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Hide and Attack - PMDUnity M1



Dolus just arrived to Andalust, holding the enchanted Sigilyph feather. The tri colored feather glow and slowly dusting away into glittering powder. As he is nearly arrive to Dreamer's Eye, he was welcomed with beam shot and shoutings from other pokemon.

"That was close...", Dolus said.

He runs fast to the town and meeting with the Gigas. Some pokemon distract the rampaging Gigas, Some are saving the things from the burning houses and some of them seems scheming somthing with weird gadget at their side.

"I wonder where's Chip now, this town is in a havoc.", while he is going to ask the other pokemon, he sense a blow start to come behind him.

"BOOM!!!", the blow sounds echoed.

Dolus managed to evade it, taking attention to his distance, he decide.

"That's it. You and I going to have Hide and Seek."

He charged his attack and shoot a big energy ball. The attack seems to attract the Gigas attention, he seems very mad.

"Gigas, Gigas, follow me. Catch me if you can, let's start the game."

Dolus provoke the Gigas and run to the nearest bushy small forest, leading the Gigas to it, its run and shoot here and there. Dolus ponders while evading, hide and attack.

"Really...Where is Chip?"

The big energy ball is a combined hidden powers. And yeah, he came cause he heard the last news that Chip already went to Andalust. (I dunno if Chip born in Andalust or other place though...)

Anyway, His Pops Magus, came from Andalust to Flamin's place, they met when Magus still a Braixen. Tease and whatnot, and at last they wed.
But Magus made a mistake though, he was late when Flamin gonna laid her eggs, that is one. He thinks Dolus a girl and Medeis a boy, sarcastically Flamin said to him,"Is your nose messed up?" ,and he end up got slap by both kids, that is two. XD
And three is because he took Dolus to the bar and taught him how to seduce other Pokemon, to trick them. Fitting though because Dolus name derived from "Trick". They both look like females afterall. ((Pretty, pretty face tricksters, lol.))

Regigigas - Ken Sugimori

Dolus - mine

Ending? hmm...I guess the Gigas end up tired and other pokemon take the lead, I dunno what cameo should I draw, and like I said I think I'll just draw one pick for this mission too...Oh and anyway the style I use is like the one I draw Flamin with Smudge.
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The picture's pretty nice~ I love how you do backgrounds. Have you ever thought of doing comics?