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Alternate History - The Second American Revolution
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Published: October 2, 2015
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NOTE: This is just a practice in alternate history and made in no way to offend anyone.

This is an alternate history based on no doubt the most asked question on history: what if the Axis Powers won World War II?

I've seen so many scenarios of how this would play out, but here is my own interpretation of how the world would turn out to be.

Point of Divergence:
D-Day, June 6, 1944
 - If it's successful, the Allied Invasion of Normandy would mark the end for Nazi Germany. But instead, Hitler devastated the invading Allied forces with the world's first jet fighter: the Messerschmitt Me 262, the most powerful wartime vehicle created by Germany. The aircraft was mass-produced and the invincible massive fleet of the Luftwaffe air colossus created tremor on the forces on the ground and sea. Not only were they able to annihilate the American and Royal Air Forces, but once the air cover was destroyed, they began firing the American and British navies on the English navies. With unprecedented air superiority, Hitler turned the D-Day invasion into a celebrated Nazi victory. With this, the United Kingdom capitulated and Germany took nearly all of the British colonies in Africa. The Royal Family and Churchill fled to Canada.

June 1944 - January 1946 - The Axis forces launched a massive counterattack on the Mediterranean and the Eastern Front against the invading Allied forces, particularly the Soviet Union. With the swarm of Me 262's and the newly mass-produced Panzer VIII Maus, the largest and strongest artillery machine at the time, the German ground and air forces pushed the Allies out of the Balkans and Italy. Soon, Mussolini was brought into full power across all of Italy and his empire started expanding again with the help of the Axis, this time undisputedly.

The tide of World War II turned again in favor for the Third Reich, as pro-Axis scholars seduced Turkey into joining their side with Hitler promising to create a nation for the Turkic peoples, especially those within Central Asia which was under control of the USSR. Turkey agreed and joined the evil alliance. The Axis Powers began invading Russia once again, but this time, with the Germans attacking from the west and Turkey, given some of the German war machine to drastically boost their military power, invading from the south to the Caucasian regions.

In December 1945, the joint Nazi-Turkish forces entered the Soviet capital of Moscow for the second time and attacked. With the Red Army reduced to only 10% of what it had been prior to 1941, the Soviets was not be able to hold the superior Axis military power for much longer. After Joseph Stalin and many other communist officials committed suicide in December 30, the Soviet Union ultimately surrendered to the Axis Powers and was greatly reduced to east of the Urals and Siberia. Hitler grasped all of European Russia into the Reich while the newly-founded Federation of Greater Turkestan annexed all of Central Asia.

February-August 1946 - The Japanese Empire was on a losing end against the Americans, Chinese and Allies in the Pacific Front. But when Germany and Turkestan entered the Pacific War, that changed. Turkestan invaded the westernmost region in China with the Uyghur majority and the Italian-allied Persia, liberated after With the help of the German war machine, Japan maintained control on all of the Far East, swoop across the Pacific, taking many territories such as Polynesia, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and Vanuatu, and invaded Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. As of that point, all of the Eastern Hemisphere is under Axis domination.

Next, Hitler's war machine set its sights on the American homeland.

August 6, 1946 - The next and final leap in Hitler's plan was the most frightening of all. Two U-boats surfaced on America's coast on the Atlantic, each towing a launch platform for the German V2 rocket, the world's first long-range ballistic supermissile. Two V2 rockets were launched on the East Coast, each armed with an atomic warhead. Philadelphia and Boston were razed to the ground. Around 500,000 Americans died in the nuclear fallout.

August 9, 1946 - After China surrendered to Japan three months earlier and two months of series of aerial bombings by the German and Japanese air forces on the United States, the Imperial Japanese Army commenced an invasion on the West Coast of the U.S., taking cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco under occupation.

September 1, 1946 - With two cities reduced to atomic rubble, the West Coast taken by the Japanese and American facing total oblivion, the United States unconditionally surrendered, and after seven years of fighting, the Axis powers declared victory over the Allies and won World War II.

After 170 years, the United States of America lost its freedom to Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

Many Americans refused to live under the brutality of Axis rule. Throughout the nation, the streets echoed with a very different post-war boom. Some went into hiding and formed underground resistance groups, much like France, Poland and Yugoslavia once did. Others grudgingly accepted defeat, while some actually embraced the new totalitarian regime.

Through the course of the post-war years, the world spiraled on a very different path.

The Empire of Japan expanded its influence all across Asia and the Pacific. More colonies were added at its firm and various client states were created throughout the continent. Japan set up a puppet government called the Pacific States of America, and culturally changed the West Coast, making it infused with American and Eastern cultures. A mass migration of citizens from Japan occurred, changing the demographics of the region. The Japanese Empire renamed itself the Pacifean Teikoku of Greater Nihon and its capital of Tokyo into "Nihon-maru", while Europe and America calls it "Pacifis", considering it as the "Atlantis of the Pacific". The Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, instead of merely being a group of Japanese-controlled puppets, became an intergovernmental organization under the "Nihonsphere" composed of self-governing satellite states of the Teikoku, swearing loyalty to the Emperor. (Similar to the British Commonwealth OTL) The Nihonese Teikoku is the dominant superpower in Asia. All sorts of European influence in the continent were removed and Asia truly is for the Asiatics.

In Europe, two superpowers reign over the continent: Germany and Italy. With nearly no opposition to face with, the Nazis do everything as they please. Puppet fascist governments were established in occupied France and British Isles. Germany changed its name into the Greater Germanic Reich of the German Nation and its capital Berlin as Germania, the "center of Europe". With nobody to question the Nazi policies, a mass genocide occurred, which would be known only decades later as the World Holocaust. Hitler's plan of Lebensraum was actually put into full effect. Slavic people which included Poles, Russians, Serbs and Yugoslavs were discriminated even further, either killed, imprisoned, forced to work as slaves, Germanized or deported to Siberia or Africa. They were not even given the legitimacy to create their own states. Puppet nations such as Croatia, Slovakia and Montenegro were abolished and absorbed by Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. Hitler's Aryan race grew and replaced the ruins of Eastern Europe and Russia. Occupation was complete and all of Europe was subjugated to Hitler's hegemony. Warsaw never recovered and the former city was replaced by a forest of trees and animals to literally wipe it off the map. As well, Moscow was never rebuilt, a reminder of those who defied Nazi rule. If anyone nations tried to revolt, it would meet the same fate. Germania founded the Supreme Aryans' Community where nations of Aryan origin are members with the Fuhrer as supreme head of the organization.

The World Holocaust also expanded into Asia where the Japanese Empire in 1954 was leading a genocide against Koreans in what was once known as Korea and the aboriginals and Maori people in Australia and New Zealand respectively. Japan as well adopted their own form of the Lebensraum policy. Turkestan too underwent a mass extermination on the Armenians, Slavs and non-Turkics within their borders. In the Middle East, various Italian satellite states were established. Assyrians, Kurds, Phoenicians and Arabs were given their own states to establish. The pro-Italian Persian Empire remained a monarchy under the Pahlavi dynasty and joint Italia-Japanese companies investing on the country's oil reserves. Soon, Italy was renamed the Neo-Roman Imperium, turning Mussolini's dreams of a revived Roman Empire into a reality. Mussolini declared himself the new Imperatore of Rome under the new name "Mussolinius Caesar". (In a twist of irony, Ancient Germania and Rome were great enemies two-thousand years ago.)

The World Holocaust soon reached into Africa where Germania by 1963 was on a massive genocide against native Africans. The SAC as well brought back African slavery in both Europe and America. The apartheid South African government became much more radical and extreme with the help of the Germanians and Romans.

Germania's technology also allowed the creation of "artificial tidal waves" to sink small islands below the sea. It seems them as the "acne of Planet Earth and must be removed". With the exception of the Pacific territories controlled by Japan, all of the minuscule island nations across the Indian and Atlantic Oceans (e.g., Maldives, Seychelles and Cape Verde) have been destroyed or submerged into the ocean.

The absolute worst part of it was, of course, the Jews. With the Germanians' advanced technology, to "finish what the Romans couldn't", they were able to round up and track down every Jew on the planet and after for thirty years, in 1970, the Jewish population was reduced to zero. The Jewish race was all but wiped out from the face of Earth. To literally add insult to injury, the Germania-friendly Rome named the new satellite state established in the Palestinian region, which was the homeland to the ancient Hebrews, as "Philistia", named after the greatest ancient enemies of the now-extinct Jews, the Philistines. The history and existence of the Jewish people were forgotten, wiped off from the memory and knowledge of all peoples and erased completely from the history books. All the synagogues were demolished, all the contributions Jews made were destroyed and the Hebrew language and writing were abolished. The young people today are only taught that the term "Jew" actually means "demon" and that the Jews are hellspawns summoned from hell by the Devil to deceive humanity.

In the Western Hemisphere, after the war, the Nazis occupied from the original Thirteen Colonies to the Rockies, where a Nazi puppet government, known as the National Socialist States of America, replaced American democracy, implementing Nazi policies here and there. From the context, the Holocaust came to the United States, wiping out anyone deemed unworthy by Nazi standards and qualities, which included blacks, gypsies, gays, Latinos, disabled, Native Americans and more.

Aside all of that, the Axis victory and domination brought on some positive changes.

The Axis Superpowers promoted nationalism and with their victory, the ideology continued to flow across the world. Pan-nationalism is more fervent since the Axis is pro-unity and anti-globalism which is also known as Jewish internationalism. In the course of the early 20th century, powerful Jewish Internationalists were fervently advancing the Jewish worldview of eventually eliminating all nations, except for a Jewish homeland in Israel. Jewish Internationalism/globalism up to the World War II worked toward gradually "merging" all peoples of the world (particularly in the Western World) into one globalist system with a global government, global laws, consistent global culture, global bank, global currency, etc. In short, Jewish globalism is the exact opposite of Nationalism. The Allied powers of WWII were said to be tools of International Jewry and thus de facto fighting for the Jewish globalist worldview. But since the Axis powers won the war, the ideology of globalism is non-existent.

With the Axis, the ideology of communism ceased to exist. There wouldn't be a totalitarian Stalinist-style USSR. There is no cold war since Germania, Rome and Nihon are all friendly to each other, even if each superpower now have their own nuclear arsenal at their whim. Eastern Europe is under Aryan control but with more forms of freedom and legitimate policies. (When WWII ended OTL, Eastern Europe fell to Communism; this was part of Stalin's spoils of war.) China is a puppet state to Nihon, but with foreign help, there was never a plague in the Chinese mainland that would've killed tens of millions to be caused by a Communist Party, since it was crushed and Mao Zedong was executed by the Japanese. Hitler was the world's most fervent anti-Communist and the ideology itself never saw the light of day since the surrender of the Soviet Union.

The Nazi policies were brutal and killed millions, but Europeans and Aryans alike benefited from the Germanic "Economic Miracle". With the Jews all gone, the political ideology from Jews known as Zionism died away same with Judeo-Bolshevism. Without radical Zionism, there is a greater stability in Middle East under the guidance of the Romans just as it was two millennia ago. Usury and privately-owned central banks are banned and international banking is never possible since all banks are controlled by their own respective governments. Freemasonry is also abolished and Mormons never flourished anywhere.

Liberalism and multiculturalism never dominated Western ethos since Germania saw both as Jewish creations and both are said have always been heavily promoted/advanced by Jews. There is also no Cultural Marxism and no "political correctness". These were social engineering "tools" which came out of the "Jewish think tank" known as the Frankfurt School. Third-world immigration into Western nations is also non-existent. Jews never went into power positions to craft and force through liberal immigration laws. Jews were believed by Aryans to be responsible for each and every Western nation's liberal immigration policy/laws, as all were orchestrated by a consortium consisting of the World Jewish Congress, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, and B'nai B'rith. That was until World War II when all that changed.

There is no depraved filth on TV, in movies, etc. because Hollywood would be run by a joint Germanic-Nihonese government media company to spread propaganda and tell news of Germania's greatest achievements. There is no widespread pornography, for anti-obscenity laws are abundant, and were challenged by their enemies under the guise of "Freedom of Speech" but failed.

There still are prayers in public schools and events everywhere. Jewish lawyers were instrumental in banning prayer in public schools under the guise of so-called "separation of church and state," something that appeared nowhere in the U.S. Constitution. Secularism is rare and with this, religion is more widespread in post-war era. In fact, the Roman Imperium is very Roman Catholic with the Pope as the head of state but with the Imperatore controlling the government. In the Imperium, the New Roman Inquisition, as a part of the Holocaust, was created to challenge heresy, atheism, communism and Judaism.

Man-hating radical feminist, homosexual or LGBT movements never existed since it is also believed to be Jewish creation and so the world is dominated mainly by men. (This world would be much like DR Congo in our timeline. Rape, abortion and divorce would be legal and common.)

Traditional family values since medieval times, which includes the father being the worker outside and head of the family, the mother being the maid and the children being the underdogs, are emphasized strictly within the Aryan-majority countries.

Earth is very advanced and scientifically a utopia with very dark secrets hidden from the eyes of the public. With magnificent inventions such as self-lacing shoes, hoverboards and flying cars on sale across the world, many wonder how wonderful the world they are living in is. (If you close your eyes and imagine a world of sci-fi where scientific and technological advancement are at the peak, this is basically that world.)

Anti-tobacco movements and animal rights are safeguarded and very strong in the three superpowers. Although they are highly industrialized, they ensure the safety and abundance of every animal and plant species and opened many national parks, zoos and preservation farms across the world. (In OTL, about 500 animal and plant species went extinct throughout the 20th century.) They also engineered and nearly perfected the use of alternative energy as a possible replacement for oil, gasoline and other environment-polluting substances. (We could see an alternate parallel of PETA be born in this world.)

But this doesn't mean things will be happy sunshine. Humans are naturally brutal and dictatorships are still extremely hard to deal with. Violence, ethnic and religious hatred still occur. Social liberties are still very oppressive.

Simply put, the world is dominated by three fascist totalitarian empires: the Germanic Reich, the Roman Imperium and the Nihonese Teikoku.

Eighty years after the war, at last there was something that could stand up against the Reich.

In 2025, a group of Americans exploring in the North Pole north of Canada discovered a person sealed in an iceberg. It turned out to be a American Jewish man named Jonathan Robinson, who was said to have been frozen in ice for a hundred years since 1925 in an English expedition to the North Pole. He was found by an American archaeologist named Mavis Candlefire from Ohio. After Jonathan discovered the Holocaust that killed his entire race, including all his friends and families, he was driven with a mix of sorrow and rage as he swore revenge against the Reich that did such atrocities and promised to avenge the fallen kind of his. After Jonathan exposed the Americans of the truth behind the Reich and Teikoku that ruled the American people for eight decades and the secret terror they are bringing on this world, he and Mavis would become leaders in the coming rebellion as he sparked and flared rage among the oppressed. Truth is a powerful weapon. Stories, rumors and images of Nazi government abominations spread like wildfire across both the Nazi and Pacific States.

In 2026, after decades of brutal Axis rule, Americans rose up to fight for their freedom. In the face of an uprising, Nazis do what always done. On March 30, 2026, Nazi militarized police slaughtered 9,000 Americans protesting in the streets, in what would be known as the New York Massacre. This massacre became flashpoint for the Second American Revolution. In this war, the American people are the insurgents. Just as they did with British 250 years ago, they would do the same against the governing fascist governments.

America is the land of the free, not land of slaves.
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I am fucking sick of these alternative histories where the Axis Powers invade America. THAT WAS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!! EVER!!! America is just to far away and to large for a successful invasion. And just to make this perfectly clear, none of the Axis Powers ever considered invading America even a possibility. Even Japan knew that it could not win the war by invading the US, that's why they had to launch a surprise attack and cripple the American navy in the Pacific. They wanted to force America out of the Pacific and to the negotiation table, not actually invade the US. 

And the problem with that is that we miss out on a far more interesting story of America joining the Axis, because guess what? We are not the home of the free and slavery is still 100% legal as long as the slaves where convicted of a crime and we had a large Nazi party right here. Or what if the USSR had beaten the Germans much sooner and therefore did not get as devastated as they did? Or a whole bunch of other stories that could come out of that time period. But please can we stop with all the god dammed wHaT iF nAzIs InVaDeD tHe UnItEd StAtEs stories.  
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Ibragim666New Deviant

What site you use to create this map?

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NikGutendorfStudent General Artist
I am really glad that Allies won in WWII. If Allies lost, even my grandparents would be killed as children, since they were communists and slavs. Many people say, Arab migrants are taking over Europe and percent of Muslim population in the World is rapidly growing. But in alternate reality, when Axis won, I think,  all Arabs would be exterminated and all Quran copies would be burned down and Irani people would use Mein Kampf instead, as descendants of Arians.
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AnthonyMccoolNew Deviant
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JMObyxProfessional Writer
If you want Germany to win WWII, you can do any single 1 of these things!

When a father asks for the well being of his son who was stationed on the Legendary Battleship, The Bismarck, the captain doesn't answer. The Bismarck is repaired and refueled, it ventures into the Atlantic and takes out the American supply ships en route to Britain, depriving Churchill of the resources needed to stave off the Nazis in 1941.

There are other ways that the Nazis could have won, but that was just one of them, link to knowledge here
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TheDubstepAddictHobbyist Traditional Artist

Otherwise this is really cool
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so turbo-globalism (and probably mass-surveillance) hiding behind the name nationalism?
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AdventVoiceHobbyist General Artist
I am really interested in you expounding on this notion that the LGBT movement was a Jewish creation? I thought Atheists where the one's that believed in population control and no babies. 

I ask because I feel after reading this I missed a key element in my defense of the male-population in my current studies because I did not equate any religious context to the current destruction of man.

Man-hating radical feminist, homosexual or LGBT movements never existed since it is also believed to be Jewish creation and so the world is dominated mainly by men. (This world would be much like DR Congo in our timeline. Rape, abortion and divorce would be legal and common.)

Traditional family values since medieval times, which includes the father being the worker outside and head of the family, the mother being the maid and the children being the underdogs, are emphasized strictly within the Aryan-majority countries.…
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Crisostomo-IbarraHobbyist Digital Artist
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PrinceClarkHobbyist Digital Artist
Similar to the history of the game Wolfenstein: The New Order and the New Colossus, also it seems!
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The Nazis were pure evil. Thank God they lost.
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InexorableWinterStudent Digital Artist
Can I ask what you used to create the map?
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Denis-TritonProfessional Digital Artist
I'm from Yekaterinburg, part of Russian Federation.
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I love the Neo-Roman Imperium flag,did you create it or?
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Crisostomo-IbarraHobbyist Digital Artist
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I'm from Yakutia ( part of Russian Federation)
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COLT731Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Europe honestly needs some National Socialism nowadays.
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Crisostomo-IbarraHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I wouldn't want that honestly, because last there was Nazism, it caused a massive global war slaughtered several millions and shift the balance of world power at an unimaginable scale.
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COLT731Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Have you seen the state Europe is right now?
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yes, we are settled in and are multiplying, as your women convert to Islam to feel the submission. Soon, the Dhimmis of Al-Belgium will deliver us Europe in return for keeping their castles. Inshallah, Adhan will be heard across Evropa everywhere.
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Crisostomo-IbarraHobbyist Digital Artist
The only major problem I see in Europe are mass immigrations.
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galaxydonut1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thats very true.
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