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Basalt Halls - Oblitus Blesse



Note : scanner way to small...

Room 1 : Getting the fleshcap while avoiding Bustershoot.

Room 2 : Seems Flavia's team bust the bubble trap first...

Room 3 : Hearing the ol' cap'n Barboach telling tales while sneakily getting another fleshcap and a key to the locked wooden door near the entrance.

Room 4(locked room 1) : Seems like Ryo's team found a hidden passage somewhere....they are here even the door's locked?

Room 5(coming from the locked room 1) : Bustershoot trap busted after making the barboach tailing Dolus. There's an ancient writing, so Dolus called Shamus, maybe he knows about it?

Room 6(next to entrance room to the left) : Find a Spoolstone, but a stray shadow looming behind Dolus. Who is that?

Room 7(upper room from room 6) : found a huuuuge Meatroot. Giganticlicious! Claire and Desmond help pulling while Dolus try to dig. The barboach seems not to be a problem. Since he kinda a little bit burned alive.

Room 8 : After baiting the fat Barboach around the room, it was trapped by a Stealthrock trap unable to chase the workers. Tough luck, he's hungry and trapped.

Results : 2* Fleshcaps
1* Spoolstone
1* Huuuuge Meatroot

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Oblitus Blesse Dungeon Map :…

Cameos written :
Team Air Gear : :iconairgearstudiotezca:
Team King Crimson: :iconemshrapnel:
Team Goldenhart : :iconflavia-elric:
Team 1. A. M : :iconinyourfridge:
Team Shamus, P.I : :icondragon-paragon:
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wowow why didn't this pop up in my messages ;w;

bUT OMG THANKS FOR THE CAMEO <333 it looks great!! ;o;