshift,control fire and create illusions and hallucinations.

Strengths: Pretty much said everything up,lol

Weaknesses: Seing who she loves hurt,that for sure,she also terrified of clowns and dolls :>. 

  • Childhood: Flower didnt had an happy childhood,her parents died when she was still a baby(plus her father tried to kill her,lol),Nashoba was overprotective(No wonders) and she didnt had any friends,she was mostly bullied and her torn ears came from there,same as the scar under her eye.She also got attacked and severelly injured by Mickel Afton,a poison cougar.
  • Adolescence: Once she reached 14,she decide to go in another school,where she meet her first friends,Moon( She is my irl friend oc x3 :…) and Frederic,and also what would became her mate: Tex.
  • Adulthood:
  • Parents: Sasuke and HoneyPelt( both dead,she never knew them)
  • Siblings: Nashoba(He everything for her,if he dies,she will die was well,same thing for him,they are inseparable)
  • Children: She pregnant by the moment but her children will became: Shadow,Midnight,Glory and Flame(They will be everything for her,as Tex would became a millitary officer,he wont be alot at home and her brother died)
  • Partner: Tex,her mate(After her brother death,She would give her heart enterelly to him.If he would die(That wont happen),she would kill herself )
  • Mentors: Her brother(Flower learned everything she knows from him)
  • Friends: Moon and Frederic
  • Allies: Slender cat and his proxies,the japanese demon cats(She simply respect them as allies,nothing more,she also can be really unrespectfull to them...And to everyone in general.)
  • Enemies: The poison cougars( She is scared and hate them)
Pets: N/A 



Stop Flower belong to me!dont ever claim this character as your own.
Drachenfertig Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2017
There you go?

I really the integrity of the whole thing.
cristalheart7 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ok? lol
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