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Broken...Just..Broken.. by cristalheart7 Broken...Just..Broken.. by cristalheart7
As the snow started to fall from the dark painted sky,Flower standed over near her brother's corpse,his disfigured face paralyzed into a internal snarl,saliva running from his mouth as a bullet hole digged deaply into the golden tailed fox head.Shaking like a paper,her eyes wide open in choc as she stared infront of her.Realizing what just happend,she struggled free from her friends grip and went toward her brother cold body..She mumbled his name over and over again,shaking him,slowly covering herself with his blood..Trying by every manners to wake him up...But of course..He didnt respond,he was dead..Gone forever,and nothing would change it and Flower knew it..She guard the body for 2 days straight,not leaving it,not saying a single word...Simply empty...When they removed her brother,it became worst...

-I dont feel anything...My heart and brain..Are as cold as the snow under your paws..She giggled without emotions
-I dont want to feel something,i dont want to love,to not be broken again..I dont even remember who i am..A predator? A prey? A fox?...I dont even care anymore,i just....want to die...I want to join my family and be with them...Forever...Flower continues to smile without emotions,her eyes filled with nothing..She WAS dead...Inside..

"You remember the promise he make to us? That he will never leave,that he will forever stay with us? You just dont know it yet..Or,you simply dosnt want to know...But he more close to you than you think,Flower..."


WHOOO that was long to type! For something no ones asked for. XD To presize something,her brother,Nashoba,died from rabies,what she dosnt know is that he will reincarned into her second child x3 I dont know why i even draw that..Its depressing tbh XD

Flower belong to me,dont ever claim this character as your own,repost or use my art without permission
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July 25, 2017
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