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Fixing the app. Just tell me if there's anything wrong.

And ah...please delete the previous one i submit to the group minutes earlier. . _ .

Following the Atlas I have 14 coins 0 merit and strike.

BG Story :
Born into a noble family who hates Dark types, made Dolus especially independent. Being only receive support from both his parents, loving little sister and his grandma, he wanted to repay it with being competent, trying to make his grandpa proud who was an old, wise, yet despise Dark types so much.

The Dark types, to the circle of the family consider as a dirty lower being who trick and endanger them. Dolus and his mother Flaminem, for most of the time spending their time living with the old Grandpa Sigilyph who takes care of Flaminem.

Sometimes, he lived in the family's house but only when his father Magus there, both Dolus and his little sister Medeis have a complicated relationship with Magus, because of his lateness coming when Flaminem was in labour. 

But still, they have a happy family life together.

Trivia :
- Trying to be competent and independent, he's quite prideful.
- Though his pride is high, he's very polite, for a good reason as long he's not being messed with.
- Hard to show his emotions, he's pretty monotone.
- Despite his young age, his size is bigger than most Zorua.
- Mistaken to be a female mostly by the children his age and got confessed.
- A very good and close brother to Medeis.

Connection to other pokes :
- Claire, as a teacher who taught him to aim well.
- Desmond, seeing him with Claire but rarely talks much to him.
- Chip, a childhood friend.
- Cassidy, much like a role model.
- Twitch, a very brief meeting being shinies.
- Shamus, occasionally meet, kind of bicker a little, but somehow a lil close, and may talk lots to each other. (Partners in some cases, being the small Watson or Dolson with Shamus or Sharlock Holmes.)
- Flavia and Coal, accidental meeting encountering bubble trap.

Star Coin (s) : 14*

Merit : 0
Strike : 0

Inventory :
- Accessory Customization Voucher x1
- Apricorn Ocarina

Used item(s):
- Template Armband x2 (modified)
- Accessory Customization Voucher x1
- Rookie Explorer Voucher x1 (Exchange for Template Armband)

- Accessory Customization Voucher x1
- Body Paint
- Evolution Slip

Storehouse :
I kinda forgot... I think I give 1 spoolstone and 2 fleshcaps? I forgot...
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