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Super Project Cross Tag Battle - Character Roster

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This is the official character roster of Super Project Cross Tag Battle: Destiny, the fourth entry of the Cross Crisis Series, the sort-of sequel to BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle and the actual sequel of Namco X Capcom: Crisis and Anime Complex: Cross Arena 2020, featuring characters from these aforementioned games as well characters from various Arc System Works games and franchises. The full unlocked roster (without DLC) is composed of a bolstering massive cast of 100 characters.

This roster is pretty much inspired by the aforementioned BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, as well as some of TheGamerLover's fanon game ideas.

This is the Nintendo Switch roster that has Fire Emblem characters in it. To check out who replaces the Fire Emblem characters in the PlayStation 4 version, click here.


Guilty Gear
Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, May, Millia Rage, Axl Low, Faust, I-No, Baiken, Ramlethal Valentine and Slayer.

Ragna The Bloodedge, Jin Kisaragi, Noel Vermillion, Bang Shishigami, Makoto Nanaya, Bullet, Litchi Faye-Ling, Iron Tager, Nu-13 and Hakumen.

Kill la Kill the Game: IF
Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, Mako Mankanshoku, Ira Gamagoori, Uzu Sanageyama, Nonon Jakuzure, Houka Inumuta and Ragyo Kiryuin.

Battle Fantasia
Marco Van de Land, Urs Van de Land, Olivia Von Roselia, Cedric Ward, Watson Livingston and Freed Velez.

Under Night In-Birth
Hyde Kido, Linne, Gordeau the Harvester, Yuzuriha, Vatista and Carmine Prime.

Persona 4 Arena
Yu Narukami, Yosuke Hanamura, Yukiko Amagi, Aigis, Chie Satonaka and Naoto Shirogane.

Arcana Heart 3
Heart Aino, Weiss, Saki Tsuzura, Zenia Valov, Lilica Felchenerow and Scharlachrot.

Chaos Code
Celia, Hikaru, Vein, Hermes, Kagari and Cerberus.

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Son Goku, Vegeta, Son Gohan, Trunks, Android 21 and Goku Black.

Namco X Capcom: Crisis
Akito Kurusu / Volthur and Katsuma / Moon Knight.

Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier (Namco X Capcom: Crisis)
Reiji Arisu, Xiaomu, Haken Browning, Kaguya Nanbu and Kouta Azuma / Fighter Roar.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology (Namco X Capcom: Crisis)
Yuri Lowell, Rita Mordio, Judith, Leon Magnus and Lloyd Irving.

Sakura Wars
Sakura Shinguji, Ichiro Ogami, Erica Fontaine and Gemini Sunrise.

Fire Emblem Battle Coliseum (Nintendo Switch only)
Chrom, Lucina, Ryoma, Tiki and Validar.

Ruby Rose, Yang Xiao Long, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Jaune Arc and Cinder Fall.

Sailor Moon Crystal (Anime Complex: Cross Arena 2020)
Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon, Mamoru Chiba / Tuxedo Mask, Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury, Haruka Tenoh / Sailor Uranus, Chibiusa / Sailor Chibi Moon and Hotaru Tomoe / Sailor Saturn.

- Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura
- Purple Heart from Hyperdimension Neptunia
- Asuka from Senran Kagura

NOTE: I have yet to make the game's cover, since unlike other covers I made, the next one will be hand-drawn, since I will make it the best of the bunch I would make.

The Cross Crisis Series belongs to © :iconcrisostomo-ibarra:
Fire Emblem Battle Coliseum belongs to © :iconthegamerlover:
All of the characters and franchises featured belong to © their respective owners.
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The only thing it needs for the roster to be Perfect are Teddie, Adachi, Terumi, Nui, Frieza, Akadzuki and the Roast King Cell.

Still i can imagine Goku Black/Zamasu Roasing the Kill la Kill characters uniforms as a way to pretend to be gods or Yu talking with 21 and Faust about accepting their flaws and shadows.
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UniverseAwesomeHobbyist General Artist
>Dragon Ball FighterZ
>Kill la Kill: IF

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That’d make a VERY interesting game 👏👏👏👏👏 great idea choices on the roster
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Crisostomo-IbarraHobbyist Digital Artist
^^ Thank you
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Hey do you take Request because I have this idea's for a crossover fighting game featuring characters from all kinds of different video games
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SleeplessNight10Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You have a very active imagination if nothing else
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I have an Idea for two new guest characters, sonic & sally.
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BlueCrystalSpiderStudent General Artist
I bet :iconsupermariomaster170: and :iconfrostthehobidon: will love it too.
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Crisostomo-IbarraHobbyist Digital Artist
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BlueCrystalSpiderStudent General Artist
One more.…
Mick, what is your opinion on Max as Michael Jackson if he became Batman Beyond?
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BlueCrystalSpiderStudent General Artist
One more.…
I made my own Batman Beyond meets Michael Jackson. What do you think, my friend?
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Crisostomo-IbarraHobbyist Digital Artist
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Galing! May special quotes dito? I want to see the interactions!
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Good base roster. Any chances for DLC or a future expansion? This could use a fue more villains.
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CBwolf97Hobbyist Artist
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Crisostomo-IbarraHobbyist Digital Artist
Simple, I made it on my own through Photoshop. Just used stock images of space and Earth. Drew lots of lines and made plenty of shapes and duplicated them, while adding effects to them. It doesn't have a template yet, but I still have the Photoshop file of it. Do you want it?
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Also, your art is looking great. 
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CapricornDiem456Hobbyist General Artist
My beef with this, No Petra Johanna Lagerkvist, Jam Kuradoberi, Orie Harada, Taokaka, Kokonoe, Sailor Venus, Nui Harime, nor Gotenks. Still wish this was a real fighting game though, but with these characters added as well.
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