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The Palestinian Federation (2024-2050)

In the wake of the rise of ISIS in the Middle East and the economic loss of the United States in the Second Great Depression, the Zionist State of Israel found itself in an even more difficult position with the antisemitic Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and the terrorist Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

In August 18, 2018, anti-Zionist protests and civil unrest removed former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office and a new secular more democratic government took power. The new government then recognized the sovereignty of the State of Palestine in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Left with no choice, the rest of world that once rejected the legitimacy of a free Palestinian state recognized it as well. However, even with the State of Palestine now internationally-recognized and in commission, the antisemitic Arab leaders, along with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, refused to allow the Jewish state's existence in the region, seeing it as a parasite and that it and its people must be erased from this world. So, the Arab coalition of Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Iraq and many more attacked Israel on September 4, 2018.

In response, Israel declared war and this was known as the Three-Year War. Like other former wars in the early decade, the war became a series of irregular combats, guerrilla warfare and all-out battles and lasted for three and a half years. The drone-out conflict ended in early 2022, when the Arab governments were extremely crippled with the continuous fights against Israel and the terrorists within their borders and they were all deposed in another massive wave of protests and revolutions of the Arab Spring. Also, Israel have not only re-occupied the Gaza Strip, West Bank and Golan Heights, but also the Sinai Peninsula, chunks of Jordan and Lebanon and a significant portion of Syria. Hamas was also completely destroyed by the IDF.

Like all the other wars fought by Israel, the Jewish state overwhelmingly won again. The new liberal Arab governments were seeking peace negotiations with Israel for cooperation and coexistence. A political project, the Palestinian-Israeli Sovereignty and Statehood (PISS) aimed to create sovereignty for both the races living in the Palestinian region through means of peace, understanding and compassion, and end decades of rivalry between Jews and Arabs. After two years of talks, negotiations and pressure, the one-state solution for the long rift between Israelis and Palestinians came to be and Project PISS was a success. On March 31, 2024, the new federal secular multi-ethnic republic was proclaimed, known as the Palestinian Federation.

Billions across the world watched and celebrated the foundation of the new federation on the Holy Land, especially all the Jews and Arabs in particular. The openly-welcoming state became the symbol of unity and brotherhood of both races and served as a bridge and gateway for democracy, religion, justice and harmony. The areas that Israel occupied after the Three-Year War were annexed into the new republic and Jerusalem became the capital. The new republic was soon recognized by eventually all nations as they thought that in this case tensions in the Middle East would be all but over.

The system of the centrist federal government functions similar to that of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Russian Federation. The country is divided into twelve federal units named after the original twelve tribes of Israel and five autonomous states, as well as a federal capital district in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The society promotes racial and gender equality and other democratic western processes much like in the United States. In the first few months of its foundation, Palestine began investing economically, as its power grew greater than ever and expanded its influence as it began trading with Jordan, Egypt, Sudan and Russia. Palestine at the time has one of the most prosperous economies in the world and classified as a world power.

The flag of the Palestinian Federation symbolizes unity, diversity and liberty. The pan-Arab colors of red, black, green and white represent the Arab peoples. The color blue on the triangle is of the Jewish people. The large white star on the center symbolizes the capital city of Jerusalem with twelve smaller stars surrounding it through a ring represent the twelve tribes in the Old Testament. There is no obvious religious symbolism in the flag since Palestine is a secular power in the Middle East.

Even as a secular state, Palestine is the only country in the world to have all the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam as important religions in the nation. American way of life is also present there. One of the most notable examples is the opening of a Disneyland Resort in Tel Aviv on December 6, 2025. It was one of the strongest military powers, with over 3.5 million available and reserve troops and great naval, air, land and nuclear capability, but only used for defense purposes, as the government feared the rise of ISIS could poison the stability in the nation inside out.

Speaking of ISIS, after Iraq, Syria and Lebanon to ISIS in 2025, Palestine opened its borders for Arab, Assyrian, Kurdish and other refugees, at the same time using military force to keep terrorists from infiltrating and trespassing into its territories. Palestine tried its hardest to keep the stability in the state intact and in shape.

After the Islamic State conquered the very weak Egypt and Jordan in 2050, Palestine founded itself surrounded by a powerful enemy and began deteriorating. The government tried to fend off the Muslim invaders from their land. Thus, the War on Stagnation was fought between Palestine and IS. The Federation lost the war and the IS occupied many of its opponent's territories, diverting the nation back to its pre-1967 borders. On July 16, 2050, a Zionist movement blamed the rise of the radical Jihadists and the Palestinian defeat on the recent war on the existence of a multinational anti-Zionist democratic state, and instigated a coup against the federal government. The Palestine Federation therefore was disestablished and the Jewish State of Israel was recreated by hard-line Zionists; this time however, to combat the growing Islamic State.

So, guys, do you think this is a great solution? Please insert your feedback on this in the comments.
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Hispanoamericano2000's avatar
Well, this proposal / version of the Solution A State is frankly charming and quite satisfactory, although with the tendency to use violence by the Arabs, this is not far from the field of the Utopias, unfortunately.
And I feel that I have an objection to the name "Palestinian Federation", since that name was imposed by Pagan Rome on the Land of Israel to make the Jews forget their ties to the Promised Land.
I would prefer a more neutral name like "Republic of Jerusalem" or "Federation / Levantine Republic" without religious or ethnic connotations.
Zero234587's avatar
what % of people are jewish, and what is the GDP?
Crisostomo-Ibarra's avatar
40.8%. Also, I'm not an economics expert, so I can't give you exactly the GDP, but I can say it's probably on Bosnia and Herzegovina levels.
Zero234587's avatar
Got it, thanks.
Nice idea however the term "Palestine" only refer to modern times so a better name that relates to Jews, Christians and Muslims. Also the Star of David has 6 points not 5 as shown on flag. 
Crisostomo-Ibarra's avatar
But it is shown in the Coat of Arms.
I actually understand and agree 99% of what you have done. Although the 5 point star has no relation. Maybe replace with an image that relates to Jerusalem as this relates to Jews, Christians and Muslims. 

Also, Jordan should to incorporated as this was part of the original British mandate of Palestine and only became a puppet state in 1920s.

This way it gives everybody more space to live and breathe.

ps: would you consider renaming it too: The Jerusalem Federation" as the term "Palestine" is fairly modern? This way Jerusalem is relevant to all faiths.  

This is a lovely idea. I sincerely hope that this, or something like this, occurs, preferably within our lifetime.

If I have one little quibble, it would be the name, like some other respondents to this map. My disagreement is not religiously-motivated, nor do I want this state called "Israel". Given that it is a federation, between Hebrew Israelis and Arab Palestinians, perhaps a compromise of name could be reached? In my opinion, the "Levantine Federation" has a nice ring to it.

Moreover, less of a quibble, more of an alt-alt-history, I think that Lebanon would fit nicely into this Federation, maybe even Syria. I'd like for it to have not fallen to ISIS extremism - this would have been a bastion of secular splendour in the Middle East that, in-universe, might have inspired the de-radicalisation of Muslim extremists. Given the amazing ability of these apparently disparate people to, in this timeline, get along, no Arab state (including secular Syria and theocratic Saudi Arabia) could legitimately say that this was an imperialist state, and thus, I think, would have actually resulted in the crushing defeat of ISIS with the collaboration of all forces, united by common principles of liberty rather than division. But that is my idea, and this is your AltHis. 

Regardless, as I say, this is a lovely map with an awesome backstory. I definitely enjoyed reading about it, even if the ending was immensely saddening.
Crisostomo-Ibarra's avatar
Thanks dude for your opinion and criticism.
ashlaforce's avatar
This was obviously well thought out, and a lot of work was put into this!  I particularly like how you let the new state regain all of the former territory it once held ages ago, both as the Crusader state of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, and also of course the original United Monarchy of Israel, and the Maccabean/Hasmonean dynasties before the invasion and conquest by pagan Rome... Heck, you even gave back the territory that Israel had conquered from Egypt during the Six-Day War, namely the Sinai Peninsula!  Territory, I might add, that Israel WILLINGLY gave up in order to extend an olive branch to the Islamic nations as a gesture of goodwill and in an effort to maintain peace in the Middle East... A goal that seems so very elusive... Often we are given signs of hope on this, like recently when Islamic nations JOINED Israel in condemnation of the hated ISIS and Israeli and Islamic forces fought as one... True, on a limited scale, but the fact that they could join at all gives me some measure of hope!

Honestly, the only possible negative critique I could have of this is I honestly don't like the name Palestinean Federation... This is a personal opinion, but Israel is Israel... favored by God, and one day destined to be the seat of His physical Eternal Kingdon in this world.  That, and the fact that you had them lose to ISIS!

But please don't take my words as a rebuke or severe criticism... again they are my personal preferences!
Insurgentt's avatar
The translations to Arabic and Hebrew are really messed up and it lowers the overall quality of this art. Next time, you should ask a native speaker instead of using a translator
Its a good map but i noticed a quirk: why are there so little jews as a religion compared to the ethnic group? and how are there so many christians? also, the po number is way off.
Syaz-The-Fox351's avatar
The name "Palestine" was taken from the name: "Syria Palaestina" or "Philistia or like "Peleset" from Eygptian period or something else like that
Read wiki:… ,……
Syaz-The-Fox351's avatar
Actually you never heard about this one:…
there is no way that Fatah & Hamas are cooperate together becuz, after Hamas' legislative victory in 2006 elections & takeover of the Gaza Strip. Resulting these tensions between 2 political parties began to rise in 2005 after Yasser Arafat's death become "split".
snitchpogi12's avatar
To me both Jews and Palestians are murderers.
Crisostomo-Ibarra's avatar
So, you don't agree with either side? If so, what do you think should be the solution on that area? A one-state solution or a two-state solution? A federal state run by Israelis or Palestinians or equally? I'm just asking what you think about all of this, dude.
snitchpogi12's avatar
I only believe that both Jewish or palestinians can lead a one nation for them, that's my opinion. Also their conflict must be stop, nobody wins.
123456789JD's avatar
Wishful thinking. Palestine is hell bent on the destruction of Israel. They don't want peaceful coexistence. 
I honestly think that position could do with a bit more nuance. Deviantart is not the place for a long-winded debate of this sort of politics, so I won't bombard you with debate and discussion, but I do think that both parties would be willing to compromise if mutual benefit was on the table. As it stands, it seems that Israeli imperialism reduces the chance of peace just as much as Palestinian terrorism.
In Israel official language English, Hebrew, RUSSIAN
actually, the official languages in Israel are English, Hebrew and Arabic.the reason for this is pretty mundane: no law has been written to address this, so by default, we use old british mandate law.
Crisostomo-Ibarra's avatar
Thanks for reminding me?
123456789JD's avatar
AMCAlmaron's avatar
Ooh, I like it (although it's a shame it collapses in 2050)! May I submit an alternative suggestion for the flag and/or state name, though? Republic Of Jerusalem - Flag by AMCAlmaron
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