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Alternate History - 'Merica

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*Please read the entire description to understand the whole thing better.*

Another alternate history I made. This time, it's about the America, because... you know...


In this world, we see a very disturbing society that is only summed with one word: "turmoil". Global powers compete against each other for their own benefits and resources. Eight superpowers rose and divided of the world. Each have their own unique views on how they look as theelves and how they view others as well, but all of them have one thing in common: totalitarianism.

How did this happen?

During the Great Depression of 1929, the United States of America was undergoing a state of absolute chaos, turmoil and collapse, after losing to the global markets. The American people were infuriated at the weak federal government and violent insurgencies spread across the country, which quickly escalated into a civil war. In the Second American Civil War, the United States is divided between pro-Americans, staying loyal to the government, ultra-nationalists, bent on creating a great American empire, and many other factions. After two years of fighting, the ultra-nationalists won and took control of the nation, throwing Herbert Hoover out of office and bringing far-right politicians into the American way. After series of brutal purges of opposition against the victorious ultra-nationalists, the United States of America had fallen and out came the New Imperial Merican Hegemony.

Under the regime of the ultra-nationalists, the Merican Hegemony or NIMH rapidly boost the economy lost in the Depression and returned economic and political stability all over the country, bringing the nation once again into the global stage. However, under their rule, the government became power-hungry as it wished to expand wherever it sees. In 1933, after negotiations with the British parliament, Canada was relinquished to Merica, annexing the former Dominion into the Union. The American regime's expansionist policies slightly frightened the world.

In 1934, in the wake of the rise of Nazi Germany, Soviet Union and Imperial Japan, in order to compete with the stronger powers, the rising NIMH began wars of expansion against its neighbors all across the Western Hemisphere, taking Mexico and Cuba first by late 1935 and after Argentina and Brazil fell to the expanding Hegemony by 1938, all of the American continents is under the rule of NIMH. The totalitarian government then funded the Hashemite monarchy in Transjordan and Hejaz and with Merican armament and support, the Hashemites became successors to the Ottomans in creating a new caliphate dedicated to Islam. After several campaigns, all of the Middle East is united under the Hashemite Caliphate.

The domination of NIMH over the New World scared many powers, including the USSR, Germany, Japan and Italy, that formed an alliance called the Anti-American Pact, later would be known as the Axis Powers, in order to fight American aggression and imperialism. In response to this, NIMH, UK and the Caliphate formed a counter-Axis pact known as the Alliance of Three Empires.

Even so, Hitler's Germany is still targeted due to its criticized annexation of Austria and Bohemia, which violated the Treaty of Versailles of 1919 that was signed after World War I. After the joint German-Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939, the Alliance declared war against the Axis, starting World War II. The war lasted for six years and the world became a battlefield of bloodbath in the duration of the total global war, but even after all this, the war ended in a stalemate, after over a hundred million laid dead from conflict and genocide.

During the German occupation of France and the Low Countries in the war, NIMH provided arms for insurgency movements in occupied France, Netherlands and Belgium, but little did they know is that they are giving weaponry to a Catholic extremist group called the Army of Christ the King. Thanks to Merica, the Army of Christ drove out Nazi occupation from these countries and soon expanded into dictatorial Spain and Portugal. With this, all of continental Western Europe was turned into one Catholic theocracy, under the name Kingdom of God. Because of the Christian fundamentalists' sour rivalry with the Nazis, the atheist Soviets and the Axis, the Kingdom of God joined the NIHM-led Alliance, becoming the Alliance of Four Empires. The Catholic empire's participation in the Alliance was debated since it holds claims on the Holy Land, which is controlled by the Caliphate, a part of the Alliance.

Every superpower is now armed with nuclear weapons and knows well that another war would mean apocalypse. Thus, Earth is divided between the Alliance and the Axis. These nations industrialize and focus on their own resources firsthand. Technology in NIMH is massive compared to the other seven powers of the world. In fact, as of today, NIMH has already colonized the Moon and Mars, sent up explorations on Venus and planned to do manned missions on the Asteroid Belt, Jupiter's Moons or even farther. However, these scientific and engineering works come at a terrible price.

Every power has their own way of silencing any political opposition, but none so brutal than the radically insane Merica. The Hegemony sent up relentless purges against opponents, illegal immigrants, criminals, political dissidents and those who doesn't fit the standards of NIMH. Native Americans were murdered into extinction; millions and millions of people wiped out in a genocide. Native American culture and language is non-existent.

As for Jews, the world is one big antisemite. So, let's just assume they all died.

The way of living in NIMH is extremely difficult to compare to the other totalitarian regimes of the world. Total surveillance and spying on citizens, history revisionism, terrorism sponsored by the state, exploitation of the poor and other unorthodox inhuman methods are commonplace in the American superstate. If you would ask a citizen in Merica how life is like, he/she will most likely tell you lies because other than constant surveillance, extreme propaganda is also a specialty for NIMH's recipe of oppression, cloaked in the mask of democracy in the eyes of the disillusioned citizens.

Insurgency is also present within the Western superpower. However, they did very little to stop the Hegemony's evil ambitions from going strong. This all changed when a man named Jonathan discovered the NIMH's nasty methods of oppression through mere accident. He didn't care what would happen to him as a consequence. He just wanted to get out of the hell he's living. By doing this, the flames of revolution grew drastically as authoritarian opposition grew against the supreme government. Insurgents gained more and more supporters as they continue to combat pro-NIMH forces, factions and secret police. As Jonathan's influence grew, revolution became possible. After nearly seven decades of drone-out stalemate, the global superpowers slowly mobilize in the rise of an upcoming American revolution.

This was the Second American Revolution, an event which would forever change the way the world looks at America. Violent protests, battles and urban fightings increased further in number. Until one day, Jonathan was leading a revolutionary battle against pro-NIMH armed supporters in Illinois. Unexpectedly, he was killed by a supersoldier nicknamed "Dragon". Therefore, the Battle of Illinois ended in a massive failure. With the death of Jonathan and the disastrous defeat at Illinois, the flames of insurgency grew faint but did not die out, as the American people were still fighting for their freedom and would not stop until they succeeded in achieving a successful revolution. The people of the world are slowly opening their eyes to the truth behind the order they are in for many decades down the road. Jonathan is praised by many across the world as a hero, for he led a rebellion against the most powerful and corrupt superpower in the world, an empire that stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific, a rebellion that would eventually be won by the people.

Soon, a woman, the widow of the American patriotic hero Jonathan, will inherit the courage of the heart that is very rare and continuing fighting in her late husband's place in the Revolution, not only for the children whom she loves, but also for the future and the greater good of all. One day, the people would break away from the devil's empire that is NIMH, and true peace will come and release a dazzling light in the deep void of chaos that no one dared enter.

The doors of truth, power and love will open. One can open any door, if he has the key. And the key will be in the hands of the people.

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Nice one but I would have a bit diffrent scenario regarding Nazi Germany if someone is intrested... 
Crisostomo-Ibarra's avatar
I'd be interested to know. :)
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Basicly Poland agrees to join Germany when Hitler gives out the offer before the war. In this universe America turned nazistic from what I understand and the Christian nations turned back from Poland. Poland fought and started WW2 only because it counted on stopping the germans until France will start it's offensive on the other side. Our pre-war dictator - Józef Piłsudzki, sort of an idol for Hitler and the true inventor of Blitzkrieg - even planned starting the war 10 years earlier and kick Germany before it was ready to take on the civilised world. Without the promised support from the west Poland would alomst surely agreed to join Germany under the condition to remain an autonomic province. We done this before in history - Poland technicly answered the authority of the German Emperor during the Middle Ages, granted - we fought with german marchies [Branderburg, the Teutonic Order which was almost purely germanic and the struggle for Silesia] and the Polish King was called the Emperor's left hand to keep the western civilisation intact. 

And the only reason why Germans hit Poland so hard in WW2 in the first place was it's ideology where slavic people were considered 3rd [or even 4th] rate people and virtually slaves. Yet as we remember Bohemians are as Slavic as Poles but were considered mostly Aryan population, so they were minimally less german as the rest of the nazis and the cultural diffrences were called "accomodations to fight non-germans". Poland could almost as easily be considered the same, maybe even more as we during the first 500 years had the so-called "German collonisation law". Basicly; in the Old Germany there was horrible overpopulation and Poland was mostly forests. The law worked so: a person could ask the King for a mission to go to Germany, recruit a bunch of beggars and set with them a village somewhere in Poland. That's why 15% of our Population has german roots today. The other reason are Nazis raping our women in Warsaw. 

With that stuff there's also a possibilty that Pilsudzki lived longer and could affect Hitler to include some libensraum for the poles too. And maybe even convince him that Prussians -the most germanic of german states- had Polish roots, what was true as they were given their land by a Polish Prince from Masovia. And considering that during war Poles tend to reject common reason in the name of Glory, Motherland and protection of culture -like horse warfare and symbolic sacraficeing ourselfes on enemy bayonets- we would propably become our own regiment type and utterly destroy evrything the germans want us to. It would be like Vienna where Austrian forces slowered their attack to behold the glory of our Winged Hussars. With the exeptions now it would be nazis and uhlans. [Uhlans were our horse invantry (they traveled by horses and fought on foot) with anti-tank snipers that pierce tank armour and kill the crew leaving crewless tanks in the middle of the woods, as they liked to set ambushes at the supply routs on enemy-contolled territory. They are known to be massacred by nazi bikes and to accidentally retreat into tanks. The 2nd was the infamour engagement at Krojanty.]
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You have many dystopian scenarios. Have you ever considered making just one utopia? XD
Crisostomo-Ibarra's avatar
Well, since humanity is divided and unlikely to get along altogether, it's nearly impossible to have a utopia right now.
Anim2niax's avatar
Why? XD You lost hope or something? XD Even if we're still divided, is it us in the end can decide it's time to stop killing each other?
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My ideas for an evil merican empire, mwahahaha:
-the president, or great president as he is called in this timeline, is a disguised absolute monarch.
-every human in the empire is administered with a drug called Freedom, which grants submission and hatred on the face of an enemy's demise. It also causes any civilian with a second amendment-granted weapon to suffer a painful headache if they try to point a gun at a superior.
-there is a pseudo-caste system. The great president is the monarch, followed by the liberated, which are a class of privileged former civilians who have confirmed their noblety by ranking up on wars or toiling enough in the factories or fields. Then, are the commonfolk.
-the great president must choose a successor by a pledge immediately after stepping up to the "throne". Elections are ceremonial, and happen after the current great president dies. The chosen successor's adversaries are often high-ranking war prisoners, such as captures generals. Of course they lose, and after they lose, they are executed by a mob of angry civilians with guns.
-the empire claims it grants freedom of speech, but that is a lie. Any thoughtcrime or opinion that goes against the regime is faced with the immediate secret execution of the speaker. They also say they are against racism, but they still use it a lot in their propaganda.
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sounds like our timeline.
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Love the name !

How hashemite's win against saudi's ?
Crisostomo-Ibarra's avatar
The NIMH funded and armed the Hashemites against the Saudis, much like the Nazis and other fascists did with Franco in the Spanish Civil War.
grisador's avatar
Oooh ! Understood !

Although I am pretty sure; they weren't thinking it comes '''this''' much powerful :o
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Imperial Socialism? Much oxymoron to make Lenin rise from the grave! XD
Crisostomo-Ibarra's avatar
Well, there is "National Socialism" and comes close to that.
Sergios117's avatar
National Socialism was no longer a thing after the Knight Of The Long Knives, where Stasser and Rohm who represented the proletarian faction of the Nazis were purged alongside the aristocratic faction. By then, it was just aimless nationalists.
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Hoily Guacamoly
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How many of these are you going to do? >.<
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holy crap, you must spend a lot of time on these
Crisostomo-Ibarra's avatar
I did. I worked hard on it. What do you think?
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btw "As for Jews, the world is one big antisemite. So, let's just assume they all died." my friend is german and he thought that was pretty funny
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you just freaking INVENT history and it's actually good too; events lead up to each other in a logical way (not to mention your beautiful grammar and word choice). how could i not like this? 
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