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x-men evolution OC

By crissygim
A few days ago I found my old works.
One of them was a x-men evolution OC (horrible) so I decided to change her a little, well a lot!

Hope you like it!!

Name: Christina (Chris) Powell
Date of birth: February 1st
Age: 15-16
Favourite colour: Blue
Power: Water
Likes: Animals, Rhythmic gymnastics, Reading, Drawing.
Dislikes: Frogs, Bugs, Color Pink, Fish and Vegetables.
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Love the design! She looks like a real animated character!
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Wow!!! Thanks!! ^///^
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Pretty awesome
crissygim's avatar
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Your welcome and could you please look at my gallery?
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She looks awesome!
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Thank you so much ^^ I'm glad you like it
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She's so cool! I love everything about her!
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Thanks!!!! ^^ :hug:
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Wow! She sounds like a great character!

I don't mean to sound needy or anything, but I was wondering if you would join my group, #The-Xavier-Institute when it opens. I'd love to see your character on the list! (the group isn't open or anything yet cause i just created it today) It has monthly assignments, but it's okay if you don't want to join.
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Yeah! I will join
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I see her nickname is Chris...and her last name is Chris Powell. Now that I think of it,Chris Powell is a really knowed fitness trainer,lol. He got lots of...muscles,hehe. Nice work,I like it.
Pug-In-The-Mug's avatar
Your welcome. I like it a lot.
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wait a minet, if she controls water, Y HER NO LIK FISH???
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Because I hate it.
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Cool! What's her codename?
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